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  1. hi there i have a database for mailings. The address is made up of several fields, some of which are ofthen left blank. On printing letters, it used to get rid of the spaces, i.e slide the next line up. it stop doing this know. gow do i make it do so again? thank in advance. ss
  2. hi dj you make it sound straight forward:) at a risk of sounding a bit thick.. how do i specify a default for a field ss
  3. hi there i have a radio buttom with to options. I want to set it up such that clicking one of the options will add the current date into a seperate field, where as clicking the other will not. Im having trouble getting my head round how i should assemble the script. can anyone help?
  4. ola does anyone now how you can 'print to email' i.e send a FM formated invoice via email. Are there any plugins for windows? is it a standard feature? thanks
  5. hi kurt cheers... how do i specify which field each sort buttom relates to? ss
  6. hey guys i've created a report in list layout.. i need to be able to sort by atleast 2 of the columns(fields)... i've created 2 buttoms, placed above each of the 2 columns... i cant however create a script to sort the specified column... anybody know how i can set up 2 seperate sort scrips on the same layout? cheers ss
  7. im running windows ME... so i'll go with what you first suggested sheers dood ss
  8. hi there in need to be able to save word docs as attachments within my fm database... can anyone tell me how this is possible?? ss
  9. ola i'm getting well into FM ( and web stuff). I've just created a custom homepage for publishing FM databases. - alas the DA which is linked to this page is 'really ugly', reminds me of my first girlfriend. How can i go about changing the way the db looks on the web? - it seems to be drawing an orange and brown template - also, (sorry to be thick) but does anyone know how to find the IP address of a PC? cheers ears soot, london
  10. hi guys i need to make a couple of fields (one drop down menu and 2 alpha numeric) REQUIRED fields such that the user cannot move on until the data is collected. I cant find how to do this in the manual. I'm not particularly technical, so if anyone can describe how to do this i will be eternally greatful. kind regards soot
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