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  1. Web viewer of Google maps not the same as browser

    My previous post resolved by issue. ?force=tt makes google run in full mode. Maybe your circumstances are different.
  2. Hello all - I think this is more complex than it seems. I have a table of rooms with variations criteria to describe it. Actually it is a lot of rooms (a university). I would like the user to be able to save a suite of rooms ideally with a flag field so a further search is by the flag only. This found set would be a "project" where the data can be analysed. Where it is getting difficult is the ability to have multiple projects, each with a Name for reference and reporting. Ideally I would like a portal which shows the full list of projects projects - say up to 10 options and a check box which acts as the search flag. My thoughts are I need three tables - ROOM Table>>>{=room ID=}>>>Flag table (used for searches) and a Name table For support I have added a file flagged rooms.fmp12
  3. Reporting a string of child relationships

    Thanks - I have decided to report by rooms and have a separate report for equipment. Not ideal but probably the best.
  4. Web viewer of Google maps not the same as browser

    That is odd as I have it on my iPad now and I don't see the lighting bolt (and the full features are still missing - e.g. plane) I think I have solved the issue - use ?force=tt at then of the URL
  5. Web viewer of Google maps not the same as browser

    Interesting - Im using Mac Sierra and FM 16 advanced. if I click the lightning bolt I only get a popup message " - You're in Lite mode Your browser version may not support the full Google Maps. Learn more" API is probably outside my level of competence.
  6. Web viewer of Google maps not the same as browser

    Thanks Steve that is the reason. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to force the viewer into full mode and the lighting bolt doesn't give that option either. Must be a limitation of the viewer.
  7. Web viewer of Google maps not the same as browser

    My default browser is Safari. I do have chrome installed but the web image looks the same on both browsers
  8. Hello I have a personal travel itinerary database where I can view destinations and travel routes using the web viewer. I notice that when use maps.google.com.au the web viewer is different to the one I see in safari (Mac OS Sierra). Key features of the Bowser version are not available including a tab button to hide the destination information and additional travel options such as Plane. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and better still if it can be corrected. For convenience I have attached a file showing examples. Thanks webviewer test.fmp12.zip
  9. Can't upload new solution to server

    It was to do with password protected files; under database server>> security>>Require Password-Protected Databases probably not your issue but it did catch me on a couple of files.
  10. Can't upload new solution to server

    There is a new v16 security option that can be unchecked in the admin console which will prevent uploads
  11. Hi I have a DB where I have a string of Relationships with tables as follows: Room Type>>Room Name>>Equipment in room. There will always be a Room type and always at least one Room Name but not always a piece of Equipment in the room. The tidiest way I have found to report this is from the Equipment table and use field sliding to remove potentially large areas of blank as Equipment detail varies significantly can be very detailed and may include photographs and special additional detail and notes, but without a piece of equipment in a room the reporting misses that room (and room type). I am currently resorting to using a dummy equipment record. So, Ideally I would like to report using the room name table but as Portal sliding options are limited and making a list of equipment would also not be good as there are many different field types to report on and seems overly complicated. Any suggestions and Thanks in advance.
  12. Color-assigned sort indicator

    Provide a prominent sort button might be enough. I'm not sure this will work in Go but control your users menu options and force your users to use a scripted sort.
  13. Connecting to Xero

    Thanks Rwoods. Any plugin that you know of?
  14. Connecting to Xero

    Hi does anyone know of a tutorial or other instructions for connecting to Xero (cloud finance software)
  15. The other alternative is to have a related receipts table and drop the new files into a portal. That way they have a unique date or description.

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