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  1. As you probably have seen from my earlier threads I struggled to get php working but thanks to help including you it is working fine. What I can say is that I haven’t had to place my website in the filemaker directory and it resides on a separate server. The FileMaker php file and fold reside in the web data folder.
  2. Not sure I understand wouldn’t you just; copy ID to a variable go to orders table find using the variable duplicate set date return to portal
  3. Hello - hoping for some PHP help I have a search function working on my website (see arina.biz/search.php) Basically it gives a list of search tags in a checkbox field and after a submit the results then follow under. I am thinking it might work better functionally if the results came up on the righthand side of the webpage - and in an independently scrollable frame!! I though about separating the two halves of the script but would the results then recognise the search variables? Thanks all I have attached my basic script Searchbackup.php
  4. again thanks - I know this is OT but would the web page would still use PHP script which the REST API refers to? understood as Im already hosting FM data on a website using the PHP API
  5. thanks So using the REST API it would be possible to host Filemaker data on a webpage?
  6. I see this is a fairly old post - are either PHP and applescript now supported? Also is there a comparison table somewhere to see what the limitations of Filemaker cloud are?
  7. Interesting - so this survives a computer reboot?
  8. thanks - the key is the rightvalues which I saw in a different CF by Comment. I have a numbering CF from the Brian dunning site which I can now simplify too.
  9. I think I have cracked it. Let([ Line = GetValue( text; 1 ); VC = ValueCount(text) ]; Case ( VC > 0 ;BulletChar&line & ¶ & BulletList ( RightValues ( text ; VC - 1 ) ;BulletChar) ;) ) Thanks for your help Olger
  10. Thanks Olger - unfortunately this goes into an indefinite loop
  11. I Have custom Function BulletList(Text,BulletChar,Start) which is supposed to add the bullet character at the start of each value. I have been scratching my head all day trying to get it to be recursive. Let([ VC=ValueCount(text); Line=BulletChar & " " & GetValue(text;start) ]; Case(start≤VC;line &¶& BulletList(Line;BulletChar;Start+1);) ) Any pointers would be great. I actually don't want to have the "Start" variable but thought I needed a counter to exit the function and a way to increment the getvalue.
  12. The custom ports in v16 work just fine. I wonder why the option was removed?
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