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  1. Hi Dave - this is discussed in the advanced docs here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_6_advanced_topics#How_do_I_install_MirrorSync_on_Linux.3F I'll add a link from the basic docs section, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. We don't provide an installer for MirrorSync on Linux yet, but you're welcome to install Tomcat yourself on Ubuntu (there are numerous tutorials for doing this), and then drop in the MirrorSync.war file into the webapps folder like you would with any Tomcat web application. If you don't feel confident installing Tomcat on Ubuntu, spin up a new EC2 instance to practice with. If you'd like us to do the install for you, we're happy to help but it's outside the scope of our free tech support - let me know if you want an estimate for doing that.
  3. I can't say that I've specifically tested that exact sequence of events, but the intention is that it should work. Reducing the sync to only the fields on the layout, and adding those fields on only the hub copy, should cause that subset of fields to be synced with existing offline copies made prior to the hub changes.
  4. Hi Jason! In the screen where you select the sync direction, there is a choice there to either sync all fields in the table, or all fields on the layout. If you pick the all fields in table option, then it makes no difference what is on the layout - you can have fields or not, it will always sync all of them (but BE SURE to not have any script triggers on that layout). If you pick the second option, then it will only sync fields on the layout. So if you want to limit which fields sync, put all the fields you want on the layout and then pick the option to only sync fields on the layout. --Jesse Barnum
  5. You can entirely disable deletion handling in MirrorSync by editing the MirrorSync.xml file (if you're on Windows, this is at C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\conf\Catalina\localhost\MirrorSync.xml. Find this line and change "auto" to "never": <Parameter name="deletionScanning" value="auto" />
  6. It is most likely caused by one of the two causes mentioned in the error message. MirrorSync 6 does an extra validation step before deleting records to double-check that the record is really missing, that will fix the problem.
  7. The script didn’t change between 6.1164 and 6.12, so we just left it.
  8. Try creating a new blank FileMaker database. Write a single script, with a single script step, Insert from URL. Use that URL and insert it into a text field. Let me know what the result is in the text field. Be sure to run it from the same device same network that you're having problems with.
  9. Please be more detailed, Ian. Did you try the steps? Tell me what message you're getting, and whether you're getting it in the browser or when you try to sync.
  10. Try pasting that URL into your web browser, from the same computer or device that was having the problem, using the same network connection as that device. If you get a message like "MirrorSync is working, but only the MirrorSync script should call this URL," then that means the network connection is OK - try the sync again immediately after that and see if it works. If you get some sort of error message instead, then there is a network issue that needs to be fixed before MirrorSync can work.
  11. This problem is almost certainly related to changes being made by users in time zones that are outside of the FileMaker server’s time zone, specifically west of the server. The solution is explained here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Does_MirrorSync_work_with_timezones.3F —Jesse Barnum
  12. You do not need to uninstall. Run the 6.12 installer on the server, and that is all that is required. 6.12 will still work with the older scripts in your existing offline files, but to get all of the script improvements between 6.11 and 6.12 (noted with the tag [Worker script] in the changelog), copy and paste the MirrorSync 6 worker script from the included MirrorSync Support.fmp12 file into your hosted FileMaker database. Then, whenever offline users get a new copy of the database from the server, they'll get the latest script improvements.
  13. There are two ways that you can prevent records from being deleted on the SQL database when they are deleted in FMS. 1) You can set MirrorSync to simply ignore all deletions. This is easy to change, but it applies to all tables and all configurations. If you want to do this, modify the file at C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\conf\Catalina\localhost\MirrorSync.xml. Find the 'deletionScanning' parameter and change it from 'auto' to 'never'. 2) You can set up SQL as the hub, and FMS as the spoke. If you do that, then tables set for bidirectional sync will sync deletions, but tables that are one-way from spoke to hub will ignore deletions (MS never deletes records on the hub, if they are deleted from the spoke and the sync direction is one-way from spoke to hub). This is not really an ideal approach; you may not want to do a bidirectional sync, and getting the initial sync to work will be complicated. I'd recommend option #1. --Jesse Barnum
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