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  1. that should have said now look to develop from here rather that the negative not look to develop from here
  2. thanks to all who have helped me here - i had mistakenly made both field in the master file global files and after changing the lettertext field back to a text field have sorted the problem. THis has got me started and i will not look to develop from here. This is the first time i have used fmforums and thanks to your assistance will not be the last
  3. i have run into thois before when setting up a diary database and moving at a time. set up a script made up of as many 'last records' as you require then attach that to your button
  4. Rigsby, Thanks very much for your assistance - exactly what i was looking for but i have run into a small problem. It all goes well - The drop down is all working in the master file with teh appropriate letter names - the relationship is defined but when i get to the bit 'setup the field lettertext in the main file' . when i go into the define fields and select the field letter text and click options I dont get the same window that you obviously do and therfore dont get the options to contiinue. My window has nothing to do with lookups. I have contacted filemake tech on thi
  5. I have been using fmp for about 6 months now and am slowly getting the hang of basic scripts but i now wish to use filemaker for my letters out and faxes. My wish is to set up a blank letter and blank fax - i would like to set up a selection of standard letters and faxes that i could then choose which was required and copy the appropriate text into the blank fax/letter and edit as required. I this something that someone can help me with or do i need to get a professional in to help me?
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