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  1. You can entirely disable deletion handling in MirrorSync by editing the MirrorSync.xml file (if you're on Windows, this is at C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\conf\Catalina\localhost\MirrorSync.xml. Find this line and change "auto" to "never": <Parameter name="deletionScanning" value="auto" />
  2. It is most likely caused by one of the two causes mentioned in the error message. MirrorSync 6 does an extra validation step before deleting records to double-check that the record is really missing, that will fix the problem.
  3. The script didn’t change between 6.1164 and 6.12, so we just left it.
  4. Try creating a new blank FileMaker database. Write a single script, with a single script step, Insert from URL. Use that URL and insert it into a text field. Let me know what the result is in the text field. Be sure to run it from the same device same network that you're having problems with.
  5. Please be more detailed, Ian. Did you try the steps? Tell me what message you're getting, and whether you're getting it in the browser or when you try to sync.
  6. Try pasting that URL into your web browser, from the same computer or device that was having the problem, using the same network connection as that device. If you get a message like "MirrorSync is working, but only the MirrorSync script should call this URL," then that means the network connection is OK - try the sync again immediately after that and see if it works. If you get some sort of error message instead, then there is a network issue that needs to be fixed before MirrorSync can work.
  7. This problem is almost certainly related to changes being made by users in time zones that are outside of the FileMaker server’s time zone, specifically west of the server. The solution is explained here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Does_MirrorSync_work_with_timezones.3F —Jesse Barnum
  8. You do not need to uninstall. Run the 6.12 installer on the server, and that is all that is required. 6.12 will still work with the older scripts in your existing offline files, but to get all of the script improvements between 6.11 and 6.12 (noted with the tag [Worker script] in the changelog), copy and paste the MirrorSync 6 worker script from the included MirrorSync Support.fmp12 file into your hosted FileMaker database. Then, whenever offline users get a new copy of the database from the server, they'll get the latest script improvements.
  9. There are two ways that you can prevent records from being deleted on the SQL database when they are deleted in FMS. 1) You can set MirrorSync to simply ignore all deletions. This is easy to change, but it applies to all tables and all configurations. If you want to do this, modify the file at C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\conf\Catalina\localhost\MirrorSync.xml. Find the 'deletionScanning' parameter and change it from 'auto' to 'never'. 2) You can set up SQL as the hub, and FMS as the spoke. If you do that, then tables set for bidirectional sync will sync deletions, but tabl
  10. I'll answer your second question first. Yes, it is very easy in MirrorSync to only sync records that match certain find criteria. This is done using regular FileMaker finds, like this example to only include Job records for the current user where the status is Active. If[ Get( LayoutName ) = "Sync_Jobs" ] Enter Find Mode Set Field[ Job::Status; "Active" ] Set Field[ Job::Username: Get( AccountName ) ] Constrain Found Set End If See the MirrorSync 6 script and read the comments; it will tell you were to insert these steps. Records not matching this criteria are *deleted
  11. I'm not sure how to tell the difference between the users intention in these cases (reviewing a backup vs syncing a file), maybe you could use a different account name for reviewing the backups and set the script that calls MS to branch based on the account name, or better yet, privilege set. Also, you can click 'cancel' on the dialog that asks you for the device name, and that will stop the sync without ever communicating with the server.
  12. Sorry Stephen, I don't quite understand, can you explain with more context? Are you saying that there is a startup script that calls the MirrorSync script, and you don't want that to happen? Are we talking about a server-to-server sync or a client-to-server sync?
  13. Hi Ian - a few questions. 1) Is FileMaker configured as the hub or the spoke in this sync? 2) Ordinarily, if a record is deleted in FileMaker, do you also want it to be deleted in SQL Server? Or should deletions never be synced? --Jesse Barnum
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