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  1. Create a field and set it to be an auto-entered serial number. Then each part of your calc would like like: "test1" & theField Or, like this: If ( Case1 = "A" ; Case( Type = "Protein" ; "test1"; Type = "Antibody"; "test2"; Type = "DNA"; "test3") & theField ) ... but that may not be a good fit if there can be other test types.
  2. I just tested this and it seems to work. Change the display field to "crop to frame" rather than reduce/enlarge, and then use GetThumbnail to set the image size to slightly bigger than the field's dimensions. You said you didn't want to change the aspect ratio.
  3. Welcome to the forums. This thread is 12 years old and as such there are likely newer, better methods to solve this problem. But do you really have the same exact issue? Please start a new topic.
  4. Steve's idea makes sense in form view. If you're talking about scrolling in list or table view, it's going to be slow either way. If you're using a script to create the phone log record it should be fairly easy to also store the most recent info in a field in the customer record.
  5. Yes, set your layouts to 'all modifiable' or 'custom' in the privilege set.
  6. Possibly you could make use of the GetThumbnail function. It's available in any .fmp12 version. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Fgetthumbnail.html
  7. No such file format change has been announced, and we know that version 19 will continue the fmp12 format. I don't see any advantage in waiting. Even if the format does eventually change, in the meantime you'll have access to slide panels, card windows, popovers, ExecuteSQL and so many other features implemented since version 11. https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro-advanced/version-comparison.html
  8. It's certainly possible the data is corrupted. I'd recommend you take a backup of the file and run the Recover command. If that fixes the issue, then go ahead and un-host your file and recover it. Ideally you'd then import your data into a known, non-corrupt copy of the file but this is not always possible. FWIW it's probably more common than most developers would like to admit that we go on using files that have experienced corruption somewhere along the way. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Frecovering-files.html Welcome to the forums.
  9. When you close a popover via button or script, it keeps the button in focus, so it takes on the "In Focus" style. It's annoying, but you can fix it by adding a Commit step to the script that closes the popover.
  10. Fitch


    Welcome to the forums. I've moved your topic from "conditional formatting" because this question is not about that. It would help us to answer your questions if you'd update your profile to at least tell us what OS and FM version you're using. (It would also help you to get more responses if you use a more descriptive title than "Formula.") All that said, the ideal way to accomplish this is to set up privilege sets under Manage > Security. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Frecord-access-privileges.html%23ww1028797 You can use the Limited option to limit record access based on a calculation. When this is in place, doing any Find other than Show All will automatically exclude records that don't match the calculation. E.g., rather than Show All, use something like find * (wildcard).
  11. I suppose you could do something like: Let( [ aCountry = "IT"; aRegion = "Toscana"; aSubregion = ""; aTown = ""; query = "SELECT Ref FROM RealEstate WHERE Country = ?" & If( not IsEmpty(aRegion) ; " AND Region = ?" ) & If( not IsEmpty(aSubregion) ; " AND SubRegion = ?" ) & If( not IsEmpty(aTown) ; " AND Town = ?" ) ; result = ExecuteSQL( query ; "" ; "" ; aCountry ; If( not IsEmpty(aRegion) ; aRegion ) ; If( not IsEmpty(aSubregion) ; aSubregion ) ; If( not IsEmpty(aTown) ; aTown ) ) ]; result ) But I'm not sure you gain anything. Welcome to the forums by the way!
  12. Let( [ /*presumably these are just placeholders for your fields*/ aCountry = "IT"; aRegion = "Toscana"; aSubregion = ""; aTown = ""; query = "SELECT Ref FROM RealEstate WHERE Country = " & aCountry & If( not IsEmpty(aRegion) ; " AND Region = " & aRegion ) & If( not IsEmpty(aSubregion) ; " AND SubRegion = " & aSubregion ) & If( not IsEmpty(aTown) ; " AND Town = " & aTown ) ; result = ExecuteSQL( query ; "" ; "" ) ]; result )
  13. Hello, welcome to the forums. Please add your OS and FileMaker version to your profile, this helps us provide relevant advice. I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what your issue is. Can you give an example of what you want to happen, what you expect the result to be?
  14. First of all, welcome to the forums. Second of all, the thread you responded to is from 2013-14. It's old. It's generally best to start a new discussion rather than piggyback on someone else's question. That's why I split this into a new thread. The old one is here: https://fmforums.com/topic/87973-bank-statement-style-report/ Third, what's your question? Finally, please go to your profile and add at least your OS and FileMaker version so we can offer relevant advice.
  15. That site looks shady. I'm locking this discussion.
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