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  1. I have a client that has been using a send email script step that brings up the outlook email client on the desktop. This as worked for years no problem. It has stopped work on 3 of 35 computers within the last two weeks. I talked with there IT personal and they have assured me that no updates have happened. The actual error is - Microsoft Office Outlook Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client. I have double checked with system default and Outlook's settings. Both are set to default. The client is using the latest version of office 360's and the latest version of FileMaker 18 advance. Both 64bit. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. Script Steps for deleting a transaction from QB. PCQB_BeginSession("";"") PCQB_RqNew( "TxnDel" ; "" ) PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "TxnDelType" ; "Bill" ) # Types ARRefundCreditCard, Bill, BillPaymentCheck, BillPaymentCreditCard, BuildAssembly, Charge, Check, CreditCardCharge, CreditCardCredit, CreditMemo, Deposit, Estimate, InventoryAdjustment, Invoice, ItemReceipt, JournalEntry, PurchaseOrder, ReceivePayment, SalesOrder, SalesReceipt, SalesTaxPaymentCheck, TimeTracking, TransferInventory, VehicleMileage, VendorCredit PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "TxnID" ; carr_billing::qb_TxnID ) PCQB_EndSession
  3. Hi All, With an Insert sql statement, I using the OUTPUT Clause. Example: insert into MyTable2(fname) output inserted.ID into @ID values ('Jim') I'm trying to grab the ID as a result. Will FileMaker return a result with the execute sql script step? Or is there a plugin like BE or MonkeyBread that will do this? Thanks for your Help
  4. Thanks for the response Finch... I got it working. The IT person was using a network installer of some sort. 1. Uninstall Apple Bonjour using the control panes. 2. Deleted all the files from C:/users/usernames/AppData/Local/Temp in all profiles 3. Deleted the Filemaker dir from C:/users/usernames/AppData/Local/ from all profiles 4. Deleted the 360works dir from C:/users/usernames/AppData/Local/ from all profiles 5. Uninstalled filemaker 14 using the filemaker installer 6. Reinstalled filemaker 14. This also installed Apple Bonjour and .Net 4.5
  5. Hi All, Specs: Windows 7 pro SP1, FileMaker Pro 14, Java 7.45. I first install FMP 14 64bit. When I realized the 64bit did not work with outlook, I uninstalled the 64bit and installed the 32bit. The application works as long the user does not use any the pulldown menus in the toolbar. Example (File: Open Remote). The user gets a message that FMP stopped responding and needs to shut down. There were previous versions were installed. I had their IT department uninstall all previous versions of Filemaker Pro and reinstall FMP 14. The problem still exists. They are using java 7.45. Could this be the problem? Should I update them to the current version of Java. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Todd Dignan
  6. Hi Joe, Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, this did work with an earlier version.
  7. Here are the specs. Server: Mac OSX 10.8.5, 8GB of memory FileMaker Server SC Standalone 2.896 java version "1.6.0_51" Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_51-b11-457-11M4509) Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.51-b01-457, mixed mode) Â Client: Mac OSX 10.8.5, 8GB of Memory FMPA 11.v4 SC Plugin: 2.896 java version "1.6.0_65" Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_65-b14-462-11M4609) Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.65-b04-462, mixed mode) Â In browse mode the image shows. Â Â In Preview the image is not visible. Â Â This was working in earlier versions of SC..... Â Am I missing something obvious? Â Thank you for your help.
  8. How can I tell if SuperContainers standalone server crashed? Is it written in the Logs somewhere?
  9. Wow, This was a complete guessing game for me. I would be nice if 360works documented this. It would of saved me a couple of hours.
  10. This is with the dev build.  I have an issue that is coming up offen. SC tells me that the pdf is corrupt (I think its an adobe error that SC is causing) when I try to upload a pdf and sometimes when I download a pdf. I know its not.  I can open it with Adobe Reader.  I will attach some screen shots of the error messages I'm. receiving.
  11. SCGetContainer is not previewing the first page of the pdf. Its just showing the icon. It works with graphic files just fine. This used to work. SERVER: Running Mac OS 10.8.3 for server Filemaker 11.0.5 server SuperContainers 2.871 Server Standalone. CLIENTS: Mix of windows 7 and MAC 10.8 FileMaker Client 11.03 Supercontainers plugin 2.871 I've tried SCGetContainer( url ) and SCGetContainer( url; 0; 0; 72). My client is upset about this change and does not want to pay for me to change the container fields into web viewer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Todd Dignan
  12. Is there away to get a repeating fields value with a sql select statement. If so, what would proper structure of the select statement. I have tried the following. Let( ~sql = "SELECT "Tab Names" FROM PREFERENCES"; ExecuteSQL ( ~sql ; "" ; "" ) ) and Let( ~sql = "SELECT "Tab Names[17]" FROM T14_PREFERENCES"; ExecuteSQL ( ~sql ; "" ; "" ) ) Thanks, Todd Dignan.
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