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    Hi, I'm currently writing a Java application and I need to get/set data of a container field but I can only read the filename when it is stored as a reference. If the container holds a picture that was pasted into the field then I can't read the data. For text, number, date fields I don't have a problem.
  2. Hi, Well there is a better way... If you want to make the sort for all type off field you must make 2 calculation fields... 1: text as result If(PatternCount(FieldType(Status(CurrentFileName), globalfield) , "text") , GetField(globalfield) , "") 2: number as result If(PatternCount(FieldType(Status(CurrentFileName), globalfield) , "text") , "" , GetField(globalfield) ) If you globalfield refers to a Text then the first calculation will be sorted in the other cases the second field will be sorted. Because that time and date fields can be treated as number fields. We can get them into the second calculation. Remember to modify the sort script on both calculations. Glenn
  3. Hello, I would go for three globals and three calculation fields. The calculation should be the getfield function for each global. Then you need have a script that sorts the calculation fields. Now by filling in the globals with the fieldsnames that you want to sort and running the script the problem solved. Things to keep in mind: this will work for text fields you would need to expand it if some of the fields that you want to sort are number ,date or time fields. Glenn.
  4. Hello Try the exit record request script step. After you have created the record and filled in the data in the fields. Greetings, Glenn
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