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  1. Hi I don't really know what I'm doing but I've managed to bumble thru and make a little project manager that I'm reasonably happy with except........ I have a database of "Projects" and a separate database for "To Do" stuff When I click the "To Do" button (in Projects db) its supposed to open ToDo db, relookup related fields in Projects db and find tasks and omit tasks were progress = 100%. In other words uncompleted tasks in proects db = To Do. the trouble is it won't update and show new tasks I have entered or remove tasks I have set as Progress=100% I realize it is difficult to picture exactly what i'm doing so I've attached the whole mess if anybody has the time. Woops!... its' too big. All my external linked documents and scans seem to have come on board
  2. In FM 5.5 Pro I have created a table in layout and assigned a button with some sript to basically open another layout. The script works fine if I change view to form or list, but not in table view. I can shift the field/button to the header and then it works in table view, but I have other stuff there. Also in table view the fields of course look like cells. In layout a particular cell represents a column so will every cell created within that column carry the same script as the script set up in layout mode
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