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  1. 3+ GB for a file with no data (clone) is huge and not typically normal. Do you use a lot of layout elements like pictures or graphics? Try to produce an XML DDR report, if it does not finish then the place where it stops could be a good indicator of something that is off in the and it will point you to where that is (you'll need to backtrack the XML structure from the point where it stops, so it is a bit of chore). Don't run recover on your original file, run it only on copies or backups! Also look in the FMS event log to see if FMS crashed at some point. If you are running FMS on Windows, also use the Windows application event log and system event log to look for errors.
  2. No, that is not correct. You can set a global in a table in another file, as long as you have TO to that table in the file that runs the script.
  3. Thanks for posting back and closing the loop. It'll help the next one down the line.
  4. If you don't open the ports on your firewall then nobody can connect from the outside. Alternatively, if you are using External Authentication and the provider allows it, you can limit access from certain machines only or during certain times of the day (AD accounts for instance allow for this).
  5. If you upgraded but did not follow these exact steps, it might have re-used some old left-over files: - stop the FMS processes (sudo launchctl stop com.filemaker.fms) - uninstall FMS14 - rename the leftover "filemaker server" folder in /Library - reboot - install FMS16 - import SSL cert - reboot The step in bold is what most people don't do and it causes issues like the one you're seeing.
  6. I'm not quite sure I follow the part where you try to establish temporary relationships. Some thoughts: - passing information between scripts: using script parameters is a good way to do that, that's what it is there for. But setting global fields should work too - you do not need a relationship to set global fields in a different table; if that is what you are doing then you can scrap the whole mechanism. You can set a global field anywhere at any time, without a relationship.
  7. The main difference is that when you do this in Java or Python (or .NET or any of the other platforms) your end result has the exact functionality you designed; you don't lose any functionality by the 'packaging' into the exe. As mentioned a few times in this thread: the FM runtime is deprecated and does NOT have the full functionality of the regular FM Pro client. So research that carefully based on what you do in your FM file.
  8. Unless you are working with an old version of FM (pre 16) you don't need the BaseElements plugin to make GET calls, you'd use the "Insert from URL" script step with its cURL options. So show us where you are stuck and we can see if we can help out.
  9. No, if they have a runtime, they don't need FM. The runtime wrapper takes the place of FM and lets the user interact with your file. Your FM file gets 'embedded' into the runtime. But again: the runtime has many limitations, so test very thoroughly so that you don't get caught out by them.
  10. FM Server is needed to share data with other users. FMS is both the central repository and gives you the ability to process certain things server-side instead of client side. Runtimes cannot connect to FMS. You don't need FMS if every user will only have their own data and don't need to share anything. You cannot create one exe that works on each platform. Your FM file works on all platforms but the runtime is the wrapper around your file to make it work and that one is platform specific. Just like FM Pro Advanced is.
  11. Yes, you can create multi-platform solutions. It’s one of FM’s great strengths. but to make the runtime work on Windows you have to generate the runtime on windows. Not the FM file, that one is already x-plat by nature. But the runtime engine is platform specific.
  12. When using a runtime you have to create it on the platform it is meant for; so one created on macOS, one on Windows. As to whether it will cover your needs: many features are not available in a runtime, most notably the ability to connect to a host. But also other things like "save as PDF", many of the newer functions. And the whole runtime technology is deprecated so it may go away with a future version of FM altogether so as a long-term strategy it is something to keep in mind. Carefully test your runtime to make sure everything works as expected.
  13. On macOS, when you manually move folders, they inherit the permissions of the user doing the move so you'll have to use the Terminal (or something like BatchMod) to make the owner fmserver of group fmsadmin and let that propagate down to all subfolders and files. Remote Container folders should not be on an external USB drive. RC files and folders need to be treated as the live FM files that they are, an external drive is too fragile for good operation. I would strongly advise against it. If you want to go ahead then you'll need to set permissions on that external drive just so, that FMS can read and write to it. Not sure if that'll work entirely but it may.
  14. Cross-post with https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006wkNf3SAE/what-are-the-ways-to-use-fms-17-databases-hosted-on-aws-ec2-apart-from-appstream-20-and-citrix Some answers provided there already.
  15. You can fake a login dialog with the "Show Custom Dialog" script step, or with a Card Window. But in essence you'd be bypassing FM's native internal security in favor of a scripted solution. If the user should have no access to a part of the solution then put that in the user's Privilege Set so that you don't have to ask for credentials *AFTER* the user is already authenticated and authorized up-front. What you are proposing to do is often referred to as "ersatz security" or "roll your own security". If you do a few searches on those topics here and on other FileMaker forums then you'll find many lively discussions about the dangers of using scripting and layouts (in other words: non-security schema elements) for security purposes.
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