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  1. I'm trying to use a script to Insert File from a specific AFP share into a container field. Every time I try, I get a 100 error (File is missing) from Filemaker. If i change the path to a local file, it works fine. I've tried hard-coding the path; using a variable; using a global field as a reference. I've also tried all the permutations of the path according to filemaker's requirements... filemac:/<path to file>, file:/<path to file>, using /Volumes, /ip address of the share, etc. For example: "filemac:/Volumes/Folder one/Folder two/filename.pdf", etc. No matter what I try, I get the 100 error.
  2. I have no help for you, but I'm having the same problem, except mine happened after I had iTunes crash on me. I quit FM because I had to logout, but it wouldn't re-open after that.
  3. Well, the file reference was to the external address and I was on the network when I tried to open the file, but it still doesn't explain why 3 f the 4 files I set the reference to opened, but the 4th didn't. All 4 of them have the same file reference path, except for the name of the file itself. I guess I have to make 2 different openers to account for whenether the user is on the local network or outside the office.
  4. It's set to host a max of 50 (that was the default, I never changed it), and is currently hosting 7 files. Does the number of tables in the files themselves matter? That would be a total of 45 for all the hosted files.
  5. Originally, the file references were to the same internal IP address of the server. I then changed them all to the external address of the router and opened a port to the server to enable out of the office access. 3 of the 4 files open without a problem, but the 4th will not open. Could something be corrupt in a pref file or something? P.S.- I tried creating a new file with a new set of scripts, using the same file references (created anew, not copied and pasted) to the external address and got the same results.
  6. I've created a file with buttons for users to click to open several different remote databases hosted on FM Server 8. The scripts for each are identical, except for the relevant filename. The weird thing is, when I click the button for a specific file (the 4th button), I get a License conflict warning and Filemaker shuts down. This only happens when I click the button/run the script. If I open the file using the "Open Remote" menu item, using exactly the same file path (copied from the script itself), it opens fine. The text of the message I get is "The maximum number of licensed users are curently using this copy of Filemaker ... License Key conflict occured with user "Vinny's PowerMac G5". This is my computer. I have other versions of Filemaker on my computer, but all were closed at the time.
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