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  1. I just figured out what my issue was. I went back to the beginning and was looking through my field definitions. Somehow my CheckBackupJobOn field was set to a number field instead of text. Changed it to text & everything is working as it should. I knew it had to be something simple but couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for your time. John
  2. I would like it to sort (Group) by CheckBackupJobOn and then ServerName. The sort order for the preview screenshot I attached was by checkbackupJobOn, . I tried the other way (servernameServerName,CheckBackupJobOn) and that didn't work either because it was grouping based on servername. So I am not sure what I am missing. Thanks, John
  3. I have a database that is tracking our server backup jobs. I am working with FMP 10 but the database is served on FM SErver 9.0.3. I have a layout that I have created 2 sub summaries that print above the records. The first sub summary is based on ServerName and the second sub summary is based on CheckBackupJob. There are 3 different value possiblities for the CheckBackupJobOn field (ServerConsole, BackupExec, DHOps). The backup job details is in the body. When I sort the records by CheckBackupJob and then Servername and then go into Preview Mode, It only shows one of the possibilities o
  4. So Filemaker server doesn't care what the server is named at all? Do I need to reboot the server in order for the new name to take affect?
  5. HI Steven, I may not have explained myself well. I realize that I can name the server whatever. I just need to know how well filemaker server 9 handles the server it is hosted on, being renamed. Ultimately I want to end up with the same server name just on the new hardware. Thanks! John
  6. We do have 3 licenses so that shouldn't be an issue. John
  7. Does anyone have any experience with renaming the servername that FM 9 Server resides on? We are putting in a new server and I wanted to get everything installed and ready before turning off the old server (rbcFM). I wanted to call it OldServername2 (rbcfm2) so I can have both on the domain to allow me to copy the data off the old server to the new. I would then take old server offline and rename the new server (rbcfm2) to the old server name (rbcfm). I didn't know how well FM 9 server would react to the renaming of the server. Thanks, John
  8. Nevermind, it is working now! I went through & cleared out everything I had setup (global fields, to & relationships) and started over. It is now working like it should. Must be something was getting in teh way. Thanks for your help & patience! John
  9. You are correct, global fields. Yes, they were global fields. I don't need a meaningful relationship between the tablemetadata table & localfmptable, right? It only has to be between the localfmptable & the columnmetadata table.
  10. I thought it should work but it isn't. Here is what I had: TableMetaData -> columnmetadata (1st portal) localfmptable -> columnmetadata2 (2nd portal) localfmptable contains the global variables I then created a button like you did in your example to populate the global variables but nothing would show up in the 2nd portal still. Obviously I must still not have something quite right. THanks, John
  11. Any more suggestions from anyone? I am still unable to get this to work. John
  12. Thanks for the quick reply & samples. i left out one bit of info that I believe makes this more difficult. The 2 tables I referenced in my post, I am pointing to them using direct sql. So they are not FMP tables. Now, I do have some local tables that I am using for other variables. I tried creating my globals vars here & creating the relationship from there to my column table but that didn't work. Is there another way to get this info to show up or am I up a creek using the direct SQL?
  13. Ok, i thought I could do this but need some help. I have the following tables: TableMetaData ColumnMetaData It is a one to many join between table & column meta data tables. The tablemetadata table contains all of the names of our tables in our sql database. the columnmetadata table contains all of the columns of the tables in the tablemetadata table. Here is what I want to do: On my tablemetadata layout, I have a portal showing the list of columns for the selected table. It is just a one column portal. I would like to have another portal on the layout that would s
  14. Comment, you are correct about the value list only showing the name but as soon as you select a value from the list, the code is entered into the code field. I am starting to think what I am trying to do is not possible. THanks, John
  15. THat is workable & actually one method that I have right now. I was thinking there might be a way of not having the code field show up at all on the layout. Only the name field would show up but I may only be wishing in this aspect. Thanks, John
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