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  1. Old thread, but to save others from trawling the web I have found a partial solution to this with FileMaker 11. Open your database in OS X and Import the PDF as a Picture into a container field. Open the same database in Windows and File-->Save/Send Record as PDF. I found the resulting PDF prints fine from Windows XP/FileMaker 11 printing to an HP colour LaserJet and Samsung PCL printers. In short, PDF import on a Mac. Save/Send Record as PDF from Windows, Print PDF of Exported record. Not sure what the solution is if you don't have access to a Mac, would be interested to find though.
  2. OK first of all I can confirm that the EmailBodySubstitute issue was caused by me using an out of date plugin. The registration error appeared in the dialog field in your 360Works Email Plugin Examples.fp7 DB. All I did was download the latest plugin from here http://www.360works.com/email-plugin/ page where it says "Own a license? Download the current version". (was that a mistake as I did not have a registered version installed? ) I quit FileMaker Advanced 9, dragged the new plug-in into the extensions folder replacing the old version fired up Filemaker went to send an email and thats when the error occurred. I tried another download this time using the Pricing or Download demo button on you website (which I probably should have done in the first place ). Same error on both FMPA 9 and FMPA 10. The only way I could get it working was to use one of my customers spare licences and enter their licence details. I did the test and to confirm the EmailBodySubstitute works and then unregistered by entering DEMO and DEMO in the plugin configure dialog box. The error then returned.
  3. OK Im pretty sure my problem is caused by having an out of date plugin. Im unable to confirm this as the latest plugin refuses to work in demo mode. I get the following error. An error occurred: This license type is not supported. You may have switched the 'License Key' and 'Registered To' fields, or need to upgrade to a newer version of the product. Version: 1.944 Any ideas? Thanks Paul
  4. Email Test Hi --name-- This is a test of the emailing system. --unsubscribe--
  5. --Name-- Content here --Website-- More content here --BrowserType-- Yet more content
  6. I would like to find all occurrences of two words where they are within a specified number of words of each other. e.g find the word "local" that's within 3 words of "network" As an example, this will return all records where the search field contains the phrase... "local area network" "local network" "local public wireless network" but will not return records where the phrase is... "our local area has two choices of broadband network" "local people have created a self help network" I suspect this can't be done in FileMaker without allot of heavy lifting from scripts and calculations and the like, but would be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong on this. Paul
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