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  1. So I have 5 Mac Minis running in a server environment with FileMaker Server. The oldest is 18 months and the newest 1 month. The oldest is a Quad core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM, Dual SSD and an external USB 3.0 RAID for backup and a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter for dual gigabit ethernet. The remaining units have 8 gigs of RAM. The units are in a medical environment so not a lot of heavy load but the have all been rock solid. Most are running Mac OS 10.8 with two just switched over to 10.9including the oldest one without a hitch. They are more than fast and have given no trouble. They are
  2. Hello all. I am trying to chart lab values for patients that had the tests done on various dates that are not linear. The graphs show the dates on the x axis but one after the other and not spread out as they should appropriate ti the time between dates. ie: y x --------------------- 2.5 Jan 5, 1996 3.1 June 11, 1997 5.6 Feb. 13, 2001 6.3 Dec. 5, 2001 9.3 Aug 12, 2006 Any help all?
  3. I want to do some charting of data in a medical EMR program I have in FMP 10. On the x axis I want various dates spanning several years, for example March 31 1997, feb 6 2000, july 10 2009 and dec 3 2009. The time between data points is variable. On the y axis I want numbers representing a particular blood test. When I use any plugin for filemaker or I try Filemaker 11 the chart gets drawn with all the data points on the x axis equal distance apart even though they are not as can be seen with the dates above. I wanted to do a line chart. Anyone have any ideas of how to do this or any plu
  4. I am making a medical DB and was interested in charting a series of data points with a number of Dates over several years where the interval between consecutive dates is not the same (ie. Jan 1, 2000 then March 6, 2003 then Sept. 9, 2003 then Dec 8, 2008 etc) and these would be on the X axis and corresponding numeric data point on the Y axis representing a Lab value. Can this be done in FusionCharts? Does it need xmCharts? It seems that FusionCharts needs dates of equal time between dates such as consecutive months. Thanks a bunch in advance...
  5. Yes the related Key field in Appointments is a calculation text field. I can enter the portal manually without a script and change a row with pre-existing data but when I click on the last row for a new portal row entry and enter the data in the field it states "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable." Any thoughts?
  6. Hi I do have the allow creation of related records checked in the relationship. When I click in the portal on a blank line at the bottom and enter a time in the Appointment:time field it pops up a dialogue that says: "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable." Yet it is a simple time field indexed but no other restrictions and can be edited in that table O.K. The field in the Calendar table is a calculation global field. I can edited and pre-existing row in the portal but I cannot create a new row without getting the above message? Any thoughts??
  7. I have two tables related, Calendar and appointments. I have records from Appointments visible in a portal in calendar. I am trying to get a script in calendar to create a new portal row and enter the fields with data from global fields in calendar. It seems to keep writing over the last portal row and not create a new row. How do you create a new portal row (record) and enter data in it? Thanks in advance..
  8. I am making a cross platform Medical Scheduler. I did a cumborsome calendar in the older FM5 version of my DB. I am recoding the whole think in FM7. I was looking for a technique or a plug in that allows me to create a fast, easy, calendar that will work in Mac OS X and in Windows XP/2000. The calendar should be easy to include, have dates that I can click to jump to that date and the ability to color code days that I flag as OR Day, On Call day, Office Day etc... Thanks in advance for your advice...
  9. I really could use some help. I have a DB being served in FMP 6 that has Employee time cards where each card has a date Employee number, Employee department, start time, end time, total hours. I want to generate a report for a two week perior that lists each employee, their total regular hours for that two week period, their overtime hours for that two week period (Regular hours for a given week is <44 and overtime is >44 hours/week). I would like it broken down by department as employee 1234 may have worked part of her time with doctor #1 and part with doctor #2. Therefore for Employee
  10. I have a format file as below to submit data but I want the user to be able to view it but not actually change any of the data before an edit of the record. Any thoughts. <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="POST"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-DB" VALUE="Time_Cards.fp5"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-Format" VALUE="replyout.htm"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-Error" VALUE="error.htm"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-RecID" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentRecID]"> <CENTER> <P><B>Employee Number:</B> <INPUT TYPE=TEXT name=EmployeeNumber VALUE="[FMP
  11. Thanks Garry. Do you know if there is an easy way to have a button on the screen to initiate a script. The employees may login from different machines and therefore I would like a web page to use for clocking in and out. Thanks for the help.
  12. I have a database of two files in FM Pro6.0 on a Mac. The files act as a time card for 200 employees to punch in and punch out for their hours worked. The first file shared has two variables, employee number and password both are global variables and two buttons on the layout, one to run a script to clock in and the other to run a script to clock out. The scripts validate the entry info and pass it to a second file to create a time card record for that day for the employee. I want the 200+ employees to be able to clock in and clock out by accessing the layout through a web page with CDML tags
  13. Does anyone know how I can start and stop the server application 5.5 on Mac OX X 10.1.3 through the command line if I log into the machine with ssh or telnet??? Thanks for the help... Arun...
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