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  1. Hi I don't really know what I'm doing but I've managed to bumble thru and make a little project manager that I'm reasonably happy with except........ I have a database of "Projects" and a separate database for "To Do" stuff When I click the "To Do" button (in Projects db) its supposed to open ToDo db, relookup related fields in Projects db and find tasks and omit tasks were progress = 100%. In other words uncompleted tasks in proects db = To Do. the trouble is it won't update and show new tasks I have entered or remove tasks I have set as Progress=100% I realize it is difficult to pict
  2. In FM 5.5 Pro I have created a table in layout and assigned a button with some sript to basically open another layout. The script works fine if I change view to form or list, but not in table view. I can shift the field/button to the header and then it works in table view, but I have other stuff there. Also in table view the fields of course look like cells. In layout a particular cell represents a column so will every cell created within that column carry the same script as the script set up in layout mode
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