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  1. I am trying to add a host and having issues. The Add Host works, I enter the information and select Save. It then prompts me with a log in. When I go back to Hosts, it is not in the list but it can be found in Recent section. Frustrating! Cindy
  2. To delete a Host, tap the Recent icon. Swipe the Host you are going to delete. The option to Remove will appear on the right side. Cindy
  3. One week left to take advantage of the Early Bird discount! Save $100 by registering before October 1. Cindy
  4. The Session Descriptions have been posted on the conference website http://www.fmproductconference.com. Visit the site to get more detail about each session and to reserve your spot. The Early Bird discount ends September 30! Cindy
  5. FileMaker Product Developer Conference October 21-22, 201 Chicago, IL http://www.fmproductconference.com Do you sell a commercial product? Do you have an idea for a vertical solution and you'd love a chance to find out what it really takes to take your solution to the next level? Join other industry experts as we discuss both high level planning and day-to-day nuances of running a software development company. Over 20 Sessions Include: Technical Sessions Deployment Options Best practices for security iOS opportunities and challenges Migration & Upgrade Strategies Busin
  6. It's been awhile since I had to work with that code but basically what it does is generate a registration id which is a combination of the computer name, installation date and time. The user then emails or calls me with the info and I send them the key to unlock the program. They also get to use the program for 10 days before entering the serial number so we have some time to play with. My runtime is a racing program and my typical customers are using their computers in a race shop or at a race track with no internet access so my process right now is very manual. But it works! H
  7. I used Easy Encryption from Brian Dunning and modified it to fit my needs. It is working really well with my runtime. Cindy Zelinske
  8. Thanks Phil! I'm going to check that program out. What are you using to secure the program so users can't pass the cd around and share the program? That is my other dilemma and one of the reasons I was looking at Install Factory. Cindy
  9. I am interested in talking with anyone who has used Install Factory with their runtime. I am considering using it but there are no testimonials on their website. Just looking for feedback on whether it has worked well for you or not. Thanks! Cindy
  10. Thanks for your reply. I forgot to update my profile to show that I am using FMP 8 Advanced. I want to compare records in a found set not necessarily in the order they were created. How would I accomplish the field comparisons using this version? Cindy
  11. I would like to compare the fields in a record to the fields in the previous record and change the color of the text if the field is different. The comparison will be done in a found set of records so the comparison will need to be dynamic. For instance, the weight in the first found record is 100, the weight in the second record is 200 and the weight in the third is 200. I want the 200 in the second record to display in Red and the other two records will display in black. Any suggestions?
  12. My original plan was to run FM 8 Server on SBS 2003. I downloaded the trial version and was never able to get it to run. I had two people at FileMaker tell me it would run on SBS and another person told me "no, it would not and the other two people who told me it would were wrong." We ended up buying a different computer to run it on.
  13. Steve, Thanks for the info! The database will be very simple. I am planning on using an installer since I like the idea of making the setup as easy as possible. My biggest concern is the cd being passed around and shared. Cindy
  14. I have a runtime solution I would like to develop but I am not sure what would be involved. I have a copy of FM 8 Developer. I guess my big questions are what is the best way to distribute this? Do I need an installer program? How do I protect this solution from being pirated? Any advice would be appreciated! Cindy
  15. I talked with FileMaker pre-sale support yesterday and two different people there told me FM Server 8 would work with Small Business Server. Today I called back to see if they could help me and the person I spoke with told me it will not work. Very frustrating. I have been told that turning off Sharepoint services would fix the problem. We don't use it so I don't have a problem with turning it off. So that is my next step. I'll let you know if it works! Cindy
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