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  1. Hi I am not an expert with PHP but see below some points that might get you a better performance.. You don't mention the specs on your hardware but I'd expect something pretty serious - SSD + 16GB + 8-Core?? This is something you can address easily. Is your solution in multiple files? How many tables? How complex? How many internal FM users? Adjustments here will obviously take longer. AFAIK the PHP engine is fed by XML calls. I'm not sure how the REST API is fed but it would make sense if it WAS NOT from XML as future editions of FMS are certainly heading towards the REST
  2. My understanding is that the ExecuteSQL statement will not rely upon the context of the layout, so any layout will do. FileMaker layouts are all about context, and you must be on a layout to do anything; but not everything needs context.
  3. As Fitch says, prove the data is missing first - it may just be missing the relationship key or other data that's obscuring it. In particular look at the data as a list or table view - and check the Get(RecordID). If there are gaps then that proves the records existed at one point. You don't need a button to delete records in WebD... 1. Are the menus available to the user? 2. Did you check ALL the relationships? Cascade deletes happen if there's any single instance of a table occurrence (with "delete related") even if you didn't delete the record from that context? 3. Casca
  4. Thanks Laretta. Now i just need my download links that are now 72 hours overdue!
  5. Can you point me to this new script step in the online help guide please. https://help.claris.com/en/pro-help/#page/FMP_Help%2Findex.html
  6. Sounds brilliant - but I can't find it in the online help.
  7. All of the curl commands require a space before them so, & "--data-binary @$file\"" & Char(13)&Char(10) should be & " --data-binary @$file\"" & Char(13)&Char(10) I'm not convinced you need the CR/LF pairs. Also, have you tried running the curl command manually - from the command prompt?
  8. Is the Content-Type correct? If this is PDF should it be application/pdf?
  9. In your child file you need to capture the script parameter. Are you doing that? Set Variable [$sp = Get(ScriptParameter)]
  10. If your object is appearing on all panels then it is not inside the slide control at all. A quick test is to move the slide control and if the object moves with it then it is inside the slide control, otherwise it is outside. I have found that when you drag/drop an object then it will place it inside the slide control, however other methods of object movement (alignment, setting the position manually) do not place the object inside the slide control - merely at the position specified. I suppose FM can't determine which control panel to place the object in if you simply specify the position bec
  11. Aaaahh... of course you're executing an SQL command however it will use the fmapp privilege set because you're not going through the ODBC driver, it is actually an FMP command, but using the plugin. So, ODBC not required. Must be a permissions thing. Interesting you can access the security setting but not the script workspace - custom menus??
  12. So, now you know how to add TOs to your file then why not establish a relationship to it? Relationships can be sorted, so you can get a reverse sorted table to access the end of the table first. AFAIK FM relationships can be cached, however SQL is never cached. The report to XLSX is fairly slow, try CSV instead.
  13. Or even consider HOSTING options - there's plenty around, just google "filemaker hosting". Your single file requirement and low user count is ideal for this.
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