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  1. I have a Dbase with lots of scripts ,how do i stop people importing them into their databases . I am sure there is a setting somewhere ,i just can't find it Thank you Paul Apted
  2. OK, Here is the big Picture . I have a Sound FX database in which every record is linked to a soundfile residing on a hard drive (30,00). by the nature of the database you have to keep the filepath very specific otherwise nothing works .this is fine if there is only one person using this thing but there are about 10 people using it all with different sound Fx , i have built another database called SFX engine which uses the (finder) file name as the relationship to the main database .i have bulit (begged and borrowed to be more exact ) an applescript that works as a drag and drop app which p
  3. i have created this little script that will reveal a file if it exists .If it doesn't it asks you where it is and then holds the filepath. this works fine in the finder as an applet but doesn't work from within Filemaker 5.5 any ideas? Paul Apted tell application "Finder" try reveal X on error choose file set myfile to result set X to result as alias reveal X end try end tell
  4. i like the idea of a "relative path" ,that would work perfectly well in this situation....er any ideas?? thank you Paul Apted
  5. Hello, I have a database which i have created for several users . the problem is is that as i use an applescript or two to "alias" files (an applescript and another database ) when i copy the database to another computer the "alias" is lost and the scripts fail . any ideas Paul Apted
  6. then it works.......... I hate it when that happens Many thanks ,although i could have sworn i had tried that Paul
  7. hello, I have a Database that worked perfectly well in Jaguar ,but alas in Panther it doesn't work .The Script basically reveal's a file in the finder that a record is linked to using the "filepathtext" field ( i set "Filepathtext to Filepathglobal in a script step before this applescript) Now the script goes to the finder and then announces that the file cannot be found ,even if it does. i believe it is the line "if myfile exists then" that is the problem ,if i remove this line and therefore disable the failure dialog the script works fine... any ideas .. here is the script
  8. hmm, thanks for your info ,i fiddled around: tell application "FileMaker Pro" set myfile to cell "filepathtext" set mycomments to cell "description" end tell tell application "Finder" set mycomments to comment of the file myfile end tell i could "see" (through the hard drive light) Fmpro accessing the file but nothing happened ,i checked the file in OS9 and nothing there either ,i know there is weirdness between os9 and osx regarding comments .. any ideas thank you Paul Apted
  9. Hello, How do i Copy the text from a cell into the "Comments" property of a file? (using OSX.2) thanks in advance Paul Apted
  10. hmm ,i must be doing something stupid .i assume that you are not putting any spaces between "scarymonsterssuperfreaks". because i can't get it to work at all... Fm pro 5.5 ,jaguar Paul
  11. well ,can of worms opened here . i am using OSX fm 5.5 and US english , neither *monsters* or "monsters" work Any reason for this ,as usual the simple things tend to take the longest to figure out thanx Paul apted
  12. hmmmm, for some reason that didn't work ,any ideas i am using Fmpro 5.5 on osx thanks Paul apted
  13. hello, How do i find "monsters" in "scarymonsterssuperfreaks" can't seem to find a way?? Thank you paul Apted
  14. i thought this would be really straightforward but alas not This is what i want to do .i have a field called "filepathtext" it contains the filepath of a file .I want to take that field and remove the filepath section of it EG OSX:file:myfile^gnat. i would like to move the "myfile" part to one field and the text after "^" to another field . the problem is i cannot use a "left/Right/Middleword" statement because each record has a different file path and therefore a different length ,what i am trying to do is find a function that finds SPECIFIC TEXT and not WHERE it is ... any ideas
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