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  1. File Access Protection and Import

    File Access controls access to the schema. It won't stop you from importing data -- which you need an authorized account to do anyway.
  2. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    You mentioned doing a Find for Salesperson and then running the report. If you do it that way there's no need to sort by Salesperson. But I figured it might be nice to do all people at once so I added it. You can have as many sub-summary parts on a layout as you want. The parts will display or not based on the sort order.
  3. Loop Script to create records - Help...

    Sure, if you have a portal with the members you want, you could use List( related::memberID ) to snag them. Or you could even just hard code them -- List( 123 ; 589 ; 321 ; etc. ) It's also nice to have a summary field in your main tables using the "List of" option on your ID field. That enables you to get a list of IDs for the current found set. Very useful for this type of scenario.

    Do you get the same error in Safari?
  5. You might want to start this thread over in the WebDirect forum. IWP is very different.
  6. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Check it out. BARE.fmp12
  7. Loop Script to create records - Help...

    I don't think you need to create additional tables or layouts. Using a script, if you can store the Event IDs in a variable and the Personnel IDs in another variable, you can than go to the Attendance layout and do something like: Set Variable[ $i ; 0 // this is our event counter ] Set Variable[ $eventCount ; ValueCount( $EventIDs ) ] Set Variable[ $personCount ; ValueCount( $PersonIDs ) ] Loop Set Variable[ $i ; $i+1 ] Exit Loop If[ $i > $eventCount ] Set Variable[ $event ; GetValue( $EventIDs ; $i )] Set Variable[ $p ; 0 // this is our person counter, reset to 0 after each event ] Loop Set Variable[ $p ; $p+1 ] Exit Loop If[ $p > $personCount ] New Record Set Field[ eventID ; $event ] Set Field[ personID ; GetValue( $PersonIDs ; $p )] End Loop End Loop
  8. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Thank you for posting example data, that's very helpful. You definitely can do this with SQL, but as I mentioned, "reorder by summary field" should do what you described.
  9. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    A couple of ideas: - have you noticed in the Sort dialog there's a "reorder by summary field option" -- would that help? - you mentioned SQL -- FileMaker has an ExecuteSQL function, have you looked at that?
  10. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Sounds like you might want more of a "dashboard" rather than a summary report. So you might want to do this from the salesperson table, with portals from there to invoices, etc. You could sort the portals and show 10 rows.
  11. Sure, you'd have a script like: If[ GetAsNumber ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ) < 16 ] New Window Go to Layout(old school) Else New Window (card) End If
  12. If the "needs update" field is a number field that is either 1 or blank, it should take no time at all to index or search. The replace calc seems as good as any a place to start. Please post the actual calculation.
  13. Really hard to say more without seeing the actual schema and scripts. Your file has "grown" but how many records are we talking about? Both the options you mentioned are worth exploring. Regarding #2, if you're doing multiple Replace, that can be less efficient than a loop, because the record has to be opened/closed for each replace, whereas it only has to do that once in a loop. PS: it helps us help you if you update your profile here with your FileMaker version.
  14. Progress Bar / Wait Card Window

    It's worth taking a look at the suggestions above, but do keep in mind the first sentence of my previous post. One thing you can do in a webviewer is grab a 'spinner' or 'barber pole' animation from www.ajaxload.info or wherever and then the user will get their eye candy and you don't have to keep interrupting your script to update the progress.
  15. Rounding up

    How about this: Round ( num / .05 ; 0 ) * .05 Adapted from http://www.briandunning.com/cf/745 / http://www.briandunning.com/cf/467

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