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  1. dkemme

    Fax issue

    I have seen this problem on the Mac side, seemed to improve by adding a few pauses prior to and after sending/printing to fax server, I felt that FMP was going to fast for everything to reset in the faxing software. I have not tested extensively though.
  2. Prior to perform find, try a loop, exit loop if ( search_field not = "" ), showmessage... , end loop, perform find. To catch the no record found, prior to the perform find loop ... Set Error Capture (On) Perform find exit loop If Get (found count) > 0 Show message "try again" end loop
  3. How about a find for Table A of the records than need to be copied, gotolayout based upon Table B, import records from Table A. But... I wonder if you need to rethink your design. How about a Table C that has all the names and Table A and B related back to the names by a Table C_ID.
  4. dkemme

    Label Select Print

    Another option is to use a dedicated label printer.
  5. Automatically loading after reboot is very dangerous. You need the control of opening the file to only trusted users that will not open and serve a file that was close incorrectly, leading to possible corruption. If the script will not run with the Run Now option, it is probably a problem with the script. Make sure you have selected a valid folder to copy to and that fmservd has permissions to read/write to that folder.
  6. If you really want to do the above, take a look at the replace function. You could find the records ready to copy the field and then replace them. I would wonder if you should look at your database structure. Why enter data in one field and then copy to another when a relationship would be better. F'rinstance, in my database I have a Patients, InsuranceCompany, Provider... tables that all need addresses. I then have one table for all the addresses with one field that identifies if for Patients, InsuranceCompany or Provider... as well as the ID for each of those tables. I only need to set the validations for one table for addresses and with a relationship, any Patients, InsuranceCompany, Provider table can use them.
  7. Script: NewWindow Goto layout based upon Invoice New Record Set field CustomerID [Get (scriptparameter) ] assuming CustomerID is the key joining Invoice to Customer From a button on the layout customer, create a button that calls this script and passes the CustomerID as the parameter.
  8. dkemme

    hipaa compliant

    For cosigns, we have user designate where the record needs to go next, and then eletronically sign. Then create a layout that will find all the records sent to a particular user.
  9. The problem is FM7, not productive computing. The only what to change with FM7 is by using UI elements which is very buggy. If you need to change printer you need to change to FM8.
  10. dkemme

    PageSender Woes

    This is fixed in FM 8.
  11. In the Mac world, this works better in 8 than 7.
  12. I doubt you would notice an improvement in performance and why change a setup that is working well!!!
  13. I don't think it safe to autostart, you run the risk of serving a corrupted file if machine restarted when files not closed correctly.
  14. Times (as well as some others) font can create very large print jobs with some HP printers, causing the job not to print. No good fix seen yet except to change font, as you have.
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