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  1. Hi all, Filemaker Pro 11, Mac OS 10.12. 3 computers (not running 10.12) with no problems (knocking on wood). Just set up a computer for a new user. Wanting to avoid any major issues, I limited their access to only a couple fields for their data entry duties. When trying to print multiple records, using the "Records being browsed" selection in the print window, only the current record prints. If I select Current Record, it works as expected- only the current record prints. Pages to print selection is "all". Didn't see anything else that was obviously wrong. Reloaded the
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try. Luckily, this is a small logo. I don't see a noticeable difference in quality at this point, but I have a few more layouts to "fix" so time will tell.
  3. Just an update. It appears I have a solution that works for me. I tried using an .eps file (with a thumbnail option checked I saw in Illustrator - I know next to nothing about Illustrator) but that didn't work. I then tried a .tiff file which also did not work. Then I converted the .tiff file to a .jpg file and it appears to have solved my issue. Not an ideal solution for those with many graphics to change, but I figured I'd post it for those interested.
  4. Hi all, Using FM 11.0v4 on multiple machines (iMac OS 10.5.8) and everything works well. Upgraded a computer to a new iMac that came with 10.7. Our layouts include a logo- graphic file- that now does not show up randomly on that computer. Previewing the layout shows the logo once and then not the next time. It never prints the logo. All other information (fields, borders, boxes etc) show with no issue. I understand from a Google search, this is an issue with FM/ 10.7 handling .EPS files. I believe this one is a .tiff file (might have that wrong). One suggestion was to
  5. Not sure if this will apply to what you need, but give it a read. Here's how we do it. See if this would work for you. At the beginning of a new year, we create a new file (called invoices 2004, 2005 etc). This is a CLONE of the previous file. Use "Save As" then choose Clone. This makes a copy of just the fields, calculations, etc, but no data. Then you import the data from your old files into the new file. Using Import, you can pick and choose what information you want carried over.
  6. Yup, I knew that. We have a small (very, very small) amount of relational data in our current design. I kind of paraphrased some of our companies "plans" in the statement in my previous post. We've started the upgrade process of computers and they come with OSX but also boot in OS9 (for FM purposes, only, really). Those computers are now harder, if not impossible to get, so upgrades from this point on will be OSX only. In that case, we'll upgrade the FM versions so they won't have to run in Classic mode. Plus, since with FM4, you need a license for each user, we'll have to buy 10 or
  7. Chris, For sure try the rounding function. I have still found that while running reports, it is possible for them to be +or- .01 due to fractions of pennies (certain refunds or prorated items etc). No biggie but I tore my hair out for a while trying to find out where that penny was. I contacted FM quite a while ago and they told me that FM doesn't like handling rounding calculations (or something like that.... it's been years since that time). Mike
  8. Thanks again, Ender. I've also posted a "why to upgrade" question because of similiar issues I'm running into with us using the older version. For most things, it works just fine but reporting and things like the above could be made easier with the newer versions of FM, I think. Although learning a new way of doing things doesn't make me rush out to buy it. Mike
  9. Hi Ender, Thanks for the reply. Nope, no Line Items file. We use repeating fields. Mike
  10. Hi all, We have a fairly simple 3 file system (invoices, parts catalog and customers). I would like to find a way for the users to update the latest pricing for items we buy, without going to the parts catalog. ex: The user enters a p/n and the looked up values are placed in the invoice including the price from the parts catalog. Let's say the price for that p/n has changed permanently. I would like to find a way for the user to enter (overide) the looked up value and have it automatically update the parts catalog when they enter the new value in the invoice. Our server is r
  11. Hi all. First post here. Have been an avid FM (and Mac) user since around 1990. We currently have our company running on a very simple 3 file system (invoices, customers, parts catalog) using FM3 or FM4. We have about 10 computers networked using these files. Most computers are G3's or G4's running OS9. Accounting is handled with MYOB and Inventory is (sometimes) handled in Excel with no direct link to FM. As we upgrade computers (and OS's), the question of upgrading FM comes to the forefront. I'm fighting the "upgraditis" which usually plagues me since I see no need to upgrade
  12. We have been using FM Pro on our Macs for many years now. We have about 10 computers networked (ethernet), running FM Pro 3.0v5. Recently, we've been having problems while clicking a "print" button to print an invoice. The button is a simple "change layout and print script." One computer in particular will crash when that button is clicked. We just got a new iMac to replace the one that was crashing, and it also crashes. It is an intermittent problem and the computer is fine otherwise. There is no other software running on this new computer (ie other extensions, etc that m
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