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  1. Hi all that the problem. When the match field is populated then the relookup works. But when the match field is empty,the lookup field that populated does not change, the relookup does not work. I have even included a empty record in the db where the lookup ocurr. Thanks Lionel
  2. Hi I have tried relookup from the Records menu and the second field does not go blank when the first filed is empty.
  3. Thanks transpower But that is not acceptable because the pop list is base on another database because different companies add abbreviation to the industries standard name for the welding process. If one company changes the pop up list than that section of the program will not work. Lionel
  4. Hi all My welder's qualification form has two colunms for entering two different welding processes. When a process is chosen from a pop-up list, Two other lookup fields are populated. Sometimes a welder is qualify using only one process and sometimes the operator populates the second process field invertly and then goes back and delete the process but the lookup fields have been populated. I have tried doing a relookup but i must not understanding which field must be relookup because the lookup fields stay populated. How can i unpopulated the lookup fields. Thanks in advance Lionel
  5. Hi all Have a solution where i use the menu magic techinque to display and hide a menu. I added a delete record button to the portal and wrote attached a script to delete the record the user wants. The script works until you get to the delete record request. Nothing happen. I even attach the button to another script that call the delete record script. This works until it comes to the delete record request step and then nothing happens. There must be something i am missing because everything i tried works until the script comes to that step' I attached a simple abbreviated copy of the program Thanks Lionel weld.zip
  6. Hi Karen E-mail me your address and i wil ship book the next day Lionel
  7. Hi Karen If you can not get in touch with Bob- I have a copy of Scriptology i can loan you. Lionel
  8. Hi Schotja I am fairly new to FM7 myself but i have done what you want to do. "When a new record is created in CmplxFile1, i want a new record created in simplefile2, automatically with the exact data from the two fields populating the records in simplefile2." in the relationship box, choose CmplxFile1 on the left side and Simplefile2 on the right side and check the box on the right side that states "Create New record in related file." Write a script and use the set field command to populate the two fields that you want. I hope this helps and i think i got the relationships right, if not, just reverse them. Lionel
  9. Hi jason When you created the relationship, did you check the box that states "Create record in related file". Write your script useing the set field command Lionel
  10. Hi Grant Use a portal to dispaly the records you want. Lionel
  11. Hi Fitch The input is done from a dialog pop-up and the operator has been known to press the "OK" button before enter information in the required field and then says the program is not working. So i thought i would send a message telling then that they did not enter any criteria in the required field. Thanks Lionel
  12. Thanks for the insight and the script, Vaughan Lionel
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