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  1. Totalling fields from a related table?

    Glad you were able to make it work!
  2. Report Layout Parts with differing levels

    Glad you solved it!
  3. Report Layout Parts with differing levels

    Wouldn't another sub-summary do it?
  4. Subscripts

    Why is a master script necessary? All planes don't need to fly through Heathrow.
  5. SVG Icon Manager

    I'd be happy to vote up either of those ideas, assuming they haven't already been proposed. Feel free to post links.
  6. SVG Icon Manager

  7. "Universal" Constrain --- Syntax

    The whole idea is predicated on you using a consistent naming convention so that all your primary keys take the form: "_kplt__" & Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "ID" I wouldn't think you'd use that convention for every field in the table, that would be weird. So you wouldn't replace "ID" -- you'd completely replace that whole string with whatever field name you want to use.
  8. Totalling fields from a related table?

    Did you try the solution I suggested?
  9. Totalling fields from a related table?

    Sorry I didn't word that right. I meant that a summary field can only summarize data from its own table.
  10. Totalling fields from a related table?

    As you discovered, Summary fields only work on the current context's table. You best bet might be to 'pipeline' the Area data from the Parcel table into a calculated field in the Neighborhood table. I.e., make a calculated field in Neighborhood like so: related::parcel. You can then summarize this field.
  11. Where is my value list being used

    1. Yes, and data you enter after the change will be field 2, whereas existing records would have values from field 1. 2. You should update your user profile so we know what FileMaker version you have. If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can run a Developer Design Report which will list references. However, it's much easier to get this info if you import the DDR into a tool such as Inspector, BaseElements, or FMPerception.
  12. Googling 'FileMaker transactions' returns what you're looking for, I think. For example: http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/transactions/
  13. Take a look at the attached. In future please zip your file and attach it here -- it's not very appealing to click an untrusted download link. MASTER_POS-Ploblem.zip
  14. Still not clear (although I think you're saying the same thing I said). 1. What did you expect to happen? (What do you mean "group"? You want to add +1 to the Quantity field?) 2. What actually happened? 3. What have you tried? Somewhere on this site there's a description of how to ask a good question.
  15. Looks good. Nice job handling the Commit. One thing you might consider is using GTRR to open the card window rather than Open + Find.

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