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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for flashing (due to redraw) merge fields that have transparent backgrounds and are positioned over a graphic. I have the same issue as was discussed in this thread. Unfortunatly I can't give all of my merge fields the same color background, as Kennedy suggested, because the graphics they lay on top of contain color gradients. Any new ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks all. Webcat, I just figured out how I could get brushed metal from my new copy of PhotoShop Elements 2, with a filter/style. I'll have to see if your PhotoShop method works in Elements. Joe
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. I'll just have to break the news to him gently. Here is a related question: If we're both working and need to access the database at the same time, as long as we have different licenses we can do that right? I guess I'm just confirming that we'll both be able to use the database at the same time as long as we aren't looking at the same record. Correct? Thanks, Joe
  4. Hi, I've been reading on Filemakers site trying to figure out which filemaker we need were I work. I work in this guys home office where he has 4 computers and a laptop networked. If we both want to be able to access the database, from any of the 5 computers, do we need 5 Filemaker pro licenses? I thought that I had read that the regular FileMaker Pro would allow up to 10 before you had to buy Server. Am I totally loony here? Thanks, Joe
  5. Is it possible to import Excel files directly into a Runtime made with Developer 6? Thanks
  6. I've been fooling around with Erik F's Aqua graphics (thanks Erik!) as well as Joe O's over at layoutmode.com (thanks Joe!). I like the results so far, but was wondering if anyone knew of any available "brushed metal" graphics? I know some folks don't care for the brushed metal look but I kind of like it. Joe
  7. Ray, Your absolutely right. I should have thought about that a little bit more before I posted. How about as simple/basic as possible ? I understand the concept but putting it into practice is driving me nuts. I don't even know where to start! I'm the kind of guy that needs to see something work and then dig at it, taking it apart until I figure it out. I've been "lurking" around FMForums for quite awhile hoping I'd somehow, maybe through divine intervention, get the hang of it, or at least figure out how to start. No luck yet. Joe BTW, I checked out your site. Very interes
  8. I just wanted to thank all of those who've posted samples here. It's pretty rare that you find folks this willing to share their work. I know I've been able to pick up some very usefull techniques here as well as some nice graphics (thanks falkaholic). Ok, now I'd like to make a request. Any gurus out there willing to put up a very basic/very simple database that illustrates how to separate data from structure? Thanks again! Joe
  9. Kennedy, I am using FMP 6.03 with 10.2.2 and it works just fine! The only issue I've had so far is when I went to insert a large (4mb) pict file as a background to a layout. FMP "unexpectedly quit", which was a first for me. The database got corrupted but I was able to recover no problems. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it! Joe
  10. Hi, If I insert a Pict image using the Insert>Picture comand for use as a layout background will it not be usable in Windows? I've tried using other formats: tif, pdf, bmp, etc, but pct yeilds the best results when printing. BTW the original document page (which is what I'm inserting) was from a fillable form pdf, which I converted to a tif (in Acrobat) first then to a pct in PhotoShop Elements. I know this has been discussed here plenty(Recent Thread), but I've never found a concensus as to the best way to do this. The pict works for me on my Mac and prints almost as well as th
  11. I have two related databases that I'm trying to import Excel data into. Database A is the main (parent?) database and holds basic client information. Database B is for the products that the clients in Database A have purchased (I suppose that's similar to an invoice file). The two databases are related by a serial number key field. Normally to enter a purchase I click a button in Database A which creates a new product record in database B. I enter the appropriate purchase data and then click a "Done" button which brings me back to database A. The new purchase record is then listed in a portal
  12. Ok, now not only am I depressed but I'm also an idiot! Joe
  13. On a related note. How did Joe Obegi get the template's back ground OS X strips? I can grab, copy, paste all the other graphic elements but not the background. What am I missing? Joe
  14. Thanks Bob, I have the Special Edition and have learned some good stuff from it. I'll have to check out the other one. Joe
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