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  1. hello In filemaker pro database the values in a field has line breaks, but when i use those fields with [Field:'field_name'] in the lassso file lines are not seperated by line breaks instead everything appears in a single line. How to make it appear with breaks?? bye geethanandh
  2. hello How to make the combination of three fields to be unique. bye geethanandh
  3. hello i have 2 databases, one which has user,level,mid and another database (say db2) has only user.So i setup portal relation between those 2 db's using user. The field 'level' takes only 3 values say "1,2,3". i have three portals in db2.What i want is all which has level=1 should go to portal1 and level=2 goes to portal2 and so on. how to do that? Hope this makes sense bye geethanandh
  4. hi djgogi Thank you for ur reply. I dont have any portal relation between user and DVD database. My user database(300 records) has only iser details and dvd database(1000 records) has details only abt the dvd's. How do i link both of them. "Now in your user DB define an value list say myDVDLIst (after defining an relationship say myFavorites with join file thru User
  5. hello I am new to filemaker. i have a user database and DVD collection database. A user wants to add some DVD's as his favorites. how should i implement ? Pls help me. Bye Geethanandh
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