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  1. Portal in Web Direct

    Does the version of Chrome meet the minimum for WebDirect. Minimum is v55.
  2. Another User On The Record

    There is a further scenario.. If you are editing a record that has a portal then all the portal rows become locked If you editing a portal row then the parent record is locked, and rule 1 applies again The EXCEPTION to this is when editing the RELATED records from a different layout with a different context. Even if the context is the same as the PORTAL then you can still edit the related records when the parent record is locked. You cannot edit related records in either layout if the related record is actually locked directly.
  3. Another User On The Record

    Mr I. Apart from the obvious record lock, where a user is actually editing the record, there are other scenarios: A backup is running - FMS will lock the database during the backup. You have nightly and hourly backups running? As Josh says, a script is running and has locked the record. A developer is editing the layout!! - Yes, it does report the record is locked if you are editing the layout. A developer is editing the database schema - this locks the database/table when making changes. If a user 'crashes' out then FMS will release the record after 2 minutes. If you run a script via PSOS that edits a record then you need to COMMIT the record before the script ends. Whilst PSOS is 'like' an FM Client I discovered that running off the end of the script without declaring close window/exit app/commit record leaves the record locked. Rule 5 (above) resolves the issue eventually. This is easily overlooked and could be very much your case. And; If this user has a second window open on the same record, and the record has not been committed in the first window then this will also produce as lock but there is a different message if that's the case.
  4. getting started FM on the web

    AussieJohn - it would be a good test to follow the FMI instructions. Might help to resolve your issues. Get it working there first.
  5. getting started FM on the web

    That path does not look right to me. Please read the CWP manual at https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/15/en/fms15_cwp_guide.pdf. In particular section 7 paragraph 4 Incidentally, your test layout name is actually "PHP Test", not "PHP test" as you have used earlier.
  6. getting started FM on the web

    You would be better posting the code from your php file.
  7. getting started FM on the web

    I started here https://bluefeathergroup.com/blog/introduction-to-filemaker-custom-web-publishing-cwp/ I didn't know any CWP a couple of months ago - now I'm comfortable with reading PHP/JavaScript and can adapt code snippets from around the web. Good luck.
  8. That's right. Have you tried installing Google Drive inside the server's Documents folder? Alternatively, consider the following Base Elements help: This presumes that the "fmserver" user is the user account that FMServer is running under. For all Base Elements help please refer to https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us The help is not aimed at beginners, and every word counts.
  9. As Ocean West said BE_ExportFieldContents ( field ; outputPath ) The "outputPath" is actually a local operating system file path. i.e.. NOT "filemac:/SSD/Users/Username/Google Drive/GoogleDriveFMP/Team1.xlsx" but instead "/SSD/Users/Username/Google Drive/GoogleDriveFMP/Team1.xlsx" If you try to use this as a SERVER plugin then the above path won't work due to FMServer path restrictions and you must confine yourself to the available Documents and Temporary folders. You can get the absolute path to those folders by: Navigating in the MacOS Finder and then dragging the folder to the Terminal application. Use the "pwd" command to display the path. Apologies if I have mixed up your path information but at least this is in the same perspective as your machine.
  10. FMpro Go running 24x7

    I have done exactly this, although using Windows tablets. You need to think differently... As you discovered FMServer will disconnect, so you need a solution that does not need to maintain a permanent connection to FMS. 1. Run a local datafile on iPad to collect the sign ins. 2. Connect to FMS only when you have some data to send - maybe as soon as employee has signed in, OR, 3. Connect to FMS using an OnTimer script - maybe every 5 minutes so the iPad doesn't stop users signing in immediately after the last employee. 4. If the connect to FMS fails then error trap and just wait to have another go. In my solution I refined the sign in so that OnTimer script was removed whilst signing in to prevent connection to FMS, then restart OnTimer once sign in complete. I have this working in a 200 employee company spread across 3 main building and 6 sign in tablets and there is high demand at shift starts/ends. The tablets are working 24x7 and are resilient to network failures and server offline events. They even run during power outs as the tablet are all battery powered. It can be done!
  11. BE_Execute System Command

    Sounds like you're converting a video file, which might take some time. The Base Elements documentation says: Try checking for the error with BE_GetLastError. The error numbers are NOT FileMaker error codes.
  12. Do Find and Omit "clash"?

    It may be less than obvious but the FIND requests should be BEFORE the OMIT requests. Each find and omit request is ADDITIVE/DEDUCTIVE, and multiple field entries in the same find request are COMPOUNDED together so that all entries must match. Your search procedure should go: Find Omit (if necessary) Constrain (if necessary) The constrain requirement can be used as part of the find request by specifying the field value, ergo [Type ≠ "Assessment"] In your specific example I don't see a need to use Omit or Constrain as you can get all 3 search criteria in a single find request. Any clearer?
  13. DDR - where to focus?

    There's no mention of the server hardware, FMS config, network config or user count - these are also linked to performance issues. Was there a point in time when the performance was considered OK?
  14. I have been using invisible buttons laid over the objects for some time because of the need to re-assign the button action after mods. Just slide the button out of the way and back again after mods. A small benefit is that the 'button' can be a different size to the objects behind it - handy on mobile phones as you can have larger 'hit' area.
  15. Newbie license question

    Wim's opinion differs. Any comment Wim?

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