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  1. I see what you're saying -- I hadn't considered that the whole path had to be space-free. I'll take your word for it and of course completely agree that Claris should fix it, especially since this isn't the first version to have this issue.
  2. I'm saying they should extract it to a folder with no spaces.
  3. Good job and thanks for posting the solution. Just had this experience today -- luckily we remembered having this issue with some past installers. Why don't they just name the installer folder with no spaces to begin with?
  4. You're right to enter Find mode before switching layouts. However, if you don't actually need to find specific records, I'd recommend creating a blank layout for each table as needed for your scripted processes. A layout with no fields will not fetch any data from the server. This should be faster than performing a Find. You might also consider opening a new window for the blank layout and then closing it -- switching layouts might have a performance cost. However, I would not recommend opening a whole lot of new windows, say in a looping script. That can slow things down. Welcome to
  5. It sorts when you change views -- that would indicate a script trigger is active on that layout. You can deal with that in the Layout Setup dialog.
  6. I'm using FileMaker 18 on High Sierra and was able to add new records with no issue.
  7. Remove the script trigger from the popover, and instead add this to the top of the popover open script: If[ FOODS::__pk_FOODS = FOODS::highlightGlobal ] Set Field[ FOODS::highlightGlobal ; "" ] Exit Script End If
  8. I've found it generally useful to create a single-line script for each Print Setup that I might need -- landscape single, landscape all, portrait single, portrait all, etc. -- and then call those scripts as needed, such as within your If/Else steps. That way you only have to set them up once and never think about it again.
  9. Tableau conference starts tomorrow and is FREE this year https://www.tableau.com/community/events/conference We're moving more and more of our FileMaker data viz to Tableau -- there's bound to be some interesting stuff here even if you've never tried it.
  10. That said, this is no substitute for proper security. Each user should have an account, either in the file or, better, external authentication. Also - welcome to the forums, please add your FileMaker version and OS to your profile so we can better answer your questions.
  11. For each file: Go to File > Sharing > Configure for WebDirect and select the 'don't display' checkbox. Then send everyone the direct links to the files you want them to access.
  12. No. One table. One layout. Each part is a RECORD in that table.
  13. Oh my. You have a mess here with 'Inspection item 1', 'Inspection item 2', etc. That's generally a terrible design. Each of those should be a single record with a field 'Inspection item'. You could then use a portal or list to display all the inspection items for a give inspection. You could make a button on each item that runs a script that brings up your pass/fail portal in a card window. Or, the script could put the inspection item ID in a global field, and you could display a portal on the inspection layout based on a relationship from the global to the pass/fail table.
  14. It sounds like what you should build is a 'Sample' table that is related to your inspection item. It would just have a single field where you mark it pass or fail (or possibly two fields). It's pretty simple to generate as many records as needed via script. Or, you could make the relationship 'allow create' and go to a layout based on the item with a portal to the sample -- then the user would just enter as many rows as needed. Welcome to the forums.
  15. It's common practice to create a Preferences table that stores a single record. You can work with that data in various ways - through a relationship, via SQL, via script, or load the data into global fields or variables at startup.
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