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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. The fields are on the layout. I've changed it to set field "" to no avail. I'm about to recover the file because for the life of me I can't understand what is going on and assuming it must be a bug. UPDATE: I deleted the custom dialog box out, saved and then went back in and added it back with the exact same parameters and it works. buggy buggy!
  2. I appear to have lost the plot and for the life of me can't see what I've done wrong. I'm trying to enter data via a custom dialog to a global field. gActivityDate is a global date field I have placed the field on the layout. I can enter a date into the field and view the same data on multiple records (i.e it's global) My script: clear gActivityDate (i want it empty when users go to enter a date - the above was to prove it was a global) show custom dialog where input field is gActivityDate I can see in the Data viewer the date appearing in gActivityDate The field on the layout does NOT change I have added a few other global fields to see if I get anything clicking OK on the custom dialog has the data disappearing. Even if I was to remove the clear gActivityDate step at the start and alter the date to something different, the date does NOT change. I've attached screen shots of everything Am I missing something?? I'm not a complete noob.... but I fear there must be a simple pebcak I'm missing. Global fields.pdf
  3. Hi All, Attached in excel is a graph I am trying to re-produce in Filemaker. Sheet 1 is the pivot table and graph, Sheet 2 is the raw data as exported from FM. I find charting difficult enough in FM, and am not even sure if FM can produce such a graph? Basically, I'm at a complete loss! Any guidance/assistance would be most appreciated. TIA Rundown of data: count number of instances grouped (i.e 4 x 1 ; 2 x 2 ; 1 x 3 etc = x in 1-7 ) grouped by author; year Graph.zip
  4. I have a table (A) with a field in it with the address as a string. There are 210,000+ records In another table (, I have 3 fields that make up part of the basis of the address as per above (state, postcode, suburb). This is an official list of postcodes and suburbs What I would like to do is do some sort of pattern count that would identify where one of the suburbs appeared in the legacy field in Table A and replace the three separate fields (state, postcode, suburb) with the appropriate information. i.e Table A Legacy Text = 28 Whatever Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Suburb = {TBC} State = {TBC} Postcode = {TBC} Table B Suburb State Postcode Link Table A to Table B and where a Suburb is found in the Legacy Text, insert Suburb, State, and Postcode as appropriate. The address in the Legacy table can be a mix of data (i.e some don't have postcodes, have lots of rubbish written in etc etc. So I need to only match where Suburb in Table B matches a word in Legacy Text in Table A. I tried to do a join where PatternCount(Legacy Text; {Join Table B Suburb}) to no avail. TIA
  5. Hi, I have a FM Database which interfaces SQL. My problem at the moment is having images appear via reference. I can get it to work if I have the path in FM (the serial TrademarkID is still coming from SQL), but even though the exact same result, as soon as I have the path all coming from SQL it says it can't find the image To get it to work Calculation returned as container (TrademarkID is SQL field) Image = “imagewin://{server}/d$/Images/Trademarks/” & TrademarkID & “.jpg” How I am trying to get it to work : Image = Calculation ImageFilePath as container ImageFilePath returns correct path as above SQL: ImageFilePath = X.ImageFilePath + T.TrademarkID + '.' + ImageExt as ImageFilePath Where X.ImageFilePath (constant) imagewin://{server}/d$/Images/Trademarks/ TrademarkID variable serial ImageExt variable extension
  6. More and more as I go on, I wonder if the SQL link ups I've seen work come from one flat table. I'm trying to create a Staff Database interface which comes from many tables in SQL. I have created a view as one source, but that doesn't cut it in many regards - especially when updating data. Of course it could otherwise just be my lack of knowledge One example I'm currently working on is displaying a filepath as a container image (i.e staff photo). In SQL I have calculated it as {serverpathstuff from SQL with ConcatenationofNameandDOB.jpg}. In filemaker when I pick up this field, it obviously defines it as text, when I need it to display as a container. The table linked to the layout in FM is the SQL table. I have created a FM native "BitsAndBobs" type table which has a global field that picks up the field above, and returns it as a container. i.e StaffSQLTable Field: {ImageFilePath} Field: {PersonID} BitsAndBobs Field: {kf_PersonID} Field: {gImage} (calculation field returning StaffSQLTable::ImageFilePath as container) I've then used a on record load script to set the StaffSQLTable::kp_StaffID and obviously gImage goes and picks up the image file path. So, in summary - is there a better way to display a text string as an image container on FM, when the layout is directly linked to a SQL table? TIA
  7. Hi, I haven't had much to do with SQL, but with the inclusion of a new member of staff who's a SQL guru, I wanted to use Filemaker to be the front end to his tables. Prove its worth as you will. The issue is, the guides have been of no assistance. I have created a connection to the SQL database. I have then created a layout in filemaker where the underlying table is the SQL table. I want to now be able to execute a search and return only those records that match. I've simplified it down to no avail Where $PersonID is the value of David Execute SQL [DSN:ASPIRE; Calculated SQL Text:"select * from people where firstname = '" & $PersonID & "'" I can run the query in SQL and return records where firstname = David, but for the life of me cannot do the same in Filemaker. What am I doing wrong? I have tried a Refresh Window after the excute. Am I correct in how I've interfaced FM to SQL? That is, create the DSN, then add it as an external source? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Late to the party... but I have to say that is one heck of an ugly database layout design. And that's saying something, since I know I have no artistic talent.
  9. You could always create a relationship between the primary key of the table (and itself) then use GTRR and select "show in new window"
  10. Hi, I have a bucket load of hosted databases and am trying to do a new menu layout. I attach a cut-down version of the menu. The previous version had layouts with links hard written onto each layout. In the new version, I've used a portal so when the user clicks on a practice area, the portal displays only those databases for that section. See attached screenshot. I realise I could create a script to open each database, and then create a script along the lines of "if name = {databasename} then run {databasename} script" But am trying to do a more sophisticated way by sending the open event based on filename. It won't open any of the files. I am currently using FM11.03 (server 9). In the example, I have put the filename for Insure-it (Lit_Insurance) The full file path is GADBNESRV-04DataFM9-DatabasesLITIGATION (gadbnesrv-04 is the name for IP I attach a screenshot of the open remote file dialog - you can see the network file path is the same (unless I need new glasses) I have tried: Including the group folder (i.e Litigation) Excluding the group folder using the entire path ( include and exclude the .fp7 extension Do I have the right concept/send event? Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? The error is a No.3 - Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.) database login: admin (no password) ~Database Menu.zip
  11. I was just coming in to mention this. Annoying It's Control in windows /last of the diehard windows users
  12. Per my original post only those works available (i.e not sold) will be listed when selecting from the line items drop down list I have to have line items for the invoice because I may also be importing from an online site (that is not of my creation). i.e I need to work with the original design - Artwork <-> Line Item <-> Invoice In the portal on the Invoice, the Line Item drop down needs to be a list of the artworks available (i.e NOT sold). The record on the Artworks table identifies as being sold if there is a corresponding item found in line items i.e Sum(Artworks_InvoiceLineItems::Constant).
  13. and yet I can't get it to work /frustrated It won't let me index the field(s)
  14. Well none of it is the answer to my original question either!!!! invoice has artworks, freight, insurance, framing, commission...
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