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  1. Renaming devices ?

    Sorry, not possible. I’ll put it on the feature request list.
  2. Duplicate entries...a lot of them

    Please use the 'Send problem report and log files' hyperlink on the MirrorSync launch page. This will send use your log file. Please be sure to include at least one example primary key of a record that was duplicated.
  3. Invalid parameter binding(s)

    I'd also recommend taking a close look at your field names. Look for question marks (?), single quotes or backquotes (') or (`). If you see anything like that, change the name and try again.
  4. Unexpected deletions

    Do you have a ticket #? I'm not sure who's working on your issue.
  5. Unexpected deletions

    We'll need the server log file in order to do any troubleshooting on this. Go to the MirrorSync launch page in your browser (http://yourserveraddress/MirrorSync), click the 'Send problem report and log files', and add any details about what happened (it may not be me looking at it, so repeat what you've posted here on the forum). In your case, be sure to also set the date to when the deletion occurred, so that it will send the log files for that date. I don't think repair or reset sync data is very likely to be relevant in this case.
  6. 4D and mirrosync

    Kinda maybe sorta... ;-) I've never used the JDBC-ODBC bridge, and it sounds like it's been removed in Java 8: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/jdbc/bridge.html With that said, MirrorSync can work with Java 7, so if you want, we could try to help with this setup. We'd need to bill for our time, and I can't make any promises that it would work. If you'd like to proceed, let me know and I'll get you in touch with Sterling, our project manager.
  7. 4D and mirrosync

    ODBC and JDBC are not the same thing - let me know if you find a JDBC driver
  8. 4D and mirrosync

    If there is a JDBC driver for 4D then yes, we should be able to sync it with FileMaker. However, I'm not sure that any JDBC driver exists. I see an old 2004 press release about it here (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20040316005800/en/4D-Releases-Free-JDBC-Driver-Java-based-Connectivity), but the download link from that page goes to a 404 error. If you're able to find a JDC driver and would like our assistance setting this up, we can do this at our standard hourly rate of $185/hour.
  9. Using SMTP server to dispatch emails

    Have you tired 'smtps' (lowercase)? If so, send me a private message with that whole section of the MirrorSync.xml file (with passwords blanked out)
  10. Using SMTP server to dispatch emails

    I haven't changed that since the last time we talked about it, so I'm pretty sure it should still work.
  11. Multiple Users One Device

    Sorry for the slow response, I just got back from the Scandinavian Developer Conference so I've fallen behind on emails... If all users have access to all records, then it should be safe to share the same database file.
  12. Upgrade process from 3 to 4

    No problem - go to http://mirrorsync.com. If you already have a license key (free or paid), click the link that says 'Download the current version'. Otherwise, click the 'Free download' button, fill in the form, and download MirrorSync. When you unzip the download, you'll see that document in the top level of the download folder.
  13. Upgrade process from 3 to 4

    This is explained in some detail in the 'IMPORTANT 4.0 update notes.txt' document included with the MirrorSync 4 download.
  14. As far as sync order goes, primary keys are always first, followed by foreign keys, followed by regular fields, followed by any field with an auto-enter option, followed by container fields. Within each group, the order is alphabetical.
  15. Sync User Accounts?

    It's a very, very bad idea for users to share the same copy of the database if there will be record level restrictions. Let's say that user A has been syncing, and then user B logs in to the same offline copy with a different account with access to different records and runs a sync. Best case scenario, your syncs will run extremely slowly, because MirrorSync will delete all of user A's records, and insert user B's records. This will reoccur each time that a different user logs in. Worst case scenario, the syncs will delete records on FileMaker Server, because depending on how your filtering is done, it may appear to MirrorSync that user A deleted the records since they may not be visible when user B logs in and runs the sync. You should instead have many copies of the offline file, one for each user. It's fine for all of these copies to exist on the same device / computer.

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