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  1. Greetings FM Gurus, As I continue my journey in the deep and abiding mysteries of FileMaker, I find my traditional skills and experience challenged at every step. My question has to do with complex relationships and bringing in information from a "3rd layer" relationship into a form. This example demonstrates how multiple tables can contribute to a central form that is displaying comprehensive information. In other words I need this form to display information from the other tables simply based on related fields. See the DB structures below: There are 3 tables from which I
  2. Greetings Exalted FM Gurus, Once again I find myself seeking your esteemed counsel. As it were time is not on my side with my deadline to get a simple database published for a gaming guild for whom I am a member. I have been perusing the help files and this forum, but what I need is a guide to actually get to the point where I can type in my address and see my database in a browser. All me to preempt: First of all I have a cable connection and FM 5.5. I know how to enable Web Companion, but the "how to" of getting to a published database is eluding me. I do have a dynamic DNS
  3. Greetings FM Gurus...I bow to your magnificence! Well as you can see I am a mere acolyte in the FileMaker universe, I come from an ancient race known as Clipper developers so I know about databases, but the paradigm of using Filemaker is kicking my priestly butt. So here is a question I pose to you. Scenario: 2 tables, a main and a related SYSTEM db --- related to ---> SECTOR db I have successfully created a form with fields from the main db (SYSTEMS) and a portal to a single related table (SECTORS). This form is used to enter data for the Systems db
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