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  1. Hello! I've been trying to configure FMServer Advanced to serve my database file over port 591, but I can only get it to work over port 80 (default). Where does one specify the port in Advanced? I see where to do this in the standalone version (File->Sharing), but don't see anything comparable in the Advanced version. Also, do I need to do anything to my Apache config (httpd.conf) file from the default OSX Panther installation? Thanks for any advice. Colin
  2. Can't understand why this works in Safari, but not in IE6 (WinXP) over Instant Web Publishing: I have a portal. Over a row, I've laid a transparent button so users can click on the portal row and it executes a script that takes them somewhere else. Works fine when I'm in Safari, but IE6 doesn't "see" the button (no "finger" appears). I do have Javascript enabled in both browsers. This is driving me NUTS. Any ideas? TIA, cooldaze (I'm starting to hate windows again.)
  3. Ahh, thanks Ralph, that did it. A little less frustration with FM thanks to you! :-)
  4. This has got to be simple, but my mind is somehow missing the necessary "search" features at the moment! I have a text field that has a lot of text in it, so I need to display a scroll for my readers. But how do I do this without giving them entry into the field itself (they could change my text!) ? Using FM7. TIA.
  5. If the files are in any location other than the default location, you must manually do a "Get Info" on the database file. Under "Ownership & Permissions" specify fmsadmin as the "Group" and "Read & Write" for "Access." The schedule is being disabled because FM Server can't write to the specified location. HTH, Colin
  6. Stephen, Thanks for your post. We have 6 vans that we make available to club leaders who take their kids on different field trips, outings, etc. We want to make sure that we don't double-book a van, and that the person reserving the van is eligible to drive it (based on prior history and other criteria). A visual (graphical) depiction of which days/hours a van is reserved would be ideal, as the person coordinating the van reservations isn't always in the office and the rest of the staff must make the decision. That's why the idea of using a Calendar scheduling program occurred to m
  7. In addition to seeing each other's calendar and an organizational calendar of events, we have several (6) vans that we want to schedule. Are there other calendar/scheduling solutions available for FM Pro (FM Server/WinNT4 serving FMP5/W98 clients) that would work better which we should consider?
  8. Point taken, LiveOak. However, the idea of the excel form was that it would stay with the Club Leaders at their school and serve as a "Log" (on which they would record) for each member's activities over several weeks/meetings. I can't see them taking the time to re-list the member names and SIDs (in addition to activities) for each meeting. Or am I misunderstanding you?
  9. We (Right Moves For Youth) run Boys and Girls clubs in many of our local public schools. I'm trying to develop a system where we keep track of the activities of each club member at each club meeting (typically 1/week) so that we can rate their level of progress/participation in our program. I've developed an Excel form for use by the club leader in which all members (along with student ID#s) are listed vertically on the left-hand side. Columns for eight club meetings are provided horizontally across the top. For each member, the club leader would then indicate (under the appropriate colum
  10. I have two related files: a Students file and a Scores file. The Students file has a portal to the Scores file which shows different test scores for different years for different categories of tests (i.e., Reading, Math, Writing). From within Students, I want to be able to filter the Scores portal to show, say, only Reading scores over several past years. Then I want to export only these filtered records to an excel file so I can graph the trend in Reading scores over time. Can anyone give me some guidance how to do this? TIA
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