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  1. If it did exist I suppose the script trigger would be OnWindowSelect The existing script triggers could be leveraged with the right techniques: OnLayoutSizeChange, OnModeEnter, OnModeExit, OnViewChange however all of these require some kind of action WITHIN the window. I don't think FM can determine that you have brought the window to the foreground.
  2. Look more carefully at the help. It is organised into 2 sets of options; one for Windows, one for Mac. It is a Mac specific feature.
  3. Hi Have a look at the "Install Plug-in File" script step. If you save the plug-in to a container you can use the above step to install the plug-in. Great thing about this is it works in all FM applications (except FM Go) and you don't have to worry about where to store the plug-in. HTH
  4. Hi First, get the Linux version of the plug-in. FM Go does not support plug-ins so you need to process your script on the server, e.g. PSOS. Merely installing the plug-in on FMCloud does not grant the plug-in features to FM Go. To install the plug-in on FMC create an FM file with a container that holds the plug-in and upload to FMC. Write a script to run on PSOS to use the "Install Plug-in" script step. That should install the plug-in on the server (because it ran server side!). You need to enable plug-ins on the server first, of course, on the Connectors tab. You will appreciate the beauty of running plug-ins server side when you realise you then don't need to install plug-ins for the client! HTH
  5. Hi Andy Wolf Bell I'm in Leeds. West Yorks - any good to you? 20+ years experience. More info at http://www.idealdata.co.uk
  6. However, each layout can be individually assigned I imagine that the "other" layouts are still using the "Standard Filemaker Menus" because that's what was assigned when they were created.
  7. I have a KIOSK mode application (please note NOT a runtime) that has been happily working since around FM11. The basis of the application is a door logging system that needs to pass the collected data on touch screen Windows tablets back to the server. The tablets also collect "user" records from the server so the user can be validated when they enter a PIN code on the tablet. It is designed to be network tolerant and will survive even when the network or WiFi have dropped out - hence it runs locally on the tablets. FM16 appears to have broken this, and I'm suspecting it to be a security issue. The KIOSK solution still runs fine in FM15 talking to a Server 15, and also runs ok using NATIVE FM16 to the same server. But the KIOSK solution in FM16 waits forever when it tries to open a file on the server, or possibly it is not displaying the "Security Alert" dialog. If I hit escape during the attempt to open the server file then the script advances (returns error code 0) but of course the file has not opened. I don't have SSL enabled on the server (don't want to!) and I'm not ready for Server 16 yet. Any one have similar issues or know a fix? Many thanks.
  8. I have tried all combinations of portal with/without scroll bars but cannot make scrolling happen when using finger swipes. It is possible to 'pin' down the scroll bar with a finger and then pull the scroll bar (same as a mouse) however cannot scroll when swiping up/down in the portal body. This has always worked in FM14 and FM15, but does not work in FM16. Any one else have the same experience, or fix? Thanks
  9. The PHP and XML access methods have independent extended privileges. Although you have authenticated your PHP session in your script this is not carried forward to the XML engine. Try setting the fmxml extended privilege to a "Guest" account. Support for the old http://username:password@address is almost non-existent. Did you also look at the php method getContainerData()? (NB. does not work for external storage))
  10. You might be better off knowing the UPLOAD speed of the client's internet connection. Whilst it's difficult to give exact numbers I wouldn't consider anything less than 10Mb/s useful except for remote-in methods. It's also not clear how many users are expected. Other factors include the ping response time and the number of router hops between client and server. At the very least test the experience first and get an opinion on performance.
  11. Hi John The getValueList method is deprecated and replaced with getValueListTwoFields. See the API documentation on your server for details.
  12. Yes, your field definition now looks correct.
  13. Your field must be a CALCULATION field, the storage options are then available at the bottom of the calculation definition. You have defined a NUMBER field with Auto-enter options and so your data is STORED. This means the field will not re-evaluate and will hold the initial value unless "Contract_End_Date" is changed.
  14. Aussie John. I loaded your test file on my own server and used the code by doughemi. The code has a fault in the error trap - there is no method for code(), it is actually getCode(), see below my modification: <?php //================================= define('FM_HOST', "localhost"); $fm_file = "TestProjects"; $fm_user = 'PHP User' ; $fm_pass = 'arina'; include("FileMaker.php"); //include ('include/filemaker14/FileMaker.php'); # instantiate a new FileMaker object $connection = new FileMaker($fm_file, FM_HOST, $fm_user, $fm_pass); $accessed = $connection->listLayouts(); if(FileMaker::isError($accessed)){ echo $accessed->getMessage(); echo "Sorry, the database is not available at this time.<br /><br />Please use your browser's back button to return to the AMYA webpage."; exit; } else{// else not usually left in file; it is here for testing purposes print_r($accessed); echo '<br>'; } $cmd =& $connection->newFindCommand('PHP Test'); $cmd->addFindCriterion('Name', 'xpamela'); $result = $cmd->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)) { echo 'unable to find Pamela: ' . $result->getMessage() . '(' . $result->getCode() . ')'; die(); } $records = $result->getRecords(); $record = $records[0]; $name = $record->getField("Name"); $color = $record->getField("favorite color"); echo $name.' - '. $color; ?> Now the error trap actually works and should return you a FileMaker error code - notice I have changed the find criterion to 'xpamela' to deliberately force the error - which is of course a 401. getCode() is NOT DOCUMENTED in the Filemaker API for PHP Documents, nor in the Custom Web Publishing Guide and IS INCORRECT on the sixfriedrice blog (I think that's where you started from?). See also the following posting to confirm the undocumented "feature" (!!) https://fmforums.com/topic/74737-geterror-as-code-not-text/ 10-4.
  15. Aussie John. I suggested you follow the FMI instructions to test matters - that would at least give you some clues. Thanks.
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