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  1. Hi Larry You can't import accounts and privilege sets But why do you want to do that ? A Filemaker 7 file can be opened by FM 8-8.5 so you'll find whatever you've done before untouched ... Ciao G. Pupita
  2. Hello Check this tip file by Mikhail Edoshin http://edoshin.skeletonkey.com/2006/06/linked_fields.html#more Ciao G. Pupita
  3. Hello Peter I would not follow the path you're taking It seems easy at first but then it might force you to many workarounds; also should a fourth language be needed you'd have to restart everything again You might instead 1. create a Language table, one record per language, one field per label you want to use in your layouts In your tables you'll have a global field gLanguage in which you'll write the language in use and hence the labels to be used Load appropriate labels in global fields so that they'll also be visible in find mode 2. Create a value list table, one record fo
  4. Solution / Action Tabs Description: Hello -- Have you ever wanted to run a script clicking on a tab (I guess you did) ? With a little trickery now you can: http://www.buliga.it/TipFiles/ActionTabs.zip ... and you've plenty of room for other magics -) Working Under: 8 Advanced Solution Status: Finished Pre-requisites: FileMaker 8 or better Author(s): Pupiweb Date: 07/16/06 Credits: Instructions / Other Info: Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post
  5. You already received excellent advice on the two issues - one email address per email: can be done, using a looping script Loop Send Mail Go to record next (exit after last) End Loop You might alternative use the mailto protocol coupled with an Open URL () step Whatever the method you'll end up having the messages created in your default email client BUT NOT SENT If you want to fully automatize the procedure use a plugin; I'd suggest SMTPit by CNS - messages personalization can be achieved creating a calc joining the message and the other relevant fields; if you want to
  6. Take a look at Navigator by Nico Kuilmann ftp://ftp.fmfiles.com/download/open/Navigator.sit ftp://ftp.fmfiles.com/download/open/Navigator.zip or at Smart Tabs by mikhail Edoshin http://www.onegasoft.com
  7. I'm not sure it can be considered a bug ... Given that one button "accepts" the data and one "refuses" them the third button could have been given either function, and IMO setting it to refuse data was a conservative choice (IOW accept data only when the user explicitly says so) that I agree with. BTW I've almost never used it since I usually use a Dialog.fp5 file to do this kind of operations, a much more powerful and flexible option
  8. Add the sort tags in the Inline [... ,-sortfield=TheFieldYouWantToSortOn,-find]
  9. Hi Anna try with If (RadioField ="Yes") Go to Layout [Other] Else Show Message (You haven't chosen Yes ...) End If You might also add an If () at the beginning to check for an empty RadioField, should this imply a different action
  10. Sure You can memorize the Import parameters using the Restore option of the Import step Run an import using the desired parameters, create a script with the Import step, check the "Restore Import order" option and the import criteria will be memorized in the script
  11. If you make the portal field clickable and attach to it a step like Go to related record (Portal relationship) you'll actually land in the related file on the clicked record
  12. Try with an Inline <Select name="FieldName"> <option value=""> Select a value [FMP-InlineAction:-db=Items.fp5,-lay=cgi,Item={field:ItemID},-max=all,-find] [FMP-Record] <option value="[FMP-Field:Size]"> [FMP-Field:Size]</option> [/FMP-Record] [/FMP-InlineAction] This will produce a list of the sizes related to an item; with a similar mechanis you can also get radio buttons, checkboxes etc ...
  13. Try writing me privately (gpupita@sestante.net) and I'll send you the files
  14. Point 1 isn't very clear to me but it *should* be enough to put it after the <option ""> tag Point2: the problem is a syntax error Instead of user1_user2=[fmp-field:username] use {field:username} HTH
  15. See if the attached files help; they're very "basic" but should be a decent starter Archive.zip
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