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  1. Just porting a FM11 database into FM13 Server. When I access the database through a browser (Safari or Chrome) and try and scroll down a list of records a) I don't see a scroll bar along the side and using my mouse scroll wheel, the scroll is slow and disjointed. I also have a Next 25 and Previous 25 button and they too function very slowly. Any suggestions ? Am I supposed to see a scroll bar? Thanks.
  2. I am converting IWP (FM-11) to WebDirect (FM-13). Is there a way to test the web interface without having to load it onto a Filemaker Server? I want to do some testing locally before I load it. Before (w/ IWP) you could attach to your "localhost" via a Browser and see how things worked. Can you do something like that with FM-13 (from a browser)? Herb
  3. I have been running Filemaker Pro Server 11 for some time. I have six databases running and all six can be seen on the IWP home page. Problem is that sometimes a user selects one of the databases to access and the screen "blinks" and returns to the same IWP home page. This seems to happen more with Windows users using Internet Explorer than Mac users (using either Safari or Firefox), but it does seem to happen periodically to all platforms and browsers. I've even had someone fail with Safari and Firefox and be successful with Chrome. Any thoughts on what setting is causing this fail
  4. If I understand your question right, you can determine if the user is connecting via the FM Pro client or the web and take action appropriately with that information. For example If [Position( Get ( ApplicationVersion ); "Web" ; 1 ; 1 ) > 0] Go to Layout ["Web Layout"] Else Go to Layout ["Client Layout"] End If should do the trick. The Get ( ApplicationVersion ) function returns information on which vehicle is being used to access the database.
  5. Is there a way to have a Carriage Return advance to the next field (like Tab does) on the Web interface? (IWP)
  6. Sadly it appears they may be out of business. Any other ideas anyone?
  7. My brute force method would be to create a Number Field for each Worksheet which is a "1" if they want to buy that part of the quote and a "0" if they do not. Modify the grand total to look at the numbers on Worksheet #1 by this new number field plus the numbers for Worksheet #2 by its new number field, etc. Am I missing something?
  8. Is there any way to create an Excel download for an IWP connected user? I've thought about have a script that creates a flag and have a client on the server that run periodically and looks for the flag and emails the Excel file to the user. The problem is that the file needs to "Replace" the old file and that doesn't seem to function properly. I get an error message.
  9. Not sure about FM12, but in FM11 I'd be brute force.  Find data for Rep #1 Export Records.  You get a screen asking you to "Specify Output File" Respond:  file:REP#1.xlsx  Then repeat steps for Rep #2  Then repeat steps for Rep #3  Not elegant, but effective.  Hope that helps.  Â
  10. If I understand your question correctly, the answer is "yes". I have a layout that has buttons that sort by different fields and the same field in different direction. I sort depending on my whim at the time.
  11. One brute force technique I've used is to have 3 views, each one filtered by Department privileges. Then give each department a different user set and let your startup script define what they can view. If you also provide a "show all" button on each view that actually retains the restrictions, you could each the sense that they are seeing everything when they are really seeing everything they're aloud to see. It isn't the most elegant solution, but from a user standpoint it would appear simple.
  12. This is an elegant, yet simple solution to the problem. It works great. ONE ISSUE HOWEVER! The greater than and less than signs (I believe) are backwards. When I reversed them everything worked perfectly. Should be: Main::StartDate ≤ Holidays::Date AND Main::EndDate ≥ Holidays::Date That looks for holidays between the start and end dates.
  13. I've tried this on a Mac and FM6 and get an XML parsing error. Is there something else I should be doing? By "this", I mean the XML stylesheet thing. Both choices.
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