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  1. How did you solve the problem? I am about to embark on a similar journey. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Yeah, if my memory serves me right, the feature has been deprecated! FileMaker decided to re-classify PDF files as FILES instead of IMAGES, so a thumbnail is not generated even when requested. I believe I did a workaround where I have a script save an IMAGE of the imported PDF into the temp folder, re-import it as an image (perhaps into a different container field), automatically creating the thumbnail into it's container field like before, then delete the image. That way I end up with the real PDF file imported, and a thumbnail for it in a thumbnail container field. Or maybe I impo
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, Bob! I was starting to think that the forum thought I was crazy - still not a single reply to my first post since April 10th. Glad I simplified! I replied to your thread to add more voices to your well said request. This is REDICULOUS, and very scary, indeed. It is dangerous for Filemaker to create this kind of uncertainty in their products. If a business cannot count on features being available through "upgrades," then we cannot spend the capital it takes to develop on that platform.
  4. I don't have much time to help out, so I haven't looked at the file, but set up your total as a Summary field, then create a Summary Part to put it on. This may help steer you in the right direction for the Totals problem.
  5. In a script, I select a container field, choose "Insert Picture" choose a scanned PDF file then GetThumbnail(MainContainer;50;50) - it just leaves a "?" in the thumbnail field. When I import a batch using the Import Records Script Step -> Folder -> Picture and Movie Files, using Secure Storage, choose the option to add a thumbnail to my thumbnail container field, (importing the same pdf file) it generates the thumbnail perfectly. For user interface reasons, my users need to be able to click my import button, choose a pdf file from anywhere on their drive, and import it into a cont
  6. Try Commit Records. I don't fully understand what you are trying to do, but Commit Records will take the cursor out of all fields.
  7. So if container field is stored securely on Server, is there any way to display it to a remote Wan user?
  8. Filemaker docs say to call for a Refresh Window from a script to refresh the data. IT DOESN'T WORK!!! It only works when the script ends, but I need to alert the user ONLY when new data has arrived. AFTER the script runs, then the new data arrives!! My best solution so far is to have the first script install an On Timer Script to call the next script, so when the first one quits, data comes in, and the second one then sees that. Not very elegant! Anyone have a better way?
  9. I have 2 tables - Inventory and Production. We need to take inventory of those items that are scheduled for production. I only want the inventory database to show the subset of part numbers that are present in the production table. How can I do this with a relationship?
  10. I have the same problem. A database that I created will not open, "layout must be in classic format." So I set up a Main Menu in Classic Theme, set File Options to "Switch to Layout" to the classic Main Menu, set my Opening Script to go to the classic main menu, still get the error. So I set up a new database, classic theme, works fine. I even pasted my main menu items into it (still classic theme) works fine. Duplicated that layout, set it to Electric theme (but it opens on classic theme layout) works great. Why won't my other database open in IWP? Any ideas???
  11. We have a FM Server 8.5 running for remote offsite users. We are adding iPads, with a FM11 Advanced hosting one database, for other users in the field to log in to. How can we get to the FM11 database when port 5003 is forwarded to the FMS 8.5 machine? Additional details: Cannot replace FM8.5 server with FM11 server due to budget constraints. Please help us find a solution to access the additional "server" from outside the network. LDAP directory or something like that? Thanks in advance for your prompt solutions!
  12. Inserting a file into SC crashes FM11 in Win 7 on at least one PC on the LAN. The file does get saved, and is available to other users of the database, but this user must reload FM11. There was a crash report - A fatal error has been detected in the Java Runtime Environment. EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION. Problematic Frame: Filemaker Pro.exe+0x2e094b Want the whole 5 page report? Also, a different user is getting the error on startup that Java 1.5 should be installed. He claims he installed it, but still gets the error. Any fixes? Thanks!
  13. Site looks great, but I hate to say it, the search really sucks!! In years of doing searches, I have never felt so frustratingly restricted! The forum is here to search. You want people to find answers, rather than post redundantly, so this feature needs to be flexible and robust. I am having a problem with fonts not embedding in FM11 PDF's on windows 7 machines, so I search for: font embed PDF windows I get: One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of th
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