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  1. Many thanks for this, I suspected that I may have gone about my customer database a little bit simplistically! There are actually three entry validation fields in the database, one for username, one for password the other, a concatenated field that I am currently doing the "find" on. I thought I could do more-or-less what you have suggested on the concatenated field, but you are hinting that a relationship would achieve the "exact" match that a simple "find" can't do properly? I'll have a try at the relations approach. Thanks again
  2. A while back I set up (what was meant to be...) a small protected area for our customers. Access to the site was by performing a simple "find" on the unique username and password contained in each customer record. The site has grown quite big (400 customers) and only now do I realise that the "find" will work on EITHER password or username (and worse still on any part of either). I tested it when I first set it up and I was sure it was secure (obviously I was very wrong!) I have added the html <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-op" VALUE="eq"> to the form, but the find continues t
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