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  1. I'm assuming that you are using referenced containers (where the content has been inserted by reference only - as opposed to an embedded or remote container type of content)? If so you can use the "Get File Exists" script step and give the last line of the container value, which is the path to the file. I wouldn't try to find a calculated field way of doing this, a script will do just fine and can produce a found set of records that you need to look at.
  2. Just as an FYI, you don't need a plugin to write to a text file. The FM file script steps can do that for you.
  3. Note that only FMS18v3 is supported on Catalina: https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=5677 So roll back your OS update or upgrade to the most recent FMS. It really does not pay whatsoever to upgrade servers to the newest OS without testing carefully first, And Catalina is a totally different animal than any macOS before. So if you absolutely must have Catalina, then also be prepared to upgrade FMS as part of that move.
  4. you won't get there with a summary field then, you'll probably need s looping script to be intelligent about the counting.
  5. See the custom functions in de demo file here: https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/executesql-named-buckets/
  6. Can you explain how you tried and what the unexpected results were? That will give us a clue as to how to help you. Essentially what you are describing is a multi-tenant database; meaning that different sets of users should only see their own data and never data from another 'tentant'. Is that accurate?
  7. Yes, but triggers are layout specific so if you forget to cover one place where one of its fields exists... Using Record Level Access in the privileges is a much better solution.
  8. Glad that we could help! Keep working on it and feel free to come back and ask any and all questions.
  9. Two things: - you have left the fields in the portal to be editable in browse mode, you have to turn that off otherwise clicking on the portal row goes to the field and does not fire the button underneath the fields - that button runs the wrong script. You have it as "find session by id" and it should be "find task by id"
  10. A TO is a Table Occurence: the 'tables' you see in the relationships graph in FM. Using your own file, you go to the graph and you add a reference to the 'real' file. Once you've authenticated there you pick each base table from that 'real' file in turn, which will add a TO for that external table into your own file, give them an easy name (doesn't have to be name of the actual base table). Once you have that done, close the "manage database" dialog and now you can target any of those TOs by the name you have given them.
  11. In that case why not use a second window or a card window to show an actual list of records to choose from. That way you can show all the data you want without having to construct a semi-complex value list...
  12. I would generally go with a good mailing list provider as well. As to an SMTP server: any mail provider that supports the SMTP protocol will work with the "insert from URL" mechanism.
  13. Usually this is because of the smtp server used or the content of the subject/message. You have very little control over the spam filters on the receiving end, but some smtp servers (email providers) are better than others.
  14. Weird; I know for a fact that those were built and the intent was to have them ready for download. I'll look around.
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