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  1. Hi all, I don't know if this is the appropiate thread but i didn't know where to put it else. I have a projectdatatbase. I am looking for a browser based calendar solution that can be synchronised with my database. Requirements. * Browser based * Drag and drop * Able to display different records from different databases. * Easy to use * Different views possible (per project/ per user/ per client/per vendor) Does anyone know if there is such a product available on the market? Hope someone can help me, Thx, Thierry
  2. Hi all, I have problems configuring the Web server connector: Whenever I type http://localhost/FMpro?config my browser doesn't find a thing. My Filemaker databases are open and shared. Web Companion is set to use port 591 What am i doing wrong? Any suggestions are welcome. I have tried specifying port 591 in the server settings of my mac osx server, In the tab web service, is this necessary? when I start WSC by doubleclicking StartFMWSC.command. It innitialises FMWSC and then immediatly logs out. It says it initialyses FMWSC with following setti
  3. Hi Jef, I finally found some time to test your example, but unfortunality i do not get it to work. grrrrrr ;-) As a already mentioned i am just starting to experiment with CDML so these are probably simple problems/questions: 1. It seems to work better when i use , like you say port 591, why is this, why can't I use other ports? 2. When I make the index page as the home page, and i click 'messages' I get the message message.html not found, but messages not found is in the right directory. (in the directory 'WEB'|) 3. When I make the message .html page as the home
  4. Hi Jef, The second download works just fine. I will give it a try and let you know how it works out. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi all, I am experimenting a bit with CDML. Now I have created a website with fill in forms, and all that works fine. Now I'd like to add a discussion forum to my website. Has anyone done this with CDML, if so can I find templates/ examples on how to do this? Hope someone can help me, Thx anyway Thierry
  6. thierry.be


    Hi all , Question: I have a list view Each record in that list view has a portal in it. Each portal has 7 rows Each row in the portal has 5 fields all these field are radiobuttons (yes-no) and each record in the portal row has also 5 date fields On this radiobuttons I put a button (script ) containing the following (I have 5 of them): if field (portal::radiobutton) = "yes" set field (portal::radiobutton) = no set (field) (portal::date) = current date else set field (portal::radiobutton)no set field (portal::date) = "" No the script works just f
  7. Hi all, This really is a newbie question. We have a filemaker database running At a certain point we decided to put the database on the web , so we got Filemaker unlimited. No I was able to get the database online using instant publishing, but then the buttons in the database do not work. So i realized we need custom web publishing, presuming that the buttons do work this way. Now I have no knowledge of HTML, and even lesser knowledge of CDML. So the manual is a bit complex for me. Can anyone explain me what minimum steps I have to take to get my Database on the net, w
  8. Hi all, I am having the following problem. Have a number of files. Lets say I open file A. From there i go to file B. No there i have a portal with records from file C. I have button in the portal that directs you to the child (= file C). (the script is something like : Go to related record perfom external script (this external script , enters browse mode and opens the right layout) toggle window (hide) No I want to hide file B, when leaving file B. So far so good. When I push the button in the portal row, file B, gets hidden and the file C appears BUT fo
  9. Yep, This is works.... How simple it is sometimes, thanks for your help LiveOak. Thierry
  10. Hmmm, Types are like functions. ( DTP, product photgraphy, creative design, application photography,....) So when I do a search for DTP, i should get a list of all DTP'ers. One vendor can do more functions, one vendor can be DTP and creative design for instance. So I am looking for a way to - perform a search easily. A search on type, if I search on DTP i should get a list af all DTP'ers - be able to select the different types, from the complete list of types. So in vendor i should be able to selct all the types that vendor is and when there are new types created they shoul
  11. Hi, Have a (beginners) question. I have a database file 'vendors' and another one 'types' One vendor can be more types and one type can have more vendor. What I am looking for is the following, When you go to vendor, the aim is to see all the types that exist and then just click in a check box if which types the vendor belongs to. So if i am not mistaking i will need 3 files, : vendor- join- (this table has the primary keys of the other two) types I am not sure how to accomplish this, in which file i do this best , any ideas are welcome, Thanks
  12. Hi, In the previous subjects, I have read that portals aren't always the best things to put on a report, yet i have a report containing 3 portals with 0 to 20 rows. Now the only thing I want to do is to keep the portals together when I print them. So if the 3 portals fit on one page. I d like to print them on one page. If not i want the first to be printed on the first page and then the others on the second. So i want portals not to be cut in half. Is there a way to do this? Hope someone can help me,... Thanks, Thierry
  13. Thanks Keith, I will have a look, yet this is all very new to me,... If I understand correctly only pictures, sounds and videos can be put in a container, but what about pdf, doc, etc. Again if someone can help me with PHP please do i found some scripts for uploading files: http://www.php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.php yet i have no idea of how to do this. Keep in mind I am relativly new to all of this, so a lot of explanation (even if it seems logic to you) is very much appreciated. I can make a basis database (instant web puplishing). Yet I don't have e
  14. Hi, I am relatively new to Filemaker but I think I can help you. But there are probably better (read faster ways to implement this) I would say you make a field - current date - teller - calculation field : current date & "-" & teller Everytime you create a new record , just make a script that checks the the date of the last record. If it is the same then today add teller with one of not set teller to 01 Hope this works, Thierry
  15. Garry, Thank you for your reply, yet PHP seems difficult and I don't know for sure PHP can help me accomplish my goal. I have been looking on the internet on some PHP sites, And I came accross some manuals, but none of them combines Filemaker with PHP. With the exception of iViking. FX.php??? So I have no idea of how to start making this. Second problem is that people told me that you cannot use a container field on a webbased database. - Could you explain (in easy words) how to combine PHP with Filemaker. - Are you sure the following can be accomplished. Attac
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