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  1. Good Morning! As I mentioned in my previous tread, I've been having problems importing images (just the references) into a container field and then viewing them in Filemaker on other computers on the network, via a mounted/shared folder. Well, I got it working fine, using the simple Insert Picture function, but for some reason the Batch Folder Import of images still doesn't work. Simply put, I can Insert a single picture into a container field and successfully view it through filemaker with a mounted shared folder on other computers, but when I import a folder of images, using the new folder import, and I correctly match fields, the images only show up on the computer that performed the import and not on any other. Am I missing something?? BTW, I'm using FM 6v2 Unlimited on Mac OS9.x Any help would be really appreciated... this is really quite frustrating... Thanks.
  2. I checked for those files on the computer with which I'm trying to view the images and they were all there. Thanks for the tip though... Another thought, it couldn't have to do with the fact that they are tifs could it? and not jpegs or some other image type??
  3. Yes... I don't know what to make of it. I didn't mention that I'm using 6.0 Unlimited. That wouldn't make a difference would it? Also, I'm the the new Folder import option as well. I don't know. Looking at the field that I imported the file path to, it looks fine... i.e. "File://FILEMAKER IMAGES/THUMBNAIL VIEW/02_0719_Photographs/t1973_22_21.tif", where "FILEMAKER IMAGES" is the mounted volume/shared folder. Thank you for your quick response. Alex
  4. Hello! I'm using Filemaker 6 in a Mac OS 9.x environment and I have been having trouble sharing images in a container field over a local network. Using Filemaker's Folder import fuction, I've been successfully importing images (just as a reference) into the database. They are all in a static shared folder, that everyone using the database has access to. However, when I mount the shared folder on another computer and then try to view the images in the respective records, I either get the "Cannot Draw Picture" error or just a black field. Yet I know the information is there, as I have a calculation field that tells me whether the field is empty... I'm kind of lost... any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
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