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Community Answers

  1. Maybe start with this: https://www.briandunning.com/cf/378
  2. It's been suggested but you could certainly suggest it again. https://community.claris.com/en/s/idea/0870H000000fy1nQAA/detail Welcome to FM Forums.
  3. Top nav also doesn't print or zoom. It's a feature unless you're not expecting it.
  4. You might consider using a pick list in a popover portal, or a list in a card window. In some ways that can be less overhead than a conditional value list, but if that's what you're set on here you go: https://support.claris.com/s/article/Creating-conditional-Value-Lists-1503692929150?language=en_US
  5. You might want to start with the invoicing example that comes with FileMaker, or other example files from the Claris site. This is more a scripting question than a layout question -- e.g., a script that takes you to your product layout, perhaps in Find mode, and then... various things depending on your particular vision.
  6. Sorry you're not getting replies. Probably not too many folks here running version 13. A quick google turned up a few hits. Looks like it may be workable, and some have had issues with the web server. For example: https://fmforums.com/topic/94010-filemaker-server-13-installation-issues-on-windows-2012-r2/ https://kbase.io/installation-of-filemaker-13-or-14-on-windows-server/
  7. Tom - using your "Modern commitment" approach, and having problems with one field presentation type; a drop down calendar. I cannot get the drop down calendar to be a picker - it opens, but content is not selectable. The field can be entered manually, but the picker is not. It is almost like the calendar icon attached to a date field, is effectively attempting a commit??? Added the date field to your example, to confirm that the behavior was not specific to something in my implementation. 

    For now, I replaced the field with a button bar segment, with the date field as the label, and a popover using a calendar picker (of my own design), to populate (or clear) the date field. But I'd like to figure out why the drop down - just on the field type calendar/date is not functional. 

    Can you confirm this is not something stupid (a common malady) mistake that I am making?

  8. I see what you're saying -- I hadn't considered that the whole path had to be space-free. I'll take your word for it and of course completely agree that Claris should fix it, especially since this isn't the first version to have this issue.
  9. I'm saying they should extract it to a folder with no spaces.
  10. Good job and thanks for posting the solution. Just had this experience today -- luckily we remembered having this issue with some past installers. Why don't they just name the installer folder with no spaces to begin with?
  11. You're right to enter Find mode before switching layouts. However, if you don't actually need to find specific records, I'd recommend creating a blank layout for each table as needed for your scripted processes. A layout with no fields will not fetch any data from the server. This should be faster than performing a Find. You might also consider opening a new window for the blank layout and then closing it -- switching layouts might have a performance cost. However, I would not recommend opening a whole lot of new windows, say in a looping script. That can slow things down. Welcome to the forums. You might be interested in this:
  12. It sorts when you change views -- that would indicate a script trigger is active on that layout. You can deal with that in the Layout Setup dialog.
  13. I'm using FileMaker 18 on High Sierra and was able to add new records with no issue.
  14. Remove the script trigger from the popover, and instead add this to the top of the popover open script: If[ FOODS::__pk_FOODS = FOODS::highlightGlobal ] Set Field[ FOODS::highlightGlobal ; "" ] Exit Script End If
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