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  1. Never mind...I got this working. Not sure what I was doing wrong yesterday but it is working today.
  2. I am looking for some help. I am looking to do a nested if within a calculation. I am looking to change the email based on the arrival and departure dates and whether they are the same. The two different sentences would read: Greetings! This email is confirmation your upcoming visit to John's College on April 2, 2010. or if they are viting for more then one day it would read: Greetings! This email is confirmation your upcoming visit to John's College on April 2, 2000 through, April 3, 2010. Can I do this? When I try to add this the "through, April 3, 2010." it gives me errors and trys to make "through" a field. Any information or links to as to how to put a nested if inside a calculation field in the send mail cript I would appreciate it. Thanks, Janet
  3. I have a file that I download every morning, that is only "reset" or "cleaned out" every couple weeks. Which means every morning I get the new records in addition to what I downloaded have already downloaded yesterday. Right now I open yesterdays file and find the last record that I imported yesterday. Then I open my new file and delete yesterdays records out of the file before bringing it into filemaker. Because after I import this data some of it changes I dont want to import and have it update the records putting the records back to what they were when they sent in the original request on the web. My file contains a serial number I would like to have it match on the serial number and only import the new records, is there a plug in out there for this?
  4. sorry may was a bad example. It is not a 3 character month is is the whole word spelled out so the length will vary. The day also changes because they are giving me one character days for 1-9. I will look more closely at what you sent me and see if I can modify it.
  5. I have a file that I am trying to import into filemaker. The date is set up as follows: May 1, 2009 How do I convert those dates to something that filemaker recognizes as a date. I want to be able to sort and find on all these dates. Right now I am importing them into a field that is defined as a date but it displays a question mark. I feel like this is one of those things that should be so simple, but I cant find any solutions. Do I have to write a custom function for this?
  6. I have created a PDF in Filemaker 8.0v3 and when I open this PDF in Adobe 9 and try to print it it gives me an error of: "unable to start print job" "A drawing error occurred" The margins look good. I have even changed the paper size to 11X17 to make sure the margins are not the problem Any suggestions? Everything that I am finding when I google says it is not adobe it is the program that created the PDF...of course!
  7. :tigger: Thanks...that worked. Janet
  8. Hi Everyone, The datafile that I was given to work with has returns in it that are showing up in filemaker as ~}crlf} I know I can do a find and replace and take that data out but is there a symbol in filemaker that I can use that will put a return in so the data in this text field will show up properly. This is what it looks like: choral groups 9-12~}crlf}drama productions 9-12~}crlf}stu gov 9-12 class rep~}crlf}NHS 11, 12 VP~}crlf}special olympics 11, 12 This is what it should look like: choral groups 9-12 drama productions 9-12 stu gov 9-12 class rep NHS 11, 12 VP special olympics 11, 12 Suggestions?
  9. Yes, I could do everything else that was network related. This morning I have another users machine having the same issue. Interestingly enough they pushed Service Pack 3 onto her machine over the weekend. I am wondering if it is related to Service Pack 3 in any way, although I have other machines that are running fine with service pack 3.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didnt work. Our computing department has sent my computer to the shop to be reimaged. Thanks anyway
  11. I have a machine running windows XP and every time I try to launch FM8 and go into the databases that are on the server it locks my active directory account. All of my databases use active directory for authentication. If I take a different computer and log in with the same cridentials it lets me in fine. I had changed my active directory password and I have had trouble ever since. It is acting like my computer is still trying to pass the old password to the server in some way. I have: -Removed filemaker and reinstalled it -Moved my data and deleted the profile off the computer and started fresh with a new profile. -Restarted the filemaker server a few times -It doesnt even let me log in with a master username and password for the databases Still no luck....any suggestions?
  12. I am working on making a database for events that we get invited to. Some of them only happen once for one date, others are 3 or 4 days in a row, while others are all the weekends in october. What is the best way to store this if someone wants to go in and put in a date or date range and find out all of the events that are happening for those dates. Now that I am typing this I am thinking that the date and time should be in its own table? While the other event information is in anohter table. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Vaughan..thank you for the response. I have searched for lock record but I only want to lock certain fields not the entire record.
  14. I am sorry if I am not using the correct terminology here. I have a database that we use in our admissions office to track events school visits and information sessions. Once an event has been marked as "display on web" I don't want anyone to be able to change any of the location or date and time information. Can I lock a field so it is read only based on the value of another field? Would I do that with scripts? Thanks for your time. Janet
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