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  1. Thanks! That helped. Got it working, rebuild the whole chain and its works now.
  2. You're correct with you're takes. Here's a shot of the relation (have tried other ways). Â There can be more than one course per day but I dont see how another join table could fit in isn't relating to a day of the week to courses::day act as one ? Â Thanks. ,
  3. I have a relation that doesnt seem to work right. I can't see to get my head around what is wrong. It for a school - tracking absences. Each class is once a week and has a weekday (courseDay). Each class has the tipical many-to-many of courses and student enrolled in it (Course_Students). I have made a dashboard that takes the a day of the week to show the students that should be in the school for all classes on that date. The relation is: Dashboard::date_of_week -> Courses::courseDay -> Course_Students::courseID -> Students::studentID When listed in a portal,
  4. Thanks. I did end up reworking it all so the are all records. Then used calculated keys to filter out the alternate weeks.
  5. I am racking my brain for a solid solution to scheduling problem. I have a system where the client had weekly events schedule, except for holiday and other closurs. A list a date would be supplied to clients so they didn't come in on the weekly appointment on closure days. To do this, I had fields for each day of the week, and start and end dates for the seasons. Then populated each field with a script that took the start day, and added 7 until the end date. Then allowed the user to take off closure dates and then the list for the relevant day was supplied the client. A new requ
  6. I and trying to update an existing system for a school. The school get applications that get stored in the Applications table (one a year per applicant). If approved, basic info is copied over to a Student table and have more detailed data added along with school courses etc. Some student stay year over year, some don't. The school wants to "archive" non-returning students. For later reference or to bring back after a year off. Speaking database-wise there can be a few ways to handle this - but none of them strike me as the best method: -Make a copy of the Students table (called
  7. Thank you both. For a scanner, I am looking for one that can take some light punishment (will be used in a school). There seems to be a big price break; ~$30ish, then straight to industrial $300+. Some also are USB but only mention be compatible with certain POS system and I am not sure if that means they can be used like a regular USB scanner or not. Would any model that claims to be USB be desktop PC compatible? Any models you have used with success?
  8. I am starting a inventory project that will be using barcodes. Up to this point, I've know barcodes to just be a special font to scan in via scanner, or print out via label printer. My question is what software do I need? I see there is some barcode plug-ins, but I am not sure how they actually help. I assume I need to get a barcode font (for UPC and one for the format of the label printer). I haven't purchased the hardwhere yet so I can not try everything out. Also, in terms of hardware, I am looking for a durable scanner and label printer. Does anyone have any recommendatio
  9. thanks! I'll try something like that.
  10. Hi guys, I want have a portal with 5 random child records in it. Nothing to fancy, I've come up with a couple ideas on how to do it, but niether really give me that warm fuzzy feeling: 1. Sort the portal on a value list. The value list will a field with randon data in it. Then have the portal only show 5 records. Not sure if that will work nice or not. 2. Have a field in the child records have a random field and sort the portal on it. Again showing 5 records only. The problem is the random field needs to be generated on every record all the time. Anyone got a better way(
  11. Hi there, It seems when I (and users) try to export from a file it freezes Filemaker (v5.5 OSX, host on OSX). It seems only to be from one file with 130,000 records. From what I can tell, it's from file curruption. Changes are the backups have the same curruption and I've read the recover command usually doesnt work (havent tried yet since it will stop work for at a critical time). Does anyone have any fixes to this? I recall this happening a couple years ago, and i managed to fix it, but of course soon forgot how i did it. :
  12. Hi, I'm working on an good old FM 5.5. I made a new button in Photoshop and pasted it in. It shows fine on my computer but it is actully an OLE object. THe FM docs say to use Edit > Object > Links and break the connection there. When i go to this dialog it is empty. I'm all out of ideas. Pasting and Coping it from Paint etc doesnt work either, it always whats the be an OLE object.
  13. thanks! That was too easy. It works great. FileMaker 7 is great.
  14. Hi guys, (I haven't been around much lately, my job as a FileMaker guy came to an end a while back. Now I only dabble in FM for fun now, instead of dishing out cynical and poorly spelt advise). I'm making this DB that generates a random alpha numeric string. This string is then spoken out using the speak() command. I've got that working great. The idea, is that the user then has to sort the numbers and letters by number and by alphabet position (did tha make sense?). For example: sd4f325 should become dfs2345 or 3abd59si9 should become abdis3599 I can't seem to fi
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