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  1. Did another archive search and found Shadow's response using the Choose function to display proper fractions - I'll give that a try. My question re the Evaluate function still stands. Thanks, Ed
  2. Am I correct in that the Evaluate function is new in FM7? I'm using FM6 and can't find it. Also is there a straight forward way to display a decimal as a fraction, ie 1.625 as 1 5/8? I'm converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions but the code involved is tedious at best. I originally had my work set up in Excel and it handles fractions and decimals in the same field without a hitch. I've converted the file over to FM so I can do MUCH more with the info EXCEPT the decimal/fraction issue. TIA for any feedback. Ed
  3. Capt Kurt you saved the day. Seriously I'd been hammering away at the problem for most of yesterday with no success. I'd gotten very close by putting the calculation in the parent BUT I DID NOT use the Sum function, I was using Total Of. An added benefit is that your solution lets me clean up my layouts a bit - ie Portals 2, 4 and 5 are no longer needed. There are 6 instances of this concept in the overall database so with your help I am able to clear out a number of "gremlins" While it has been a few years since I've been in the Santa Clara area you are in line for a good meal with
  4. Simplifying my situation as much as possible here is my dilemma: Two databases A and B. A is linked to B with 3 different links: Link Z relates to a subset of all the records in db B, Link X relates to a subset of the records related to Link Z and Link Y relates to another subset of the records related to Link Z. Together the records related to links X and Y equal the total records related to Z. The layout in db A has 5 portals: Portal 1 is related to db B via Link X and shows 8 rows with a scroll bar. Portal 2 is related to db B via Link X and contains the total of
  5. Thanks for the post and the links. I took a quick look at the rest of your site - quite interesting - I'll return as soon as time allows. I took the liberty of downloading a couple of other demos as well and will give them a good inspection. Your suggestion to use OS 9 is quite valid - I do a lot of traveling and use a Dell laptop on the road. It has FM 5.5 on it and all the features I'm "missing" work fine there, albeit the 6.0 features are missing. As to my Mac - I'm one program away from eliminating 9 altogether, although I am having second thoughts as I may find a need to access
  6. Bob, Thanks for the insight on the "G" key - to be honest I've never seen it used in the Find again mode - not that it isn't in some programs I use, just that I never used/noticed it. the idea of focusing on the user rather than the developer certainly makes sense. Yes, I'm running OS 10.2, but the "problem" did not exist with FM 5.5 in OS 10.1. I'm not sure if it occurs with 5.5 in 10.2 - I'll try that later since I have both versions on my Mac. OT - we had a very close family friend who passed away about a year ago - a doctor well known in the US in his area of expertise. His
  7. Am I off track or is the "upgrade" to 6.0 a step back in some areas? For an example: Grouping and Ungrouping now uses "R" with modifier keys instead of "G" like virtually every other program, including FM5.5. Can't tell you how much time I spent trying to figure out why my key combo's weren't working. I can no longer Option-click-drag to create a copy of an object. I can no longer click on an object to select it then Shift-drag-click to add other objects to the selection. You can do the selection of multiple objects first then Shift click for an additional item. Still no tool b
  8. Vaughan, Many thanks - it works like a charm. It is both challenging and frustrating to find that you are so close to a solution is yet so far!! Regards, Ed
  9. I took a nice refreshing shower and thought I had the answer as outlined below, but it doesn't work! I have two related databases - A and B. For general use A is linked to B (A is one, B is many) using a field named Link in both A and B. A layout in A has two portals (X and Y) to B. I want the records in B to appear in one or the other of portals X and Y based on the contents of Field K (a Yes/No value list) in B. I have created 2 new links FROM A TO B. The key for the portal where the records from B with Field K = "No" are to appear is equal to [Link & "No"] - brackets not incl
  10. Thanks for the fast response. I've been working on the "two links" approach for a little while this PM but don't quite have it working right. I'll give it a rest, take a nice shower and hope an insight as to the glitch comes to me. I suspect the problem may be in the way I set up the two additional links between A and B. At least you confirmed that I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks, Ed
  11. I have two related databases - A and B. A layout in A has two portals (X and Y) to B based on the same relationship link. I want the records in B to appear in one or the other of portals X and Y base on the contents of Field K (a Yes/No value list) in B. I tried to create different links for Protals X and Y by concatenating the basic link between the two files with the result of Field K but that isn't working. Any suggestion on how this might be done will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have a layout with 6 buttons. Each button's script contains a conditional statement that if not met displays a message with a specified duration that varies from 3 to 10 seconds. The message is displayed in a text field, not as a dialog box. It works just fine EXCEPT if someone is finger happy and clicks on one of the other buttons before the specified duration for the first click is completed the script hangs up and requires the user's intervention by clicking on the script "Continue" button which is unacceptable since the status area will not be accessible to the user. Freezing the wi
  13. Try going to This is an internal "loop back" address on ANY machine and is independent of the OS you are using. EasyEdE (with help from my consultant AKA son.)
  14. I am looking for a way to either tab to different fields depending on the value of a given field, ie if Field A is "x" then go to Field B, if it is "y" go to Field C, but I do not want the user to have to click on a button. Field A will be a set group of selections from a value list. If this can't be done then is it possible to have one field (or set of fields) appear in lieu of another based on the value of Field A? As before, I'd like this to be "automatic" without the need to click a button. TIA for any feedback. EasyEdE
  15. Grazie, Dj for your suggestions. Unfortunately I still can't get the script to work. I did take an indirect suggestion from your comments and will use it from now on - I have been putting multiple portals on some layouts and set up a field named "Empty" for each file the portals link to. Then I would use a Go To Field command to "enter" the portal so I would be sure the correct portal was being addressed. I have revised all that and now put a single portal on an otherwise unused layout and use Go To Layout to address the necessary portal. I've checked all relationships to be sure add
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