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  1. Fitch

    Multiline radio button

    Sounds like a good candidate for a product idea: https://community.filemaker.com/community/discussions/product-ideas
  2. It sounds like you're using the user's email client to send mail. As you've discovered, that makes it a little tricky to control the workflow. Have you considered using the SMTP option to send mail? That would make this pretty easy, using Barbara's method or whatever. You would control the Cancel action.
  3. Fitch

    Multiple Company Shared Database Anchor Buoy

    Starting in FileMaker 16 you can set external file references dynamically. So you could for example host one file that is your shared info, and when the user opens that it chooses the data source for the invoice file via startup script. See: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8174
  4. Fitch

    'Tools' Bar persists in Custom Set?

    Probably to avoid hoisting ourselves on our own petards... without the Tools menu you'd have no way to switch back to standard menus. I think the Format menu is not listed because it only contains sub-menus, but yeah I think it and Window should be there, it's weird. Scripts, it kind of makes sense not to list since that's already all custom commands.
  5. Fitch

    Layout list

    You could loop through your layouts with a script and build your list using Get ( LayoutName ) and ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT BaseTableName FROM FileMaker_Tables WHERE TableName='" & Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "'" ; "" ; "" ) Credit:
  6. Fitch

    Timestamp Conversion

    I'm going to humbly argue that Right() might be the better choice here. LaRetta is probably correct that few developers use SerialIncrement this way -- and that's the problem. I need other developers to be able to read my code, so when possible I try to make it obvious. Exceptions would be: - when working in a dev. environment where something like this has been adopted as a standard - when performance is an issue
  7. Welcome to the forums. Can you maybe give a more specific/step by step example of what you're expecting to see? I'm not sure I understand the question. Meanwhile, have a look here: http://filemakerinventoryresources.com
  8. Fitch

    Import best practice

    If they for sure want only the previous import, you could just get by with a single additional field for that, and do a Replace with the current price before you import. Otherwise, I'd consider just importing the price into its own related table as new records each time. That way each item could keep a complete price history, and you could make a chart of it and your boss would be so impressed.
  9. It's certainly possible, but you'd have to build it. Creating a calendar would be a challenging project for a beginner, but it would potentially be a great learning experience. You could start with a template. There are some commercial FileMaker calendars, the most well-known being from seedcode.com. There are others that are free, such as at modularfilemaker.org. There's a nice one here: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8751 But it's designed to use card windows, which requires at least FileMaker version 16. Here's another: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8899 Here's another, but you have to be a subscriber (and you should!): https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/custom-clickable-calendar-widget Good luck!
  10. Another approach is to use a custom function such as: https://www.briandunning.com/cf/926
  11. Fitch

    sql help

    I agree -- it's generally a Bad Idea to put SQL in calculated field definitions, or tooltips, conditional formatting or any other "static" elements. It will kill performance unless you are very very sure of what you're doing. Use SQL only for scripts.
  12. Fitch

    Simulated Annealing

    Well sure, the concept of a looping script is simple enough, the tricky part is what happens inside that loop. I wouldn't think completely randomizing every camper's schedule for every iteration would be efficient.
  13. Fitch

    Simulated Annealing

    Thanks for the link, very interesting. It sounds like if you already have a "temperature" metric, you've done the hardest part, assuming the annealing algorithm is the method. But yeah, this is a tough one.
  14. Fitch

    Send Mail will not allow two (2) attachments

    There are also a handful of dedicated plugins for email, which give you HTML email etc: http://360works.com/email-plugin/ https://www.cnsplug-ins.com/Plug-ins/SMTPit_Pro https://www.dacons.net/mailit
  15. It looks like you're trying to do a sub-summary report. Is that right? Maybe you could attach a copy of the file, or at least a screenshot of your Manage Database window.

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