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  1. This piece does not sound right. I would probably want to keep all the inquiries and set the price statically through a script instead of relying on calculated fields. Any calculations can be done in the script and the result stored.
  2. Reconsider having a calc field that is based on a global variables. Or any kind of variable. It would recalculate for all visible records in the found set so: why?
  3. What email client is installed on Windows 7? Whatever you have, you'll need to reinstall it because it did not 'announce' itself to Windows so windows thinks there simply is no default email client. And FM hands off to Windows to get the email sent through the default email application. If reinstalling your email client does not help then you'll need to reach out to the support for that application.
  4. How to properly shutdown my server?

    How to run an OS-level script depends on the UPS software. The screenshot above would point to something that is not sufficient. You don't want it to run a command before shutting down the OS because that is still a chain of events that you have no control over. The ideal situation is the ability to run an OS-level script that you can run when the UPS goes on battery power and long before it would even attempt to shut down the machine. If the UPS for instance can deliver 15 minutes of battery power you'd set it up so that it closes the FMS files after 5 minutes. Giving it ample time to disconnect ghost users (unless the users are also on UPS and so are all the network switches, all users will be ghost users to FMS, FMS will try to ping them but they won't respond so FMS will want to wait the usual 2 minutes). A Google search for 'filemaker server shutdown script' should turn up a few hits on posts I have done in the past with the beginnings of a good VBscript.
  5. How to properly shutdown my server?

    Best practice is to configure your UPS to run a system-level script to properly close your FMS files. Like with anything: if you rely on the OS to shut down the files, things may go wrong.
  6. Info on FileMaker Server16 caching?

    Yes, you have to uninstall to install the new version. But the very first order of business is to get rid of the classic theme. That is absolutely the #1 priority. That and make use of the Top Call Stats log, see if the server is busy at those sorting times and if so with what table and field.
  7. Keeping fields together when printing

    Can you show a screenshot of your layout part setup?
  8. "Premature Optimization is the root of all evil"... Code efficiency and modularity is important, but not as important as solving the problem at hand. It's a fine balance to strike.
  9. Virtual list using JSON

    In theory: yes. The question will come down to whether the JSON building and parsing functions are faster or slower than the regular text functions I guess.
  10. Info on FileMaker Server16 caching?

    Double-check the previous version of FMS. It could be older than 15. What the exact dialog? I haven't seen a sorting one come up but I have seen a few "find in progress..." dialogs even when the users are not doing anything. All in older upgraded solutions, never in brand new ones. In working with FMI support, the first step was to make sure that none of the user layouts used the Classic theme and that has significantly cut down this happening. How many users at peak? That mac mini is not powerful at all, not much in terms of processing power and certainly not in disk i/o. What do the FMS stats.log and topcallstats.log say? Those two helped us a lot in finding areas to make the design of the solution better. With many filtered portals it certainly seems like there is lots of room for that.
  11. Have you tried an explicit "commit records" before the refresh? If you do, what errors are returned from it, and can you grab the Get(RecordOpenState), Get(RecordOpenCount) before and after?
  12. I don't think you need two tables for the stops. One table would do. The 'timepoint' or 'stop' is just an attribute of a stop. That way you need only to make relationship to the one stop names table and read whether it is a stop or a timepoint.
  13. install plugins

    Is your Windows 32-bit? Then you need the 32-bit version of the plugin. If you need to make the install routine safe for multiple scenarios, there is a Get() function in FM that will help you determine whether the OS is 32 or 64 bit and branch to install the correct version of the plugin.
  14. install plugins

    The best way to install plugins is to use the "install plugin file" script step. Just create a new file for it, add the container field and a script to install it. That makes it really portable. http://www.filemaker.com/help/13/fmp/en/html/scripts_ref2.37.66.html#1076200 It also allows you to trap for errors. The script step will put the plugin where it belongs automatically. And the benefit is that you can use the same file to have it installed on FMS through server-side schedule, and in WebDirect. Once installed, a plugin is available in all files that you open with your copy of FMP. Doesn't mean that it will be available for anyone else unless you also install the plugin there. Many plugins have license-checking mechanism and activation mechanisms. Check the help section of the plugin vendor's web site. Also: since FM12 is really old by now; if you have just downloaded the plugin you may have a plugin that is not compatible with the old version of FM. Again, check the plugin vendor web site.
  15. Cannot open remote from PC, but can from MAC

    Can you try with another Mac? With more Windows machines? Could it be that your mac is actually pulling open a file NOT from where you think it is opening it from?
  16. Cannot open remote from PC, but can from MAC

    Bonjour is only useful if the client and server are on the same network. Are you getting any kind of message in the "open remote dialog"? What if you use the direct network path to the file (little gear icon at the bottom towards the lower left of the launch center dialog).
  17. Cannot open remote from PC, but can from MAC

    Same version of FM as on the Mac? If not, check whether that version of FM can connect to your version of FMS. If that is not the issue then it could be a firewall issue on the Windows machine blocking outgoing traffic.
  18. Learning Scripting?

    Start with the official FileMaker Training Series. The Advanced part has a nice storyline to it that will take you through all the areas and will require you to complete exercises.
  19. Thank you!

    Glad to hear! Glad we could help.
  20. #1: not advisable if it is NAS, SAN is supported. NAS is bad because of the fragility and performance issues with substituting disk i/o for network i/o #2: no, you can specify a non-default folder for the file and that will enable the option to choose an additional folder for the RC data. Under no circumstances can the RC data folders be exposed to anything but FMS; no other process or sharing can be allowed to touch it; you have to treat them like the live FM files that they are. In that sense the RC feature is NOT a document management feature; it is strictly a storage and backup efficiency feature.
  21. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    I highly doubt it. Unless there is a faulty NIC or a faulty switch port, or very aggressive QoS on the network that de-prioritizes FM traffic, network throughput is almost never an issue. Of the 4 traditional bottlenecks (memory, processing, network, disk i/o) invariably the issues tend to be disk i/o and processing power (# of cores, speed of cores) in relation to the design of the solution. Don't have any more ideas; this would require a much more in-depth analysis of the various logs and a look at the solution to see what could be up.
  22. Upgrade FMP 13 to FMP 15 on Mac Mini

    I would suggest getting a Mac guy to assist; that would be the most expedient way to go. Especially once you get to installing FMS. There is no upgrade; you have to uninstall FMS13, remove any leftovers and reboot. Then install FMS15. Before you uninstall you need to document the current FMS settings and schedules so that you configure FMS15 exactly like 13 was. It is imperative that you find what is consuming the disk space. How big is the FM solution itself? Including any Remote Container folders it may have...
  23. Upgrade FMP 13 to FMP 15 on Mac Mini

    Do you mean FMP or FMS? Big difference in how it is installed... Since FMS15v3 supports 10.12 that is probably the OS that will give you the longest shelf life http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5677/~/filemaker-server-operating-system-requirements---all-versions What is consuming that other 230GB on the server? The server should be dedicated to the FMS task so it shouldn't have things that consume that much disk space. Having other things there is a risk to the stability of the deployment.
  24. Strange portal link behaviour. Is it a bug?

    What you have is two conflicting events that you handle without regard for each other. You want your OnButtonClick to done one thing but your OnLayoutExit does another thing. I have the sense that this is a simplified demo so it may not show exactly what you do in your actual solution. Events fire in a very particular order (see http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2015/05/filemaker-14-script-triggers for a really good overview and sandbox file) and a script attached to an event that runs after your intended event can produce a totally unexpected result if not handled properly.
  25. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    Yes, 6-year old hardware is very crappy. Also your VMware has only 2 logical processors which is not enough to run FMS on with any kind of solution. Not sure about the screen response, that doesn't strike me as relevant at all. In a server you're not looking at UI update metrics. In general I wouldn't want to draw any conclusions from those numbers. while there are some big relative differences the absolute differences are so small in real time that they can be caused by anything.

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