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  1. A way to pass a parameter to web direct thru a url
  2. Is there a way to pass the username and password to the file without having the user having to manually enter his credentials when the file launches?
  3. Steven By locking down the toolbar you can keep the user in the pro client restricted to layouts and records. I don't see what you mean by "some of these same issues exist in the desktop Pro client as well." We also have noticed the big flaw in Web direct as we are unable to restrict access to the URL navigation. Why do I need to develop a workaround on a brand new product. Not well thought out in my opinion.
  4. ReadFileContents output into the Base64Encode as an input, or combine the two functions..... Looks like the ReadFileContents cannot read the binary file..... nuts!! anyone have any other suggestions? ..
  5. Thanks for the quick reply.... will give it a try thanks
  6. The contents of the file Thank you Stuj1026
  7. I cant find what you are referring to. The only thing available in scriptmaster is Base 64 encode. This requires a text string as input but does not let me point to a file either binary or text on my drive for encoding
  8. http://www.cssw.biz/qrcode.html We are using qrcode.fmx plugin from the above link with great success Stu
  9. Am I able to point to a file on my local hard drive in windows and set a field with the base 64 string of the file pointed to? Unable to find this in scriptmaster. Thanks Stu
  10. Hi All.. Not sure if this is the correct forum.. but here goes.. Is there a way to format insert merge variables with Dollar signs and 2 decimals. When I try to format this with the inspector telling it to use dollar sign and 2 decimal I just get the number without the Dollar sign or the decimal Thanks Stu
  11. This is what I came up with. It seems to work.. is this what you meant? Thanks again Stu Let ( [ tChar = Left ( text ; 1 ) ; kChar = Left ( key ; 1 ) ; tLen = Length ( text ) ; kLen = Length ( key ) ] ; Char( Mod (((Code ( tChar )-32) + (Code ( kChar )-32)) * ( not decode - decode ); 95 )+32 ) & Case ( tLen > 1 ; Vigenere ( Right ( text ; tLen - 1 ) ; Right ( key ; kLen - 1 ) & kChar ; decode ) ) )
  12. Do you know if anyone has been able to open a pdf file on the ipad with a clickable link that links back into IWP? We have had some problems with that.
  13. thanks for the quick reply. the characters for plain text and for the key will always be ascii characters 32 thru126, all the visible characters on a standard keyboard.. thaks again stu
  14. Thanks for the reply Steven, I did a demo file myself and created a file with 11,000 accounts. Did notice a slight slowdown on opening security on my system but nothing I could not deal with. We do not foresee ever having more than 1000 accounts at any time. What we developed is a system to send quotes via a pdf file to prospective insureds. we use client / server system within our company as well as IWP for insured and prospective insureds. When the quote is created, we also create an account within an opener file with a combined quote number and a random number.. the pdf file is stored on one of our servers which is web accessible. We then embed the link to the opener file within the pdf file that was emailed to the user. The link is a direct link to the opener file, the startup script within the opener file grabs the account name which is the combined quote number and random number, extracts out the quote number. The opener file then relogs itself in as an account that is recognized throughout all of our databases and launches a script passing the quote number as a script parameter within our DB that issued the quote and takes the user to a layout that shows the quote. From here he can pay with a credit card and we issue the policy. It has been working quite well. Also, twhen the record is created within the opener file we auto enter the creation date. We run a script every nite on the opener file looking for record(s) that are more than 30 days old and then delete those accounts as all of our quotes are valid for 30 days. We also modified the iwp_auth.html page to say that the quote you are looking for has expired thereby eliminating the challenge screen within . It's pretty cool. Stu
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