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  1. Redeploying FMS 16 (via the Edit Deployment) did not work for me, had to do a complete uninstall and re-install of FMS 16. Then reinstall MS. Specifically the following was done in this order. 1 - Reboot - still did not respond giving 959. 2 - Try Redeploy - still did not respond giving 959. 3 - Reboot after Redeploy - still did not respond to giving 959. 4 - Uninstall MS, reboot then redeploy, - still did not respond to giving 959. 5 - Uninstall FMS, reboot, then re-install FMS and then MS - success, no more 959! To be clear this was not an MS specific issue, as it was the FileMaker XML engine basically broke randomly (after months of working fine), but thought it would be useful to post here as this was one of the top Google hits for the 959 error. Daniel
  2. Also running MirrorSync and today all of the sudden got this 959 error. Uninstalling MS and reconfiguring the FMS 16 server did not work. I had to uninstall everything and reinstall from scratch.
  3. Any update on a new version or open sourcing the project?
  4. What platform are you have problems on? If is is OS X Panther sounds like your printing sub-system is messed up and you should either do a clean install of the OS or try to use Printer Setup Repair and see if that can fix it. Daniel
  5. Had the same problem at one of my clients, turned out Citrix was not configured properly as was defaulting to 16 bit color. Daniel
  6. You can contact FileMaker Volume Licensing directly and they might be able to help you, as if you buy the current version they will usually let you downgrade. Daniel
  7. Check out http://www.powersolutions.it/en/insidescan.html Daniel
  8. I believe the bug has to do with the Rosetta translation environment that allows you to run PPC on the Intel based Macs as there have been sporadic reports of math problems with the latest OS update. Daniel
  9. Create a calc field with Count (related_field) Daniel
  10. What platform are you running your server on and what type of remote disk are you using? Daniel
  11. I would contact them directly to get the latest scoop. Also with their latest release they have moved to using a calc to do a unique ID and are depreciating using the plug-in to do it. Daniel
  12. You might also check out http://www.intellisw.com/intelliswipe/cc/ as no plugin is required. Daniel
  13. You should be able to use the script variable to do this by storing the file name in the variable and then using that variable in the Attach File dialog. I have not tested this as typically I use SMTPit Pro to send nicely formated HTML emails. http://www.smtpit.com Daniel
  14. Your CD is 8.0v1 however you should update to 8.0v3 as it fixes some critical problems (with finds and calcs) in version 8. Daniel
  15. For something like this I use QuicKeys http://www.startly.com Daniel
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