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  1. hey hey, is there anyway to make it so a link like this: FMPro?-DB=Art.fp5&-Format=searchareaofpracticeresults.htm&RealAreaofPractice=sculpture&-find will only display results which are equal to what im searching for...? ...adding <input type="hidden" name="-op" value="eq"> to the top of the page didnt seems to do anything : thanks in advance!
  2. thank you garry ill try that tommorow in work and let you know how it went...sounds like it might work
  3. Hey, im having a bit of a problem with the search page template the CDML Tool generates...everything works fine if i leave the fields the way they area... but if i delete one of the fields and then try do a search (by pressing enter to submit) i get unexpected error number 4....but if i dont press enter to submit and instead click on the submit button....it works any idea's?? any help would be greatly appreciated
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