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  1. Open URL Mailto

    Regards, Adrian.%0D%0D&" & "&file: If you take out the two highlighted ampersands, the link will at least show up as text. It may or may not be clickable depending on the recipient's email client, but they can always copy and paste it. Have you considered using a plugin for email?
  2. There should not be quotes around the string, could that be it? FYI, if you're looking for a particular month, you can set the Find criteria to simply month/year, or even just the month number if you only want the current year. https://www.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Ffinding-ranges.html%23
  3. Also: WorqSmart Events, Dacons ScriptFire, and Troi Activator. But still, you can't hijack a running script. What you can do is pause the script at a specified point, which might be inside a loop for example, and each time around the loop it tests for something (is the shift key down, is the record number > 10, etc.) -- and it can pause indefinitely or for a specified amount of time (how short is up to you) during which you can fire up another script via trigger or button or menu.
  4. Open URL Mailto

  5. Open URL Mailto

  6. Depends how paranoid you are. If the error you're concerned about is record lock, you only need one Set Field to tell you if it's locked. Alternatively, you could use the Open Record script step to test for the lock. Keep in mind that it's possible to get different errors for different fields, e.g., someone has access privileges to one field but not another. If you have those kinds of concerns, you'd probably need to test each field.
  7. It might help to be more specific about the problem you're trying to solve, but AFAIK there's no way to pre-empt the script queue. Not sure what custom functions have to do with this question.
  8. Yeah Kassy, we're willing to help but we're not mind-readers. Don't give up. Tell us what's happening.
  9. Server Busy Error

    Yes, you absolutely get both versions. The license comes in the form of an email with download links for all versions.
  10. Open URL Mailto

    It does or it doesn't? You're saying that '%0A%0A' gives you only one line break? If so, try just putting a space (encoded) after the first one. '%0A%20%0A' or '%0A+%0A'
  11. Something like: Enter Find Mode Set Field[ review date ; Get(CurrentDate) - 14 ] Set Error Capture [ON] Perform Find If[ Get(FoundCount) > 0 ] Send Mail End If
  12. Open URL Mailto

    Are you saying that repeating '%0A' doesn't give you additional line breaks? mailto does not support attachments, but you could upload the file somewhere and include a link to it.
  13. Server Busy Error

    Or you could install the x-bit version of FileMaker that matches your Outlook. SMTP - in our office we can't do this from client machines because IT blocks port 25. However, we can use the Perform Script on Server script step to send SMTP mail from the server. mailto - separate recipients with comma or semicolon (depends on your mail client). You can certainly build the mailto link using calculations, but it's not going to be dynamic, it will be the same body for all recipients.
  14. Search Record Based On Field Selection

    Not completely clear what you've got going there, but based on your first statement "when I select a record on a form I am taken to that record"... You could create a script like: Enter Find Mode Set Field[ finished part ; Get(ScriptParameter) ] Perform Find You would then call this script with buttons -- the fields can be defined as buttons if desired -- and in the button setup you specify the field's value as the parameter. Hope that helps, welcome to the forums!
  15. replace hyperlink text in a field

    Not exactly sure what you're asking. FileMaker does not offer clickable hyperlinks embedded in text fields. Welcome to FM Forums!

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