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  1. I have a computer running Windows XP Home Edition and Filemaker Pro 7. I opened a file called Task.fp7 and I have a fixed IP number for this computer. I have set sharing filemaker to ON and network access to all users. When I try to open this file from a computer out of the office the file doesn
  2. Ok. The calculation - Case (Moeda = "Real"; Total Fatura / Moedas::Dollar ; Moeda = "Euro" ; (Total Fatura / Moedas::Dollar) *Moedas::Euro; Moeda = "Dolar"; Total Fatura) Thanks, LVA
  3. I have a repport with a calculation field. When one of the referenced fields are empty the field is filled in with a "?". What can I do in order not to have this "?" in the field ? I have already checked the check box that says do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty, in the calculated field and the "?" is still there. Can someone help me please. LVA
  4. LVA

    Modal window

    Oops ... Sorry, I managed to do it... Is there a way to put a value list on one of the input fields using the custom dialog box ? Thanks,LVA
  5. LVA

    Modal window

    Could you please explain how you did that because I have no clue how it can be done. Thanks, LVA
  6. LVA

    Modal window

    Thanks Ralph. I need a new window to insert data in two fields. The custom dialog box won
  7. LVA

    Modal window

    I would like to open a new window so that the user can insert data in a small window that opens in front of the main window. The user should insert data and click on a continue button and the window closes and the user will go back to the main window and continue what he was doing. This new window should be Modal. That is a window that opens and the user won
  8. Thanks Transpower for your help, but at this company there is no permission to access their system from outside the building. Hasn
  9. I have developed a system for a client using FM7 and my client asked for some changes and will also include extra features for this system. I had this same problem with Filemaker 5.5 to add new features to the system at the client. We had 2 ways of doing it. 1) We used to add all the new features at our office and save a copy as a clone. At the client I would import the records to the new copy and substitute the system with this new copy. This isn
  10. I am using a PC, Windows 2003, Filemaker 7. I have a report with two sub-summary parts , one for clients and another one for jobs. There is a body part that lists all the people that worked on that job. In the body part I have the persons name, how many hours that person worked , how many dolars the person gets per hour and the total that person should receive, that is multiplying the hours worked and the dolars per hour for each person. I would like to have a report with the totals for each client and the arithmetic mean. I managed to get the totals per client by creating a summary fi
  11. Are these port numbers the same using FileMaker Pro 7 ? I
  12. Could someone help me please. What port number does FM use as default to be open using a firewall ? THKS. LVA
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