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  1. LaRetta

    Help with reports - crosstabs reports

    What still amazes me is that LotusSuite (Approach was their database) had crosstab functionality in 1998 and I used it all the time in designs yet FileMaker still has nothing similar.
  2. LaRetta

    execute stroke

    To suggest a new feature, post your suggestion here: Product Ideas But be prepared to answer the same question Comment is asking. 🙂
  3. Thank you for letting us know, Stephen. I will miss him too.
  4. LaRetta

    "0" Zero

    I can understand inheriting a mess; believe me. But if someone quoted you $100,000 to fix your solution, they saw you coming. 😱 Seriously though, have you even checked with a few reputable GOOD Developers on how you might improve your solution? I suspect not. I've switched out many highly-complex systems that were twisted for under $10,000, making substantial changes from flat-file to relational and simplifying their lives (reducing 600 fields to under 100) and there are many Developers who could help you with it. Nobody says you need a complete rewrite but you'll never know how it can be improved if you don't check. Anyway, I wish you well with your project.
  5. LaRetta

    "0" Zero

    PSOptATx_Additional_1, PSOptATx_Additional_2 ... and more. Whenever you see multiple fields named the same but followed with a 1, 2, 3 ... etc, it means you probably should be using related records instead. The fact that you have this type of complex calculation and the fact that you have a single script with 572 steps, all points to an overly-complex solution. You will continue to have a nightmare developing in such a structure and I (again) highly recommend that you step back and seek professional assistance in fixing your issues once and for all (and no, I'm trying to drum up business because I am not available right now anyway). I say it only because somebody needs to provide you with a reality check. We would be providing a disservice if we did not tell you the truth here. 😐
  6. LaRetta

    "0" Zero

    Why are you using nested IFs? In even the most complex solutions, I've never needed to write something that ... strange. added ... BTW, that isn't a script step, that is a calculation. You have fields with different numbers at the end ... prime example of a structure in deep trouble.
  7. Or a woman will get married and change her name and all her records will break. 😃
  8. Hi Amy, So you have a single job record with a field holding multiple reps assigned? It might help to see your structure because it sounds like a join table would be worthwhile. If you ever wanted to generate a report by sales rep, showing their jobs (for example), you would be unable to do so since a single job record could not appear in two sub-summaries (reps). If you use a join table, reports would be generated from there and the parent job would display under all reps. If I'm not understanding your structure and your reps are not multiline in single field, you can ignore my response.
  9. LaRetta

    Record navigation

    Hi Gismo, I also noticed that you are using '/' in your table and field naming. Filemaker will always warn you that it cannot be easily used and you should take those warnings seriously. I highly encourage you to correct your table and field naming.
  10. LaRetta

    File could not be created on this disk

    Hi Jim, I had not received an email of your response! Again, the error is probably in the path name. Please paste the exact result string of $SavePath here. Get ( FileName ) might be your problem but we need to see the resulting string.
  11. LaRetta

    How are these Orphans created

    I hear ya. I was sure hoping we could help you identify it as well and maybe someone else here can. Funny person!!
  12. LaRetta

    How are these Orphans created

    Then why is Allow Creation turned on for the Quotations side? Nonetheless, I don't believe that addresses your issue. Tables which must stay in balance, such as Invoice/LineItems or Quotations/QuoteItems should be handled transactionally and when created/edited on FMGo online or offline, it is critical good logging and error trapping be in place. Please see: Transactions. I doubt this is something which can be resolved from a forum post, unfortunately. Maybe your sync is failing in uploading new Quotations but uploads their QuoteItems.
  13. LaRetta

    How are these Orphans created

    Sorry, this is a bit deceiving because I didn't finish my thought. We don't know your record-creation or duplication scripts or your auto-enter calculations nor have we seen your graph so we don't know where the breakdown happens but if an ID is improperly set or modified other than through that 'Allow Creation' relationship then the QuoteItems 'parent' could disappear (although the record would not actually be deleted). I again suggest you take a look at those duplicate 'copy' keys and also verify that you have the proper key fields on the layout if you have multiple table occurrences of those tables and be sure keys are set to 'prohibit modification of value' and set to 'unique'. If you create an empty clone of your file and post it, we might be able to spot the issue.
  14. LaRetta

    How are these Orphans created

    How then are orphans created? You have IDs with 'copy' after them. Why? Is it possible that the parent records aren't deleted but rather their ID has been changed so they are no longer related? Do you prohibit modification of the primary key ( in field definition)? I also recommend adding detailed error trapping and logging, such as: Dan Smith's Logger. Robust logging can help you identify issues. Maybe until you identify the issue, don't delete but rather flag records for deletion and clean them up later. It is also possible that the __Quoteid Copy of Quotations is incorrectly holding the parent ID if the parent has been created from within QuoteItems ( since you have Allow Creation on the parent Quotations side). The __QuotidMine is also suspect. We do not have enough information to identify the issue. I suggest you hire a competent Developer to review your solution. And no, this isn't a plug since I'm not currently available. 🙂
  15. LaRetta

    How are these Orphans created

    Hello to South Africa!! Three ways come to mind that it might happen (but there might be more): 1. You have indicated 'Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table' on the wrong side of a relationship. 2. You have a Go To Related[] step which fails to switch layouts or accidently isolates the parent Quote records of a record-set of QuoteItems and your script has then issued Delete All Records step on the Quote table. 3. Your User is in a portal and button issues a 'Delete Record' instead of a 'Delete Portal Row.' The easiest thing to check is the relationship. It's easy to accidentally specify the wrong side. It helps if you mark all your relationships by using text to add a plus or minus next to the occurrence where those options are specified. I also like to include an 's' to indicate there is a sort. In this way, it will be easier to spot the culprit. As for #2 and #3, that would require a bit of detective work. If you use GTRR[] and it is not *properly error trapped, it can fail and if one of your scripts then issues a 'Delete Records', you again can be on parent record set. I hope it's #1 since you can then fix the issue quickly and still enjoy your weekend. * properly error trapped ... if you test for Get ( LastError ) or 101 (record is missing) but you issue a 'match found set', it can fail and not switch layouts. You must instead trap with 401 to catch it.

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