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  1. It's true, it doesn't make a lot of sense given that once in Manage Security, you could simply change the password of a full access account, or create a new full access account, and then authenticate with that when closing the dialog. All the more reason to not use EA for full access!
  2. It's not good practice to use EA for full access accounts. Use your local account for managing security.
  3. No tables or records are generated by a SQL query. It just returns a block of text. This can happen anywhere you can invoke the calculation engine, but it's generally best to use ExecuteSQL only in scripts, typically in a Set Variable or Set Field step. You can then either see it in the Data Viewer, or put that field or global variable on a layout.
  4. Could be an issue with 64 vs. 32 bit: https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Microsoft-Office-Outlook-for-Windows-compatibility-with-FileMaker-Pro-1503693076247?language=en_US
  5. Post the whole calculation, maybe you didn't escape the quotes or something.
  6. Remove the table name from the WHERE clause: WHERE _MarketplaceIDfk = 2 Except SQL doesn't like starting field names with an underscore so you have to use quotes and when you use quotes inside a string you have to escape them, so: WHERE \"_MarketplaceIDfk\" = 2
  7. It does sound like your file is corrupt. Have you tried the Recover option? That's what I'd do. Please be aware that a recovered file is not necessarily safe to use -- highly recommend you google and read up on it. Welcome to the forums. Please fill out your profile so we know what version of FileMaker etc. you're using. This helps us offer better advice, like giving you Mac tips if you're on Windows etc.
  8. When you create a record via relationship in FileMaker, the primary key of the parent record is automatically entered as the foreign key of the related record -- else there can be no relationship.
  9. Here's a pretty good overview of connecting to an external API: https://dbservices.com/articles/integrating-filemaker-with-rest-apis/ As for creating a record, if you've got an ESS set up, you should be able to just go to a layout based on that TO and create a new record.
  10. When you're on a youtube video, click the share button, and notice the 'start at' checkbox. Note the way it changes the link, just as @comment described. E.g., it will append ?t=722 to start at that many seconds in.
  11. Looks like it has an API: https://ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/site/javadocs/ That would be a good way to go when you want to update data. You may want to use it for the initial migration but worth a look. The FileMaker API requires FileMaker Server 17. But you'd only need that if you were using OFBiz to initiate a pull. You wouldn't need it to push from FileMaker.
  12. No script needed, no calculation needed. I would set up a relationship to a company table with a logo field and then just display the related logo. Welcome to FM Forums!
  13. Your calculation is fine, no need to second-guess it. It's a little more cumbersome with multiple sales reps per record. E.g., if they are stored as a list you'll need to use FilterValues, or PatternCount, or Position in your calculation. No big deal, but it will affect your Find speed if you have a ton of records.
  14. Is the "premium" field stored? If not, that could be potentially the biggest performance hit. You said top 5 for each month, does that mean one month per portal or what? One alternate possibility is to run a script that returns the data via ExecuteSQL, e.g.: SELECT account, premium FROM yourTable ORDER BY premium DESC FETCH FIRST 5 ROWS ONLY ...or something like that. PS: it would help answer your questions if you update your forum profile with FileMaker version, OS, expertise level etc.
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