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  1. Thanks for those kind words, Stephen. RIP Lee.
  2. Your calculation is fine, no need to second-guess it. It's a little more cumbersome with multiple sales reps per record. E.g., if they are stored as a list you'll need to use FilterValues, or PatternCount, or Position in your calculation. No big deal, but it will affect your Find speed if you have a ton of records.
  3. Is the "premium" field stored? If not, that could be potentially the biggest performance hit. You said top 5 for each month, does that mean one month per portal or what? One alternate possibility is to run a script that returns the data via ExecuteSQL, e.g.: SELECT account, premium FROM yourTable ORDER BY premium DESC FETCH FIRST 5 ROWS ONLY ...or something like that. PS: it would help answer your questions if you update your forum profile with FileMaker version, OS, expertise level etc.
  4. Not really. Google FileMaker RLA or Record Level Access and you'll find many posts about it. It's fairly straightforward when you have one person assigned to each record.
  5. Fitch

    ScriptMaker Greyedout

    ScriptMaker is dimmed because you don't have sufficient access privileges. The ODBC error is a separate issue. Perhaps you can try creating a new file so you'll have full access privileges, and test your ODBC connection from there. ODBC access is controlled through a system-level driver, which can be on your local machine but is likely to be on your server. The setup is documented -- google something like 'odbc dsn FileMaker' Welcome to the forums!
  6. I don't think so, but you could probably do it with a plug-in. The next version of FileMaker may have this feature according to the just-released roadmap: https://community.filemaker.com/community/platform/product-roadmap File-based script steps — Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files to support external logging and data export in a custom format. Replaces need for many file-based plug-ins.
  7. Fitch

    EAR password not working

    I don't believe the encryption password is managed by any keychain. It's not clear where exactly the server stores it but AFAIK it's not the OS keychain. I have not heard of any way you can recover the password. That would defeat the whole purpose of it. Sorry.
  8. Fitch

    PDF not viewing

    On Windows you need to have a PDF browser plugin installed. If you don't have this, the Insert > PDF menu item will be dimmed in FileMaker.
  9. Fitch

    EAR password not working

    Caps lock?
  10. Pretty cool -- I once built a system in FileMaker 6 that did something similar outputting text in RTF.
  11. Hmmm, could be something to do with screen resolution?
  12. Does the button have a calculated tooltip maybe?
  13. Fitch

    Won't Scroll

    Welcome to the forums. Haven't heard of that one. Any plugins installed?
  14. What do you mean get it "into an AppleScript"? Does the script get invoked outside of FileMaker (which is what Lee's suggestion is for)? Or does it start from a FileMaker script?

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