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  1. Jesse Barnum

    Local Notifications and Sync?

    That's a good question; I don't know if that script step is associated with a particular database file, a database name, or a window.
  2. Jesse Barnum

    Local Notifications and Sync?

    That depends on how you're doing the local notifications. If it's an OnTimer script step, you'll need to re-schedule that with the new file, because OnTimer is associated with a particular window. Fundamentally, what happens with MirrorSync's autodeploy feature is: * Finish sync * Download temp file to container field * Export temp container field to local file system * Open temp file, close live file * Download new version into temp file container field * Export new version, overwriting previous version * Open new version
  3. Jesse Barnum

    ScriptMaster and FileMaker Server 17

    We just posted a new version of ScriptMaster about an hour ago - version 5.1. I think that will fix the problem; please give it a shot and let me know if that resolves the issue.
  4. The only thing I can think of is temporarily disabling modification timestamps, finding all the records that you know the contractor modified, and setting the modstamp manually backwards in time prior to when any of your offline users would have synced.
  5. Jesse Barnum

    Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    There was a change made in version 4.00591 that makes this process more reliable when using FileMaker Pro/Go 16 or later.
  6. Jesse Barnum

    Questions about DBDOWNLOAD

    OK, I haven't seen that happen in Windows before. If it seems to be a reproducible issue, contact support@360works.com and we'll get your log files to see why that's happening.
  7. Jesse Barnum

    Questions about DBDOWNLOAD

    Mac or Windows server?
  8. Jesse Barnum

    Questions about DBDOWNLOAD

    For empty clones, a full copy of the database is created as well as an empty clone. We wish it didn't work this way, but that's a limitation of how the fmsadmin command line tool works.
  9. Jesse Barnum

    Questions about DBDOWNLOAD

    When the MirrorSync process receives a download request, it: * Pauses the database * Duplicates it into the OS temp directory. If you selected the empty clone option when creating the MirrorSync download URL, then an empty structure-only clone is also created. There is not a way to change the location currently, if you need that we can get you a quote for customizing that. * Resumes the database * Sends the duplicate to the client with gzip compression * Deletes the duplicate (on Windows. With Mac, we don't have permission to delete the duplicates because we are not running as the same user as FMS).
  10. Here is latest build: http://s3.dualstack.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/360Works MirrorSync 4.008112.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1526937572&Signature=Cu%2BVqnHPkCamPsU7G0GZUYPwxlo%3D Heidi, that's great news. I've posted the latest build in case it's helpful.
  11. Hello Heidi - I had a chance to review the log files, it clearly looks like a firewall issue, but then I can telnet in on that port, which clearly means it's not 😛 Would it be possible to give me access to some database on the FM Cloud server (could be a test database) so that I can see if I run into the same problem configuring from my own copy of MirrorSync?
  12. Jesse Barnum

    Sync Hub to Spoke okay...Spoke to Hub not so much

    OK, I would recommend setting those values in the spoke (FM) database to validate that they are not empty, that will at least stop MirrorSync from complaining about that. Regarding the foreign keys not working, I'm going to need to see the log files to help with this. To do that please: 1) Modify a record in the spoke to change its foreign key of which record it points to 2) Assuming that fails, go to the MirrorSync launch page in your browser and click the 'Send problem report and log files' link 3) In the problem report page, please be sure to specify the primary key of the child record you changed, the name of the table, the name of the foreign key field, the value you entered in the spoke, and the value that was actually stored in the hub. That will send me the MirrorSync log files, and I can review what happened during the sync to try to figure out why it's setting the wrong value. Oh, one last thing, please reply back here in FMForums with your ticket number so that I can find it easily.
  13. Jesse Barnum

    Sync Hub to Spoke okay...Spoke to Hub not so much

    Those fields shouldn't be orange... can you hover over one of them with your mouse and see if there is a tooltip message?
  14. Heidi, can you try the configuration with FMCloud as the hub? When it fails, go to the MirrorSync launch page in your browser and select the option to send a problem report with log files.

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