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  1. Local host method lets you test them locally if you excuse the pun i.e. on the PC your hosting them on. Handy for development. Just alter the port number that FileMaker does its web serving on by going to Edit>Preferences>Application>Plug-ins>Web Companion>Configure>TCP/IP Port Number. Change the port to something like 100 (stops it interfering with IIS etc) and then in your browser type in http://"yourcomputername":100 this should bring up the default file list html page for FileMaker.
  2. Fraid to say that relational value list don't work using Instant Web Publishing, a frustration of mine as well - Ubo
  3. Don't know of a solution to the new window issue. I have been using the Open URL command in IWC on FMPro5.5 with mixed success (works on some dbases and not on others for no reasons), e.g. using a URL field which is a combination of a URL I have pasted in from a browser and a record ID to allow me to go back to a related master record and a specific layout. - Ubo
  4. Keith Thanks for the advice, I have just tried a couple of layouts will all database fields in them and this seems to work. There are quite a few auto entry fields on this database, e.g. modification and creation details etc and this might have been causing the issue. Only problem is that if you don't go into edit mode then the Exit Record/Go to Layout button doesn't work but I think of something in terms of the screen layout to get round this. Thanks again Ubo
  5. Keith Thanks again, I had already been onto the FM site and pulled one of their tech articles on this error with regards to web companion. What is really confusing me is that if I allocate a separate buttons to the two functions, i.e. one to Exit Record to submit the data and then another to go to the next layout, the error does not arise. Ubo
  6. According to FileMaker documentation these are script steps that support multiple script steps in Instant Web Publishing. When I try and use Exit Record followed by Go to Layout in the same script I get the following error on execution of this step via a button while in data entry: "Data Entry Error: Your attempt to save changes to the new record failed because of the following: Unknown error number 102." Any thoughts - thanks - Ubo
  7. Keith - thanks for the advice - regards Ubo
  8. Keith Fraid to say I am using IWP although the more I look at this the more I realise I am going to have to bite the bullet and work with CDML. Any good software tools to help with this on a PC? Thanks Ubo
  9. Thanks, this is a script enabled step in 5.5, the "Go to Related Record" button definition step is enabled in 5.5 but not in 5.0. In both cases I am using a simple button definition rather than a script just in case that was the issue.
  10. I have a database with a portal which I have published using Web Companion (WC) on V5.5v1. Hassle is that it doesn't display the related record and merely shows the first record in the related file. I have another database that works perfectly well with WC in this respect and all of the settings are identical. When I select the "Go to Related Record" in the faulty files I get the following: http://myIPaddress/FMRes/FMPJS?-db=Test%20Comms.fp5&-layID=1&-token=25&-max=1&-format=formvwcss.htm&-mode=browse&-findall When I try it in the files that work I get: http://myIPaddress/FMRes/FMPJS?-db=Maintenance%20Log%20Items.fp5&-layID=2&-token=25&-max=1&-format=formvwcss.htm&-mode=browse&-findall=&-RecID=17 i.e. the RecID in the one works is attached at the end of the URL. I have looked at all of the portal/relationship settings including button alignment in the portal and they identical. Any ideas? Thanks - Ubo
  11. Peter Many thanks for the advice Ubo
  12. I am publising a database just using WC 5.5 v1 and cannot get the field validation to work reliably (Not Empty simply to get a required field entry), it appears to work on a simple single field database but not on the database I am trying to web enable. I notice from searching this forum that other users have had an intermittment problem with this, any thoughts?
  13. Vaughan, Works fine in the non-web FM version of the database Ubo
  14. From my experience the OLE embedding between FileMaker and MS products is at times unstable, the best route is to Link as opposed to just inserting the object (see tick box during insertion routine). This also limits the size of your database especially if you are storing the documents elsewhere anyway. Ubo
  15. Thanks for your replys, just using Instanst as opposed to CDML and simply using a single value from the non-relational value list to try and select a single record. On the same layout when published if I search using the Type field radio button selection the correct data set is returned. Repeating the same operation using the type field as a pop-up list returns no records. Thanks again Ubo
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