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  1. Sure, it's rough so there are some things around the sides that need to be fixed. It is aslo a modified template, what is the legality of redistributing that template? Also maybe someone could point me to a downloadable template that has a portal in it, all of FMP's built in templates come with a list mode and don't use portals, or at least the ones I've looked at. And remember it is going to be something REALLY obvious and stupid (like mistaking something for something else) which is a sad thing that I do when I start new programs.
  2. Anybody? Thanks for your help steve, here and in the other post.
  3. yeah your right, I am just going to prompt for a password when someone tries to give a custom price. Well, I didn't read it as a flame but I thought you were a bit peeved. The only problem with the drop down method was that I had to label the costs also, entering the data and manipulating it was akward. I was asking for a different method and realized I was focusing on what I wanted in POS and just trying to transfer it over to the inventory. That's not good design, I made it a lot easier by just making two fields for two prices. I didn't communicate hat the problems were. This post is useless, I really need to make sure what I say on a post makes sense, writing at 2 in the morning is bad. Sorry (the fine manual is getting thumbed a lot)
  4. Look, I'm not asking you to tell me ho to do the pluming. What I was asking is "I need toilets in my skyscraper, what do I use to make that happen?" and you would say "pluming." I am a newbie which makes me inherently stupid, I apologize for that and I have flamed quite a few in my time also. I know that experience is the only thing that can teach me, and I am working on that. I know I have to "design and create," I'm done with the design and now all I have to do is finish creating. I already know "design solutions" at least in the sense of interface as I have been practicing Jef Raskin's design principles for a couple of years now, but your right that I do need experience in managing he data. I don't know much about relational databases and relationships but I do understand the concepts, I have done a few calculation operations with my fields and made a handful of scripts. I don't know CDML but do have HTML skills (I don't need web solutions however). I can and I have been devoting a goodly amount of time to making this since I don't have money to hire someone to do it or expect anyone but me to do it. And I certainly don't expect anyone on this board to do it. I am used to Open Source or at least white papers so I can borrow ideas (and code) to hack together what I am doing. Starting from scratch is never fun and if someone out there has made something similar that you can model after or use their's and change it I would just as soon do that. I'm not trying to be cheap, just practical. I just don't know the power of FMP and it's limits and that's why i asked such a broad question. I guess I didn't phrase what I was asking well, next time I will be more careful. Thank you for the mild criticism
  5. I don't understand what you mean. They both use the same relationship, and the portal is hooked up to the same database it is in. On both sides of what?
  6. Is there no open source projects? How difficult would it be to use some other enviroments in conjunction with FMP (like Perl). So no suggestions on how to go about the shopping list? what about making and amending a text file? I have two things I want to use that for.
  7. It's a text field. Does it need to be something else?
  8. What do I use for the shopping list I described. What do I use for making the record of transactions. And does anyone know of a free equivilant of SMTPit 3.0?
  9. I brought the field to the front, didn't work. I check the relationship, the Portal has the Item relationship and the field has the Item relationship with the field "item" selected. Did I miss anything?
  10. Aghh, I did this once and it didn't post I'll try it again. I need some direction, I am new to FMP and am unsure on how to do things. I have the FMP Bible (the greatest series of computer books on earth) and have a handle on FMP, so really I don't need a step by step but an "ohh, use this..." type of answer. If I have questions I will come and ask. Okay I am making POS and Inventory software. I am having some issues with the inventory but I'm dealing with that in another post. I need the POS software to do three things, one is that it contains a shopping list. When someone scans in a barcode or finads an item in the database I want the person to add that item to a list at the bottom of the screen. This list is a shopping list for the customer, it doesn't need to be permanent but it does need to add up the total cost with tax. I also need the list to keep a ACSII text of transactions. I also need to have variable sale prices, one for regular, one for employees, and one custom one so that the owner can give special deals. I want to select witch price from a radio button or drop down menu, but that is not an absolute. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. nope relationships are the same. I make a portal, place a field on it, select the same relationships, and nothing. In browse mode it just shows a field on top of a portal. One wierd thing does happen though. When I am in browse mode and the field that is on the portal is filled in there seems to be another field right below the first on the portal. I dunno what that means but it is wierd. This portal should show me a list of records in the database no matter what record I am on in browse mode right?
  12. Hello, I am new to FMP and am currently making an inventory/POS software for a client. Basically I want some general advice since i can figure out how to do things after I am told where to look. The inventory is almost done, I have one problem that I am dealing with in another post. The POS on the other hand is a little more difficult. I now next to nothing about POS and know what I would like it to do. I want it so that when someone scans a barcode the item is automatically added to a shopping list in FMP. the cashier should also be able to look for the item in inventory (which is in the same window just above the pos) and add it to the list. I then want to make it so that FMP opens the cash droor and adjusts the inventory. What should I use for this list? A portal? I also want FMP to make and keep up a file of every transaction with details about what was sold and what cashier sold it. I think I can figure out how to manage workgroups and log-ins but I'm not sure about this file of transactions and can I have FMP keep up two copies, one on a separate machine? There are a bunch of extras but i will figure those out later. Just tell me to "look into X (with Y enabled) for the shopping list and ask someone else about the file of transactions" Thanks!!
  13. Okay, I'm an idiot. I am trying to set up a portal to show in list view the inventory from the database (there is only one database). I drag out the portal, select "Item" in the show records field, click okay, drop a field on there, and nothing. The portal shows a list-type box and nothing else. I doesn't matter if the field is relational or not or if i group it or not, or any other the options for the protal format are different. I have been using filemaker help and the Filemaker Pro Bible (the greatest series of reference books on earth!) and they describe the exact procedure I am telling you about right now. The relationship I am using is set up like this: the relationship name is item, relationsip is the time= :item and they are the same field in the same database. Is that the problem, that it is the same database. I have read that it is okay to do that but... I've had this happen with other programs and I am sure it is somehting obvious, any help would be greatly apperciated and i am sorry to add the the list of newbies that have posted here with the some stupid problems. I at least have RFMed.
  14. Hi, I am a new FMP user and am actually starting out developing POS and Inventory software for my friends/employers. I am an interface designer (one of the reasons I chose FMP, interface is given equal credence) and HATE "modes." They are bad and they are evil and they will suck you soul. Anyway is there any way to display the "list" view and the "form" view at the same time? Like have a "form" view on the left hand side and have the "list" of things on the right? Or do I have to have them in seperate windows?
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