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  1. Try using a wildcard: *Durkan
  2. You said 'Go to URL' -- is this in a web viewer? Or are you using an 'Open URL' script step? What happens if you just let FileMaker do its thing? I.e., if you send: "https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/in:sent+" & (Field unimportant) PS: please update your profile so we know what version of FileMaker you're using, what system, etc.
  3. You could create a Year table, with a record for each year. With a start and end date in the Year table, you could make a relationship to the date fields in the other tables. Then your calculation in the Year table would look like: Round( Sum( Expenses::Amount ) / Sum( Flight Time::Flight Time ) ; 2 )
  4. Can't see DSN

    FileMaker 16 ODBC and JDBC Guide You mean you set up the DSN on the server?
  5. You could use a loop, but you don't have to, your original script is fine -- except as LaRetta alluded to above, you have to go to a layout based on each table if you're going to use Get(LayoutTableName). Or you could hard-code the table/field names (or get the table/field from an active field on the layout) and replace data in related tables if that is your goal. Better do some testing first, you can't undo it! ExecuteSQL wouldn't help you because it only queries, it doesn't modify data.
  6. If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can override the toolbar buttons via Custom Menus. Or you can just make your own button on the layout.
  7. Can't see DSN

    Is your FileMaker Pro also 32-bit? The app and the driver have to match.
  8. The button would perform a script: Duplicate Record Set Field[ fieldwithnumber ; fieldwithnumber - 1 ]
  9. Flush Cache when?

    You won't find any official word from FileMaker on this site. If you want to converse directly with FileMaker tech, go to community.filemaker.com My comment on the original question is: flushing the cache doesn't hurt anything, it doesn't affect other users, and there's generally no need to worry about it unless you're having a specific issue such as refreshing a portal or something like that.
  10. Running out of application memory

    Does your script open a lot of new windows? PS: please update your user profile with platform, version, etc.
  11. Layout Selection Navigation Issue

    You haven't filled out your profile so we don't know what platform you're on. On Windows there's a long-standing bug/irritation that any layout you select from the layout menu beyond 256 will result in you landing on the last layout in the list. 2748 tables, really? That sounds a little fishy.
  12. That error has to do with a user modifying the layout, in Layout Mode. Here I think the goal is to control access while in Browse Mode. There are various ways you might do it. But there's no function to know if a user is on a layout. There's a function to tell you if a user is in a record, though. Maybe that would help? You might also make use of script triggers (OnLayoutEnter, OnLayoutExit). Or do something with access privileges. Depends on your data design and your workflow. I'm afraid I don't know what "bind accounts" means.
  13. Bug: external script call

    Switching to UUIDs would mean getting 'unknown' instead of potentially the wrong script, so we might spot the error sooner. But depending on what the script does, you'd still potentially lose data. I.e., it doesn't absolve us from exercising due care when developing. Take note, anyone working with the separation model: be careful when adding scripts (and fields) to your data files!
  14. Bug: external script call

    In case anyone is still not clear, let's say Master A has these script IDs/script names: 1 hello 2 goodbye Master B is a copy, so the same initially. Then I add a couple of scripts: 3 calculate pi 4 eat cake Then I delete script 2, so my script list in B is now : 1 hello 3 calculate pi 4 eat cake Now I copy 'eat cake' to Master A. The next sequential script ID is created automatically, so... it now looks like: 1 hello 2 goodbye 3 eat cake Still with me? So then I point my local file to Perform Script 'eat cake' in A, in other words, I'm pointing to script ID 3. Now I change my file reference to B. Now Perform Script still points to script ID 3, but it's a different script in B.
  15. Bug: external script call

    I understand. And I'm saying it's not really a bug because FileMaker is connecting to a script with the same ID as the script in the other file. So it's not 'unknown.' If scripts were deleted such that it couldn't connect to a script with the associated ID, then it would return 'unknown' and you'd remain blissfully unaware that your script IDs are out of sync. I agree it would be great if FileMaker provided us the tools to synchronize script IDs in multiple files on multiple servers. You could suggest that as a product idea (good luck with the details). Until then, it's incumbent on us as developers to manage our own deployments.

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