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  1. Finally (mostly) successful in getting FMPro 11 to work with FedEx's shipping software. FedEx's shipping software wasn't able to read text data via ODBC (it saw number, time, and date fields just fine). The solution was to go into the field definitions in FileMaker, and change the Validation so that a Maximum numbers of characters option was checked and there were enough characters to hold all the data. I set most of the address and account fields to 50-100 characters. Once the change was made, FedEx imported our shipping data just fine. The only problem is I am unable to write back to my shipment tracking table. Ship Manager is able to see the tracking table and all the data, but returns a error saying that it does not have permission to write to it. Any help out there on this issue??
  2. I manage a network of about 12 Macs and have installed QuickKeys on all machines. I use QuickKeys to display a message when Command-E (delete Record) or Command-D (duplicate Record) are typed in FileMaker Pro (a message telling them they are not allowed to use the keyboard shortcut to delete or duplicate) It's worked great for the last few years and has virtually eliminated accidental duplications and deletions and does not affect the keyboard shortcuts of other programs. I like this solution because even those of us here with passwords which allow us to duplicate and delete can accidentally hit the wrong key while trying to enter find mode.
  3. I've printed from many applications (at the recommended scale) and only have problems in File Maker. I've switched to using Peninsula Barcode Plug-in for Filemaker. Works great! www.peninsula-group.com
  4. When I print out UPC-A codes from FileMaker it takes sometimes 5 or more swipes with a wand to have them read. Using the same font (Bear Rock TT) in Word, Excell, PageMaker, or InDesign, I have no problems and it reads on the first or second swipe. I've created new layouts in FileMaker and still get have the same problem. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?? Using FileMaker 5.5 on OS 9.2.2.
  5. I was told to rebuild from the ground up (recreate all fields, relationships, scrips etc), then import the old data. I had already tried cloning and importing, it seemed to help a bit but did not solve the problem. It all started when we had to force quit the FMP Server daemon. Tried cloning files from back-up and even taking the old FMPro 4 files and reconverting them to 5.5. Nothing worked except going back to 9. I would love to be able to use OSX since it provided greater speed to the network. I'm planning on ignoring it until I am forced to switch to OSX, then trying to fix it then.
  6. Had the same problem about a year ago. 78 files hosted OSX, FMP Server 5.5 733Mhz G4. Spent hours on the phone with FileMaker. Their suggestion - REBUILD ALL FILES FROM SCRATCH. Finally gave up and went back to OS9 no problems since.
  7. If you just need the data, you could have them export the file as Tab Seperated Text, then use that file to create a new file in FMP 4.3.
  8. Are you using OS X? If I remember correctly, the OS X version of File Maker does not yet support toolbars.
  9. It sounds like the problem you are having in the Mac environment is linked to the Mac's appearance settings. To change them go to the Appearance control panel and click the Appearance tab. From there you can change the highlight color. Hope this helps.
  10. Am running 5.5v2 Have tried quitting using Remote Administration (most luck) and Stop Server button.
  11. I am having the same problem using the latest version of FM Pro Server and OS X. FM Pro Server is hosting 74 files of these, 2 regularly have close errors when shutting down Server about once a week. Also, about once a week another random file doesn't close properly. To get the files back up, I have to Recover - Save as Compressed Copy - Export data in Merge format - Save as Clone - then re import the exported data into the clone, all the time renaming and deleting files to preserve relationships. When running OS 9, I don't have any of these problems. File Maker support hasn't been able to help. Does anyone out there have an answer??? In the meantime I am going back to OS 9 even though it means giving up speed. OS X is about 2 to 3 times faster when running complicated FM Pro scripts.
  12. When using FMPro Server, the client computers should open the served files through the "Hosts" command. Using an alias to the file you want defeats the purpose of FMPro Server. There are two solutions for quick start up and logging on from the client side I know of. I use QuickKeys to create a logon script. Works Great! The other solution is to create a file which in it's opening triggers the hosted files you want to be opened, then closes itself. A copy of this file would be located on each client machine. Haven't tried this myself. Good Luck
  13. I've had the same problem with a file named Library. I renamed the file and it would open normally. The down side of this: I had to reestablish all the relationships to this file.
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