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  1. https://support.claris.com/s/article/Execute-FileMaker-Data-API?language=en_US This? I think it just came out. 🙂
  2. Yep, they forgot it: https://support.claris.com/s/article/Execute-FileMaker-Data-API?language=en_US
  3. Welcome to FMForums, CatLady! There is nothing wrong with being a novice - we ALL were at one time or another and still are on many subjects. This is the best forum for help and you're getting assistance from one of the best. 😃
  4. I normally ignore periods in file names as habit but I served one up today to FMS18 including the file's version (for testing) as Master 1.18.1.FMP12. It uploaded fine, opened file, was accessed from desktop fine (10.13.6) using FM18 and the Web Direct file list showed the file (Chrome 80.0.3987.163) but when I opened via Web Direct, message said, "Database not available." Correcting the file name allowed it to be opened via Web Direct. Another good reason to NEVER use dots in file names. 🤓
  5. I was suggesting you NOT wrap $layout in quotes. That would be a common mistake. Did you view Comment's file? I suggest you take a look. You can drop all that extra stuff. hahah! We all posted simultaneously! Don't say we aren't quick at assisting folks here on FMForums! 🙂
  6. Hi Steve, How about you create a simple file showing exactly how 1) you are setting that $layout script variable and 2) your Go To Layout[ by calculation] example? Are you wrapping quotes around $layout? 🙂
  7. Hi Steve, you've been receiving advice from two of the top Developers and their suggestions are sound. Using a portal with related records is a VERY SIMPLE technique and process once you grasp the concept. I highly suggest you just take a few moments to understand how a relationship works by reviewing Comment's file. It would take far less time and effort than using AppleScript and it is a basic understanding of FileMaker. I wish you well on your project. 🙂
  8. Here is my documentation on word break rules, taken mostly from discussions here on FMForum over the years and MOSTLY from Comment 🙂 The ampersand and hyphen are word delimiters - but they are not the only ones. There are many more, first and foremost a space, of course. I don't know if there's a comprehensive list, but at least !@%^()≠+[]{}<>≤≥`~|\? are all word delimiters. Word delimiters are not words, so you cannot get them with the MiddleWords() function. space * # ; " = $ € & / ≈ ∏ ‡ Detailed feedback: If I go to FileMaker Pro 11 Help for MiddleWords, the example u
  9. This seems to be an ongoing problem ... is it the same portal by chance? https://fmforums.com/topic/98701-crashing-with-filter-formula/ Windows has, over its years, suffered from crashing portals. I don't remember the specifics but one issue had to do with corrupt fonts. Have you tried creating a new portal completely? How about on a new layout? Have you ever ran Recover on a copy of that file and see if it still breaks? added: I won't bother testing since I'm using precisely same FM/OS as Michael. I agree completely though, that filtering a portal is not a good idea wi
  10. Hi Peter, Credits should be applied, not only after the fact but in the subsequent month - the month the adjustment is made and should never be back-dated. So once a month is CLOSED OUT, it should NEVER be allowed to be changed and records should be frozen to stop all modification to those financial records (such as using a closed date and restricting modification from Security). For the current month, you can even write static but you'd have to tightly control all edits in a transaction fashion. Here is one of many links about transactional handling of invoices: https://www.geisti
  11. The problem with using layout-level restrictions on values which must be correct, is that forgetting and placing the field once on a layout with entry to field left ON, and inconsistent data will result. A stored calculation provides safety from this accidental field placement and as Michael says, can be copied because the field can be entered. It'll also allow scrolling.
  12. Hi 1FilemakerMan, If the same User exists as different records in this new table then you did not follow Comment's suggestion of: "You can create such table by importing the user IDs into another table where the UserID field is validated as Unique, Validate always." Can you attach your file? Added: You did NOT import the User ID field and set it to unique, validate always.
  13. I'm struggling to see it as well, Wim. Is there any way you could create an example of it breaking - when using AE serial, for example?
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