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    Hello to everybody, i have a big question for me, maybe not for you :-) : I need a db where my user after having put the records, can print a list with a very good layout (similar to word). The user must put all the record, then check what he wants to be published in a list, and then only the selected records must be written in a particular layout (no ptoblem on this). He must be able to change the spaces between the output list, and the characters. I know this could be done in two ways: 1. create a layout in fmp where the selected records are inserted (in this case i don't
  2. Garry the user could have more than one record (some one and others more than one). Anatoli even if i have never used token i'll try with a little tests... i'll let you know what kind of mess i'm going to generate -) Thanks David
  3. After a lot of tests i've found out that the error was simply in the type of link. I needed to put a full link and not a relative path. Now all is ok. I want to thank all who helped me in the solution of my problem, and i hope that this post will be of help for future visitors who have the same problem. Have a nice day to all. David
  4. ok, it works. But now i've a little new problem: BEFORE THE WEB SECURITY DB User logged in with a form which checked the field login and password and found his record to make changes on it. (on the db i have user and passowrd) AFTER WEB SECURITY I've set up a form (yours) to autenticate the user who has now edit privilegies. The fact is that after the log in the user can access all the records and edit all. I need to let the user access only his record... any ideas? I know why it happens but i don't know how to resolve it and have: 1. User access only his records 2. U
  5. hello, i've inserted the new math function you suggested. But i think the problem isn't there. This is the eviroment where i find the error: After going to the main page with the javascript i navigate into the next page, i've set up a link at the bottom to go to the main page. With IE 5.1 for mac os 9 i click the link to go to the main page and it seems to me that the javascript doesn't run. I have a blank page as result. So when i write the domain name again it works. Very strange. The link to go to the main page is something like: http://ipadress/index.html where index.html is the
  6. Ok these are the news: I've set up a correct configuration of javascript and it works: <html> <head> <script language="JavaScript"> function GetRandomRecord() { var i = Math.round(Math.random() * 100) parent.main.location= "http://FMPro?-DB=database.fp5&-Lay=layout&-Format=index1.html&-Error=error.html&-Skip=" + i + "&field1=a&-Find" } </script> </head> <frameset rows="0,*" border="0" framespacing="0" frameborder="no"> <frame src="testa.html" name="testa" noresize> <frame src="javascript:
  7. Hello, thanks for your time, but i doesn't work. The only thing i see is the name of the function in the frame. It seems to me it doesn't run the javascript.
  8. I had a lot of times this problem: sometimes with iis5 connector doesn't work: it works for one or two months then it's impossible to access the configuration tool with no reason. I think it is a problem with privilegies in iis that sometimes go away with no reason. The solution for me was to format all and perform a clean installation of iis and fm. The last time it happened after a deframmentation procedure.....?:?:? There things not explicable for me... Bye bye
  9. It works. Thanks again One more question: this is what i have set up: the index page of my site is composed by two frame the frame 2 (the main one where people navigate) perform the redirect to the search of fmp automatically...i need to put that javascript to that frame in order to perform the random search. Is it possible without going to another page again (where i put the redirect again) or i need to redirect two times the visitors? Thanks
  10. Thanks to garry and to everyone who is helping me.
  11. Sorry but i don't understand: first part of my questions? You mean to insert an hidden field in the login form to make the button of the form work? Thanks
  12. ok many thanks i've tried and everything seems to work fine. Two more quesyions: 1. The form button doesn't work fine: when i put log+pass and press enter nothing happens, when i click on the button everything is ok. 2. After the login procedure i need a link to let the user create a new record. (as a test for privilegies). How should be this link, i mean where are stored the information about log+pass? directly in the link as "fmpclientusername"? something like this? &-new]http://localhost/FMPro?.............[FMP-Clientusername]&-new could you please write an example?
  13. Thanks for your time, i'll try it. The pourpose of the scripts are differents: send to me an email when a new user sign up and to him to retain the login password, ecc... Thanks a lot
  14. Thanks for your post: A few question: - the port number is necessary? what is it aim? - In which sense "if you use javascript"? I need to prepare a javascript code or it's necessary only the link you posted? Other questions: I've tested ws db and this is what i've discovered: - If i make a user "everyone" with no password (browse, script) and then another user "user1" with different privilegies (browse,script,edit) my dbs can't be browsed.... and everytime it promts the login window. If i delete "user1" everything is ok. Missing something?
  15. Hello, i really don't know what could be i can guess: - problem with a old version of web companion? check the latest - problem with your browser? check the latest Hope it can help Bye
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