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  1. You are absolutely right - I'm running a little piece of software that performs some actions triggered by window names, and it was trying to perform a 'Connect' script. Works fine now. Thanks a lot Wim for pointing my tired brain in the right direction . Ben
  2. Hi everybody, I have a weird thing that happens when I use my WinXp Home laptop to (try to) access my IWP home page: the dialog box asking for my user name and password rapidly flashes in succession 3 times, then I'm taken back to the IWP Home Page. This doesn't happen when I try it with a Mac running OSX or a PC running either Win98 or Win2k (I'm not even clear if it's only my laptop that has this problem or if it's a general thing wit XP - if anyone wants to try and log in, you can point to http://www.logisoft.no-ip.com:581/ ). I didn't install Service Pack 2, the WinXP firewall is deactivated (I have a hardware firewall) and it doesn't work if I point the browser to the actual file being served using cgi?-db:... Does anyone know what's causing this behaviour and, better yet, how to fix this? TIA Ben ================================================ Benoit R. Savignac, pr
  3. Thanks for responding Will. I tried your idea, and still no go . Still on the lookout for an answer, Ben
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if any one of you had ever seen this problem: Sometimes, when I work on my WinXP Home laptop and I'm not connected to a network (and so to a physical printer), FileMaker tells me I cannot change the printer setup (which I need to do sometimes when working in different layout sizes and orientations) and that I need to configure an active printer in Control Panel (even though I have several printers installed and one of them is selected as the default). I mentioned this to one of my coleagues, and he suggested it might be something wrong in my XP user profile. Sure enough, I created a new user with admin privileges and the problem does not come up when I switch to this new profile, but it stays the same in the old one. Also, when I shut down my laptop completely, plug it to the network and start it up again, the problem will go away temporarily, but as soon as I put the notebook to sleep and carry it with me on the road, alas, the problem shows its ugly face again. Does anyone have any clues about this issue? I know it sounds more like a Windows problem, but it only relates to FileMaker in my case. I'm thinking maybe a registry key tweak? Thanks in advance, Ben
  5. Hello everyone, I just wanted to test the new IWP capabilities of FMDev 7, so I went ahead and converted an FP5 solution and activated IWP on the converted files. Everything works fine, however, I can't seem to replicate the navigation in the file system through my browser (IEv6.028 on Win2000). I'm using only Web-compatible script steps, but when I click on a button in my main file, it will not take me to any of the other DBs layouts in my browser. What my scripts are doing is basically this: Upon clicking on one of the buttons, I call a script in the target file that brings up that DB's main layout and selects the window. It works fine on the client side, but not on the browser side. Is this problem a limitation of the new schema (in other words, does IWP only work correctly on multiple tables but within the same file), or is there something I'm missing in my scripting that prevents me from navigating between my files? On a related note, is there a way to capture (for debugging purposes) the actual command the browser sends (the rapidly flashing text at the bottom of the browser windows) upon clicking on a button? Any input would be appreciated. TIA! Ben FileMaker Version: 7 Platform: Windows 2000
  6. Is there a way to make then look better on the Web?
  7. By the way, Eric, I spoke of this to a friend of mine that is an FSA member, and this is what he wrote back: quote:Hi Benoit, It
  8. Fantastic Eric! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this tip. I'm sure several other FM developers will use this trick also. Thanks a million! Ben
  9. Eric, When you say to "set it's fill pattern to transparent", I don't know how you do this, because this option is not available when I right-click on the imported GIF in FileMaker; only the Pen options are listed. Could you please clarify? Thanks in advance, Ben
  10. Hi all, I work on a PC platform and don't have access to a Mac; problem is, I need to create some transparent buttons and icons for my solutions, and the only way to do this in FileMaker seems to be on the Mac side . Is there a (preferably free) utility or (preferably simple) trick that would allow me to get the same results for the PC version? Thanks in advance! Ben
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