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  1. Take a look at the attached. In future please zip your file and attach it here -- it's not very appealing to click an untrusted download link. MASTER_POS-Ploblem.zip
  2. Still not clear (although I think you're saying the same thing I said). 1. What did you expect to happen? (What do you mean "group"? You want to add +1 to the Quantity field?) 2. What actually happened? 3. What have you tried? Somewhere on this site there's a description of how to ask a good question.
  3. Looks good. Nice job handling the Commit. One thing you might consider is using GTRR to open the card window rather than Open + Find.
  4. It's not clear what you're asking. If your issue is that duplicate lines for a given product are being added to an invoice, then your script will need to use a Find or use the invoice/line items relationship to handle this.
  5. Highlight Calculation

    Unfortunately Conditional Formatting wasn't invited to the CSS party. See: https://community.filemaker.com/ideas/1124
  6. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    It does sound like a possible 16.0.x issue. Just thought I'd add: it makes sense that this was an old script. In old versions of FileMaker, you had to use Insert script steps for those kind of calculated strings in Find mode -- Set Field wouldn't work. I don't recall exactly when this changed, but for some years we've been able to use Set Field this way, which is generally preferable for the reasons Josh mentioned earlier.
  7. Layout sharing?

    Glad I could help. FYI in FileMaker 16 you can now set the data source as a variable, so it can be scripted.
  8. Schema design for small project...

    I'd lean towards using a table for the Y/N/NA items, but with separate (boolean) fields for Y/N/NA. And the actions in the parent record, again with separate booleans for each. Makes the reporting dead simple.
  9. Email List Calculation

    Glad I could help. And yes I meant a new table. Any time we see something like field1, field2, field3, that's generally a red flag that the database structure might need rethinking.
  10. Layout sharing?

    Maybe you should look into the separation model.
  11. Email List Calculation

    First of all, don't use IsValid when you're actually testing for IsEmpty. I'd suggest further that this is unnecessary here, because List will remove the blanks for you. Now to answer your question, you're on the right track with the List function, but you don't need to do all that calculating of the trailing semicolon. Just wrap the List calc in a Substitute function, replacing ¶ (carriage returns) with semicolons. I'll go a little further and suggest that you put all the email addresses in a separate table. That way you just need one email field and one flag field (and maybe a 'sort' field). You could then grab them all through a (possibly sorted) relationship* like so: Substitute( List( flaggedEmails::email ); ¶ ; "; " ) *Or you could do it via ExecuteSQL.
  12. Restricting data by month

    You're on the right track, but the problem here is that the script would trigger after you've already landed on the layout so the server would still have to download whatever records happened to be in the found set. You should create a simple layout that's based on a layout with zero (or very few) records. Set this layout as your startup layout. Attach this script to a button on that layout: Enter Find Mode Go to Layout[ invoice list] Set Field[ date ; Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "/" & Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )] Perform Find You don't incur a penalty when you go to Find mode before you go to a layout. The server doesn't download data until you go back to Browse mode (after the Find).
  13. I think Barbara is right about List view vs. Form, but I'll have to check. You're right about containers, they won't download unless they're visible.
  14. To clarify a couple of points: - When you're on a form view with no fields, no data is fetched. - If ONE field is present, then ALL data from THAT RECORD is fetched. I.e. ALL FIELDS from that record. The other big difference in form view is that you're only viewing ONE record. In table or list view you might be looking at many records. Check out server under the hood for more: https://youtu.be/VCrNP4VZiM4
  15. Card has the huge advantage of being essentially a new window -- that means it can display a completely different layout. There's not much downside to cards -- it does require building a layout, and both the parent and card window can't be moved until the card is closed. That's about it.

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