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  1. On all existing clients I have a fm9 opening file that has the script "open remotely" where the user selects the "Access" file on the server from the "remote pop up window", then when opening this "Access" file on the server, causes its log-in window to pop up, for the user to enter the user name and password, which when correct, then continues the script to open all the other files with the same user name and password passed on to these other files seamlessly. This works just file for all my clients except the new laptop just acquired. This laptop accesses the server, but when opening remotely using the same opening file (or manually) the "Access" file opens WITHOUT the login window for this file but the login windows for some but not all of the files in the set do pop up (which they shouldn't as the Access file should pass on this data to all files if it functioned properly. Where is the bug? Old Clients have FM9 as the opening file Old Clients run OS 10.4.11 New Client has FM9 as the opening file New Client runs OS 10.5.x (though I call this "new" to the network it's an old G4 powerbook that's in good working order as is a back up rarely used, I think it was running 10.4x in the past but this is the first time with 10.5. ) Host has FM Server Host runs OS 10.4.11 Thanks to all for taking their time to answer.
  2. Thanks, hopefully I've paid my karmic debt for a while. Greg
  3. Clarification: turn everything off then turn on one element at a time and wait for it to fully function before turning on the next element: modem>firewall>switch>computers. Thanks again to all that took the time to help.
  4. Thanks for the input. I reset switches, turned machines off and on, checked ports and finally solved the problems of which there were many: Problem1: for some reason file sharing was off at the server (did I accidentally click this off???) Problem 2: the ownership permissions under Get Info were not on FM server and FM admin for owner and group respectively so I reset these (did I loose these when I took the file home for tweeking the gui file??) Problem 3: the IP addresses kept changing so computers couldn't talk to eachother, after trying to isolate the internet modum, network switch and multiple calls to ISP and service calls and the purchase of a new network switch, read somewhere to turn everything off and turn on in a certain order: First the internet modem, then the network switch, and last the computers. All is now working fine (did a possible power outage over a weekend cause the network switch, modem and computers all put out different IP addresses without coordination???) In any case, all is working well. I hope this helps anyone else on the verge of pulling his/her last hair out by the roots. Greg.
  5. More info... I tried to share other FM files with the various office computers with FM server off and the files simply on the desk top, and am unsuccessful. I set the computers to share, set FM sharing to share and unchecked the "don't let others see file" Each computer can "see" the other's IP address in the FM OpenRemote window but the desired FM DB (or others being tested) are not being "seen". I only have 3-4 users so within the 5 max for FM pro Any suggestion?
  6. I have FM10. Others in the office have FM9. I have the solution on FM server 9 Previously when I used the open remote file script using, I would see the desired file name in the window pop up, select it and the file would launch. All of a sudden today, after clicking on that same file name in the window, I got the message, file not accessable to user, can't open file (or something like that). What gives??? The other users CAN open the file using the OpenRemote function. I will admit I've been having very a slow internet connection for the last week and today discovered that my Lynksys Firewall is the problem so I removed it from the network, and the internet issue is not longer a problem. Are my computer's setting corrupted or is there a problem with FM9 server? Thanks for all help past and present.
  7. I use a certain font type and size as standard throughout my solution. Users have permission to cut and past text from other fields and other sources (eg: web sites, Word documents...) into my solution's fields. I want all the text to look the same. Is there a way to force the field to retain the font characteristics I want despite the formating of the text being pasted in? I tried, via FM preferences, font locking, etc... but without success. The only other way I see as a solution is have have an "Enter" button that is scripted to format the text. As this would entail a lot of extra scripting (for all the fields involved) I would prefer not to do this but if it's the only way, I'll make the time. Thanks for all your help, past and future.
  8. The first question is how do you want to use the data? I am guessing that you want to know who (customers) has what stuff (rented_stuff) and all the information about the customer (References, Employers, Landlords, Notes). The next question is will there be more than one record for each related type of data? Obviously you have lots rented_stuff and if rented, can be linked to many customers, just not simultaneously. I also assume that both Employers and Landlords can have multiple customers of yours. I'm not sure about References, I guess that's customer specific. If a given reference is likely to be linked with only one customer, than that information can be part of the customer record (in appropriate fields) rather than a separate table altogether, (but if a reference can be linked to more than one customer, that can be treated similarly to Employers). Tables and fields (some fields any way)... RentedStuff: itemName, IDNumber, ItemDescriptor. Customer: Names, IDNumber, Address, Phone, ReferenceName, ReferenceAddress..., EmployerFirstID, EmployerSecondID (assuming he works a second job to afford his lavish lifestyle , LandlordID, Employers: EmpName, IDNumber, EmpAddress... Landlords: LLName, IDNumber, LLAddress... Transactions: RentedStuffID, CustomerID, Date The tables RentedStuff and Customers have one record for each specific item. Transactions is where the action is. It is the table that relates the Customers to RentedStuff. Thus you can relate and view data Customers to Transactions to RentedStuff and visa versa. I hope this help. OS
  9. About permissions with FM server I am trying to compact my files in FMServer9. I have FMAdv10 on the server as well as FM Server9. Using FmAdv I compact the file. Change the OriginalName_Copy to the OriginalName and place it on the Desk top. I renamed the precompacted original file ( by adding _PreC to the file name) in FMServers Database folder so that my solution knows what file to access. I turn off FMAdv and turn on FMServer and use the upload function to upload it. Now I get the message "Permissions Denied". OK now I figure I have to use FMServer to "remove" the file before compacting and renaming but want to know if I "remove" it using FMServer will it be exploded into quantum bits or teleported into a parallel universe or will I find it in another folder? Is there anything else I need to know to keep my 6 file, separation model solution running smoothly and bug free? Many thanks.
  10. Thanks for the support, info and warning. I'd hate to wake up on a Monday after that kind of Sunday. OS
  11. The first question I ask myself is how is the current data entered, segregated, what constitutes a current record of data? Off the top of my head, sort of quick and dirty... If a record is StudentNamefield, ClassNamefield, HoursField, and a single student can have multiple records then the answer would be a scenario like this (assuming that each name is unique (if not than another ID needs be used) ... Table: RawData (your current table of data) Field: SummaryHours (sum of hour fields-total) Relationship: RawData ---RawData2 matching StudentNamefield (a relationship to itself) On the layout for RawData creat the field RawData2::SummaryHours Now, RawData2::SummaryHours will display the total hours for that student in whose record is resides. Note that though the student in your list may have multiple entries, RawData2::SummaryHours wil be the same for all records for the same student. If you want to segregate the totals by class, school, or other data, add these as matchfields for the relationship. Hope this helps
  12. By compacting, I mean the command under File>Save a copy as> Type of copy> compacted. I have been told, by those more experienced than I, that this is good to do every so often with large files. The only other way I see to "optimize the system" is to "Optimize" with a disc utility but that is a bit more time consuming. Any other suggests for keeping the disc tidy and the files fast? If this 'compacting' is not a good idea, why? I understood it removes unneeded disc space. Thanks. OS
  13. FM server 9 hosting files. on the host I also have FM9 advanced in case I have to do some tweeking. Problem is: after compacting a file using FM9Advanced (while FM9Server is quit) the file is accessable and modifiable in FM9 Advanced but when I switch to the FM9Server and access the file from a guest (which has it's own copy of FM9Adv with different license), I can't manipulate inside the relationship window and I can't edit records. I haven't tested all functions but these. When I put back the pre compacted copy of the file into the FM9Server data file, all is well. This occurs with all compacted copies of various files. I end up putting the original back and trashing the compacted file. I do rename the original file before substituting the compacted file. How can I compact files periodically and still have them hosted in FM9Server and accessabe and modifiable from hosts? Thanks to the teaming millions. OS
  14. Thanks for all the input, very helpful. The Big Bear suggests sending in an "executable copy". I guess this means a run time solution. Sending in the scripting does make more sense then the field names, et cetera. Thanks again. Regards OS
  15. FYI: The phone number field has conditional formatting but the formula should be "AND" rather than "OR". ("my bad") OS
  16. I Hope this helps (see file attached) OS Example.fp7.zip
  17. Copyright is valuable to prove ownership in the case of any future disputes. Checking out the gov's website, the material to be copyrighted needs to be sent in on disc (my solution) and any required software (filemaker) needs to be submitted as well, OR as per their fact sheets, "the first and last 25 pages of the programing. Has anyone done this? Should I take screen shots?, submit the BaseElements analysis print out?, print out the scripts?, field names directly from FM or other material? For $35.00 I guess it's worth the effort. Thanks for any input.
  18. How about using a portal with your list there, instead of a long list in single field. For example: Create a table "Stuff" with fields "Things" & "Check". You will have to create a record and populate the fields in the Stuff table first, one record for each of the options in your value list. OptionA CheckField is buttonized to put an "X" in the checkField then create the record from the data in this record. OptionB 2 separate scrips: 1: enters the "x" in the check box (bottonized to the CheckField). 2: "Enter" button that the user clicks after all desired selections are made, buttonized to a script that loops through the portal rows, and if there is a check box makes a record from that data, in the table you desire. If there are multiple users the "check" could be linked to a user or date or TimeStamp then when done, the checks could be cleared for the next use. Also the portal could be filtered/constrained (using eg: alpha field-Things field exploded,or category field added to the Stuff table), to trip down the list.
  19. Conditional formating will affect the whole of a part (text or field). I think one way to achieve what you want (list of options with different colors applied to different values in the list) would probably be done best with a portal and each portal row simulates a single line of the check box options. Then conditional formating could be applied to the line of text to match your preferences. Being aware that you can have you can have multiple conditions for formating but these conditions apply to all text or field as a whole. Being a portal, the lines could still look like a check field with different colors. Good luck.
  20. To find students enrolled in EITHER: find mode, pause, (now the data is entered), perform find, find mode, pause, Now the second data is entered), extend found set. OptionB: I like using globals for the find criteria (gFindField_A, gFindField_B, gFindField_C...) then the scrip would look like this: First script (formated to a "find" button) opens a pop up (clear findfields using setfield. Open new window named Search. Second script (formated to a Execute search button in the pop up) is close window, enter find mode, setfield:CourseName:gFindField_A, perform search, find mode, setfield:CourseName:gFindField_B, extend found set. OptionC: make the course field a repeating field with 2-4 repetitions but only 1 repetition is displayed in your list of students/courses. The repetitions are used for the find only. If you elect to use the pop up for searching as in OptionsB above, script one is the same. Script two would be close window, enter find mode, setfield:CourseName/rep1:gFindField_A, setfield:CourseName/rep2:gFindField_B, perform search. The find in the above case will find all students matching either criteria. If you don't like the pop idea, put the search fields in the header. === To find students enrolled in BOTH: find mode, pause (to enter criteriaA in to the field CourseName), perform search, find mode, pause (to enter criteriaB) constrain found set. OptionB: analogous to option B above without pauses but with global fields populated first then enter find mode et cetera. NOTE!! it's been a long time since I used the repeating field method so it IS possible that I could be wrong and it finds only those recods matching BOTH rather than either. I hope this was helpful.
  21. I figured out the problem. The file was being opened (or trying to) by the applications OmniOutliner without success. I used the 'Open file with' option and chose the application TextEdit and clicked 'always open with' box. I hope this helps the teaming millions.
  22. Will the policy table have seller information (eg: seller ID, Seller state)? If so this can make the relationship work.
  23. I'm just passing through and looked at the file. I see that gRedFlag is a global calc field but not referenced to anything. Soooo, how do you enter anything into a calc field that does not reference anything? Thanks OS
  24. The first that comes to mind when looking at your structure is that the worker (either by selecting his name from a worker list or by log in confirmation) identifies himself which puts ID data into a global field/s. Then the worker selects the activity and date he wishes to work in using a button in the respective portal row. That button is scripted to enter the activity data into another global. Assuming that Workers is your display layout, the button in the portal row could do both above actions if the display layout shows the workers ID. The portal row button would take the worker ID info from the Workers record and enter it into a global field, enter the activity portal row ID info into another global, the script will freeze the window, go to the layout Signup formated to Signup, create a new record using the information in the globals, then back to the original layout. good luck.
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