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  1. It looks like you're trying to do a sub-summary report. Is that right? Maybe you could attach a copy of the file, or at least a screenshot of your Manage Database window.
  2. Fitch

    Help with a report - Learning

    1. Looks like the first name is slightly different, see the letter "c." So if you're sorting by name, they will be distinct. 2. Not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but if it involves using a summary field in a calculation, try the GetSummary function.
  3. How about using a popover instead of a drop-down list? That would give you a lot more control. E.g. you could put buttons for each number and those could be conditionally formatted and scripted.
  4. Fitch

    Go to portal row

    If the portal isn't sorted or filtered, you could just get related::yourField directly. Otherwise, as Olger said, Go to Portal Row is the script step to use. You don't have to use Go to Object first if there's only one portal on the layout. Or, you can use Go to Object directly on the field, or use Go to Field. Depends on whether the user might already be in the portal on a different row.
  5. Fitch

    Records Disappeared

    You could add an explicit commit step before returning to the original layout. You could also add error trapping to each step. And logging. And do the donation records auto-enter modifier and timestamp? I'm not clear why your script is switching layouts to add records when you have a relationship that allows record creation, normally you'd have one or the other.
  6. Fitch

    Position Available

    Hey Mark! You retiring before or after DevCon?
  7. Fitch

    Hide Summary Field in a Sub-Summary Part

    Once you start getting into multiple objects, it may be worth considering another approach: using a button bar to display the data. Whether you use a single button or multiple buttons that hide/show, the point of it is that the button label can be calculated. So a button bar is in effect a layout-level calculation engine. Note that stand-alone (non-button bar) buttons do not have calculated labels.
  8. Fitch

    Hide Summary Field in a Sub-Summary Part

    You learned how GetSummary works, that's good. But still... Self = 0 doesn't appeal to you?
  9. Fitch

    Hide Summary Field in a Sub-Summary Part

    Try: Self = 0
  10. Both methods above will work. The auto-entry option will be faster if you're importing a lot of records (say, over 1000) but that also depends on your network. If that's not an issue, I'd lean towards the Replace method because where possible, I prefer to keep my logic in scripts rather than the field entry options.
  11. I'd probably start with a table for image, with just an ImageID field and optionally a container for the image and maybe a name. Then I'd add a translation table with an ImageID field and make a relationship based on that field. The translation table would have a language field, and a field for each block of text you might need (header, subhead1, etc.). So for each image you'd have a single record in the image table, and then as many records in the language table as you need, one per translation per image. This is not a totally "correct" structure but would be simple to set up and I think sufficient for a small project.
  12. Fitch

    User created window control

    When going to related records using a layout in another file, FileMaker will use the front-most window of the target file. If there's potential for multiple windows of that file to be open, then yes, you'll need to specify which one you want. In fact, you'll need to Select Window *before* you GTRR, not after. Or, you could specify 'New Window' in the GTRR step, but what happens after that is something you'd want to think about.
  13. Fitch

    Script for incrementing a counter

    Attached is a solution using a relationship based on selected start and end dates. Related total calculations are included. I think you can do the math to find your percentage. TEST.zip
  14. Fitch

    Conversion: .fmp12 to .exe or .app

    Sounds like maybe you want to create a runtime: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/runtime.html
  15. Fitch

    User created window control

    Windows are not based on tables. Table occurrences (TOs) are based on tables, and layouts are based on TOs. The term is not GTTR, it's GTRR (go to related record). I'm not sure what you mean by "parent db window" -- is there more than one db? Do you mean the window you started from? Or the new window? I'm not quite sure I understand what's happening in your scenario. You've selected "Show in new window" maybe? You generally don't need 'Select Window' but you might if you're targeting a different file.

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