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  1. I have a solution in Cloud 2 - does anyone know if it is possible to connect a QGIS project to filemaker (in the cloud)?
  2. Thanks Wim - yes I have v18 going on 19. Is there a simple tutorial to help me work through the process?
  3. I wonder if anyone has successful communication with dRofos software https://wiki.drofus.com/display/DV/API or any other comments? Thanks John
  4. I have script which calls the contents of a cell eg set Proj_name to get cell "Project»DATA::project folder name" of current record It has been working fine recently but today I noticed it stopped working. if I run the scriptn directly in AppleScript I get "FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: A privilege violation occurred." I have Allow Apple event and Active X turned on in extended Privileges. Recent events have been Catalina upgrade and moved the files to filemaker cloud but the script has worked since and I get an error on a local file too. Any ideas?
  5. Im wondering if there are any issues installing server 18 on a Mojave system. Also what is the best java version to install ( if needed) thanks
  6. Also is the list always three items long? As you could use rightwords within a getvalue for each line.
  7. Based on what I can see you can just use Getvalue(text,3) but this assumes the string has just 2 line breaks. If this is not true then you will need to use a series of calculations ( or a LET statement) Let ([ text=your_https_string, len=length(text) , pos=Position ( text ; "https" ; 1 ; 1 )], Right ( text ; len-pos+1) )
  8. Randy - Can you give me an example of the Google string? Also you might like to tell us what your database is recording and what you are trying to do with the information
  9. Without seeing the text you will be able to parse the required info . using pseudo code (sorry on iPad) Let([text=google string, Text= substitute(text, “http”,paragraph symbol & “http”)], getvalue(text,2) )
  10. Use a calculation to say ‘No Invoices’ on the tab
  11. As you probably have seen from my earlier threads I struggled to get php working but thanks to help including you it is working fine. What I can say is that I haven’t had to place my website in the filemaker directory and it resides on a separate server. The FileMaker php file and fold reside in the web data folder.
  12. Not sure I understand wouldn’t you just; copy ID to a variable go to orders table find using the variable duplicate set date return to portal
  13. Hello - hoping for some PHP help I have a search function working on my website (see arina.biz/search.php) Basically it gives a list of search tags in a checkbox field and after a submit the results then follow under. I am thinking it might work better functionally if the results came up on the righthand side of the webpage - and in an independently scrollable frame!! I though about separating the two halves of the script but would the results then recognise the search variables? Thanks all I have attached my basic script Searchbackup.php
  14. again thanks - I know this is OT but would the web page would still use PHP script which the REST API refers to? understood as Im already hosting FM data on a website using the PHP API
  15. thanks So using the REST API it would be possible to host Filemaker data on a webpage?
  16. I see this is a fairly old post - are either PHP and applescript now supported? Also is there a comparison table somewhere to see what the limitations of Filemaker cloud are?
  17. Interesting - so this survives a computer reboot?
  18. thanks - the key is the rightvalues which I saw in a different CF by Comment. I have a numbering CF from the Brian dunning site which I can now simplify too.
  19. I think I have cracked it. Let([ Line = GetValue( text; 1 ); VC = ValueCount(text) ]; Case ( VC > 0 ;BulletChar&line & ¶ & BulletList ( RightValues ( text ; VC - 1 ) ;BulletChar) ;) ) Thanks for your help Olger
  20. Thanks Olger - unfortunately this goes into an indefinite loop
  21. I Have custom Function BulletList(Text,BulletChar,Start) which is supposed to add the bullet character at the start of each value. I have been scratching my head all day trying to get it to be recursive. Let([ VC=ValueCount(text); Line=BulletChar & " " & GetValue(text;start) ]; Case(start≤VC;line &¶& BulletList(Line;BulletChar;Start+1);) ) Any pointers would be great. I actually don't want to have the "Start" variable but thought I needed a counter to exit the function and a way to increment the getvalue.
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