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  1. I notice FileMaker 18 technical requirements (https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro-advanced/18-technical-specifications.html) requires a minimum 10 year Windows PC (Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition) but with only minimum 1.5 year old Mac operating system (macOS Sierra 10.13). Even the RAM requirements are double for the Mac. This is making it very difficult and wasteful to support Mac installations as perfectly useful Mac computers are incompatible at all or with major OSX upgrades which are not always simply installed. What is happening here with FileMaker or Claris because this is not a equal playing field.
  2. I notice in the HTML sample provided in CloudMail there are four (4) clickable text sections which then a recorded and returned by AWS. They are http://cloudmaildemo.360works.com/CloudMail/click/af7f1ddd-4e29-412e-aaf0-e7c62b909b57/0 http://cloudmaildemo.360works.com/CloudMail/click/af7f1ddd-4e29-412e-aaf0-e7c62b909b57/1 http://cloudmaildemo.360works.com/CloudMail/click/af7f1ddd-4e29-412e-aaf0-e7c62b909b57/2 http://cloudmaildemo.360works.com/CloudMail/unsubscribe/3691ed5d-b484-4c9d-99d7-e506d3ec1139 How would I put these in for my HTML letter and they do not have to be good looking with a DNS entry like yours do they? i.e. what would the raw code look like.
  3. The CloudMail.fmp12 template uses Campaign as a main table but I am not sending more than one (1) email at a time BUT they are important emails and so tracking (this is a very powerful feature of CloudMail.fmp12) each and every emails Deliveries, Bounces, Complaints, Unsubscribes, Views and Clicks is really important. The relationship graph would be ONE contact record, with MANY email records and each one of these email records would have MANY Deliveries, Bounces, Complaints, Unsubscribes, Views and Clicks records. Does this make sense and would the plugin provide for this?
  4. Has anyone created or seen a much more simple 360works CloudMail template which works really like an email client where you fill in the email address, subject, body and then optionally add an attachment ALL created and stored in FileMaker. The results are then shown in tabbed portals below (view, clicks, bounces, complaints etc.) So one email and one set of results. No Campaigns.
  5. Yes I am using FileMaker Server v10 with a mixture of FM 10 and FM 11 users. The opener files did NOT have admin disabled. Should the opener file just be set to guest or should it have a replica of the security settings of the database file it is trying to open as it finds the remote file and tries to open it and then closes. Thank you for your help on this.
  6. Records are going missing / being deleted from a single file with multiple tables even though security settings prevent this and there are NO buttons or scripts which allow this. Always missing at the end of the day as the daily 11pm backup never shows them. ID DATE CREATED/MISSING 021 23NOV10 025 23-24NOV10 045 09DEC10 049 13DEC10 058 14-15DEC10 061 15-16DEC10 090 03-04JAN11 096 05-06JAN11 141 26-27JAN11 Using FileMaker 10 and 11 and FileMaker Server 10 all with latest patches. Mixture of Macintosh computers with PowerPC and Intel processors. Also using opener file.
  7. I created a simple database with related PRODUCT, ORDER and ORDER_LINEITEM tables for a nutritionist. Some of the PRODUCTS are the same but contain twice as many capsules. Is it possible for the ORDER_LINEITEM to change automatically from one PRODUCT to another PRODUCT if more or less capsules are required for that whole ORDER.
  8. Is it possible to run both FMS 8 and ARD on the same Apple computer so I can admin the FMS from elsewhere.
  9. In FM 6 to reduce file size when I use graphics to decorate a layout I insert a picture but tick the "store only a reference to the file". As long as I leave the graphics e.g. image.jpg in the FileMaker folder they show up. Now I have upgraded to FM 8 where the graphics showed on the layouts is an empty box which states "file cannot be found:image.jpg" Is there a place where I can put these "store only a reference to the file" graphics in my OSX where they will again all show up in the layouts or do I have to insert them and reference them all again.
  10. The database works fine until I try and access the pop up list (5000 entries) and type in the first letter of the last name to get to the place in the list I want. Then I get the spinning colored ball of death. I can scroll through this list manually but as it is a big list I want to get to i.e. Smith, James and so I press in "S". I am using OS 10.4.1. and FileMaker Pro 7.0.3 to access a database across a VPN (using OS 10.4.1 built in VPN software) the databases are hosted on a Macintosh G4 with FileMaker Server 7.0.3.
  11. Is it possible to get a running total to restart after each subsummary so I can see the running totals for each subsummary seperately.
  12. I would like to report on three salespeople over three months by month and by salesperson and to have each persons monthly sales added from the previous month in a running total but only by salesperson. I can only get it to running summarize all the salespeople figures together not just by salesperson only. Is this possible?
  13. With FileMaker Pro 5.5. developer you can lose the menus and scroll bars in kiosk mode, can you do this in the standard FileMaker Pro 5.5 somehow as this would make it look more professional.Maybe resedit be in the right direction to do this.
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