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  1. To be extremely clear: there is no forcing into a cloud option. Claris is very much aware that having a strong on-premise offering. For the client? Extremely unlikely. There is very little adoption for the LInux desktop out there, very few companies and organizations have adopted it. For Server: we'll see. We used to have one (back with FMS 5.5) and FM Cloud runs on CentOS. So it wouldn't be too big of a jump to an on-premise Linux FMS. One issue may be that while it would allow for much cheaper FMS deployments, it wouldn't be very accessible to the average FM developer. We've seen some of that reaction when we talk about using Zabbix for server monitoring, which requires a tiny Linux server. The most immediate reaction was "I don't know Linux, it's too hard..."
  2. Let's get some of the lingo straight: a table is something to store data in (records and fields) a FM file can hold up to 1,000,000 tables. And it also holds layouts and scripts. But a table cannot hold UI or scripts. A database is somewhat of a generic term sometimes narrowly used to define the set of one or more tables, and sometimes more broadly used to determine one or more FM files (so not just the tables but also the scripting and the presentation layer). In your case: do you have two files, one for the data and one for UI and scripting? Basically following the data separation model? I think you need to describe your model in some detail, because it is pretty much a given that you do NOT need 912 fields.
  3. No, we're not talking about the same thing. MonkeyBreadSoftware (MBS) is a plugin and I'm sure it can also automate keystrokes to simulate a user typing in stuff. What I am talking about is an API provided by the web site / service that you are sending the data to. It would be strange if the recipient does not have an API to send the data to in either JSON or XML format. FM is particularly good at this kind of integrations.
  4. I have to wonder if there isn't an API to send the data instead of trying to simulate a user typing it in...
  5. I don't think you can because it is up to Google as to what they define as Less Secure App... there's very little you can do on the FM side...
  6. Why not use WebDirect? That works on both mobile platforms equally. Of course on Apple devices you have the extra option of using FM Go.
  7. What kind of errors are you getting connecting to the Data API? Since the FMS Data API is a standard RESTful API, there are no restrictions as to what can connect to it, and pretty much every single modern platform out there can work with it.
  8. Go back to a backup?
  9. Server specs: we can't help you on that one without a lot more information about your solution and how it is designed. Since you already have FMS, use its stats.log to determine if you are hitting any bottlenecks currently, and if so post back here and we can help you brainstorm on what it would take to overcome them. You cannot buy the 5-user license if you have a team of 9 users. Under "user licensing" you have to license the whole team, whether they are occasional users or not. The alternative is to buy "concurrency licensing" instead of "user licensing". Concurrency licensing is 3X as expensive as user licensing so you need to do the math at what point buying user licensing is more efficient. For instance: purchasing a license for 4 concurrent users max, is going to be more expensive than buying user licensing for 9. (And you get three servers with user licensing, one of which can be a FM Cloud instance. You only get one server with concurrency licensing).
  10. Wim Decorte


    Not enough information; perhaps post a screenshot? And are you really still using FM11? If not, update your profile or state your environment in your post (version of FM, what OS,...)
  11. 3+ GB for a file with no data (clone) is huge and not typically normal. Do you use a lot of layout elements like pictures or graphics? Try to produce an XML DDR report, if it does not finish then the place where it stops could be a good indicator of something that is off in the and it will point you to where that is (you'll need to backtrack the XML structure from the point where it stops, so it is a bit of chore). Don't run recover on your original file, run it only on copies or backups! Also look in the FMS event log to see if FMS crashed at some point. If you are running FMS on Windows, also use the Windows application event log and system event log to look for errors.
  12. No, that is not correct. You can set a global in a table in another file, as long as you have TO to that table in the file that runs the script.
  13. Thanks for posting back and closing the loop. It'll help the next one down the line.
  14. If you don't open the ports on your firewall then nobody can connect from the outside. Alternatively, if you are using External Authentication and the provider allows it, you can limit access from certain machines only or during certain times of the day (AD accounts for instance allow for this).
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