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  1. LaRetta

    Timestamp Conversion

    By the way, just because I would use the second calculation for this specific situation, I would use Michael's first calculation for many other situations. We can't have too many tools in our toolkits.
  2. LaRetta

    Timestamp Conversion

    Great Monty Python, Tom! As for code, how will SerialIncrement() become the norm if we don't suggest it and use it? Dumbing down code so it can be read by even beginner Developers doesn't seem appropriate; rather, I think we should educate beginner Developers and nudge them to step up their game, just as Comment did for me ... just my opinion of course. I know that, even when new to FileMaker, I didn't seek out those who taught inefficient and clumsy code but rather those that taught elegant and efficient calculations. While true that clarity is more important than brevity, we all need to learn various methods. For myself, I would probably prefer Comment's second calculation.
  3. LaRetta

    Timestamp Conversion

    True, although few Developers even today take advantage of SerialIncrement() in this way. I surely miss being nudged by you. 😀
  4. LaRetta

    Timestamp Conversion

    Hey Comment! What an elegant way of producing result instead of the old-fashioned and clumsy way of: Let ( ts = TimeStampField ; Right ( "00" & Month ( ts ) ; 2 ) & Right ( "00" & Day ( ts ) ; 2 ) & Right ( "0000" & Year ( ts ) ; 4 ) & Right ( "00" & Hour ( ts ) ; 2 ) & Right ( "00" & Minute ( ts ) ; 2 ) ) Nicely done!
  5. LaRetta


    Hi David! My dog and I both fast for 48 hours every two weeks. The days vary because, as you've said, it depends upon scheduling and plans but I can always fit it in. I've tried going longer but I get grouchy. 🙄 I'd like to because on the second day, my senses are more keen and I've heard that the awareness increases even more but I don't (as yet) have the willpower to pull it off for longer than two days. It's easy to expect my dog to go longer than two days but I wouldn't put her through something that I myself won't do. Remember to (always) drink lots of water.
  6. LaRetta

    Number of Records Added or Deleted

    Hi John, I am unsure of your batch process script so you'll have to adjust this to fit your needs. If [ batch test which decides a new record should be created ... ] New Record/Request Set Variable [ $count = $count + 1 ] End If ... then display $count in your Custom Dialog. We certainly understand that, John! 😃 But as Barbara points out, it is difficult to provide a safe answer when we can't see your script. In truth, depending upon your script, I would put this within a single loop but I couldn't suggest it because I don't know your batch script. Another possibility is to begin on an empty record set ( for adding records ) and then your found count after you've added your multiple new records is the correct answer. You can do this easily by: Go To Record/Request/Page [ First ] Omit Multiple [ dialog: off, Specify: Get ( FoundCount ) ] Then begin adding your records. And if you need to preserve your prior found set, do this in a new window and then just close it.
  7. LaRetta

    Shortcut to move through layouts?

    Hi Lee! I love the 'banana man' ... here is a link to the 'Product Enhancement' request: https://community.filemaker.com/ideas/3192
  8. LaRetta

    Shortcut to move through layouts?

    I had originally tried all the key combinations to no avail. But when you said it worked for you on Windows AND the keystroke tiled the windows on my desktop, I realized it might be a Mac shortcut being applied instead. Yep, I won't hold my breath on getting that functionality back, unfortunately, although I will send in that suggestion. My cat? Oh, I really LOVED that avatar but I got tired of it. Even the best things can become tiring if exposed constantly over long periods of time (maybe not true for ice cream). I'll bring the cat back though ... it always makes me smile. 😎 Thanks again for helping me, Steve!
  9. LaRetta

    Shortcut to move through layouts?

    Hi Steve, thank you for the idea! If I uncheck Application Windows in my Preferences, which uses Ctrl+down arrow, that works! I was about to give up but realized that maybe a pre-assigned shortcut was interfering! And we can count the layouts with: ValueCount ( LayoutNames ( "" ) ) Of course we shouldn't have to do either of these if they would have left the record indicator alone. I hope FMI fixes that issue; it's not like the Status Toolbar is overly-crowded. 😃
  10. In prior versions, we could 'scroll' through our layouts in LayoutMode using the record indicator. It also displayed the number of layouts. That seems to have gone to cyber heaven. Does anyone know of a shortcut I can add on my Mac to the Application shortcuts to move through the layouts? Or am I just not spotting that functionality yet? 😀 Hey Stephen! Thank you for adding all the cool emoticons to FMForums!
  11. LaRetta

    Export Field Contents and Automatically Open

    Hey everyone, is there any way in newer versions of FM to preview and save a PDF stored in a container from Web Direct? I can Export Field Contents to temp directory and automatically open and it works fine on desktop but Web Direct only allows me to save it (ADDED: but not preview it). I'd like the option of Preview without having to worry about a User's browser settings. Matt Klein said, "If I could just bother you for one more bit of confirmation......if "Allow progressive downloading" is marked, then the interactive container data is sent from WebDirect to the browser using unencrypted/secure HTTP, but if "Allow progressive downloading" is NOT marked and "Require secure connections" IS marked, then the container data is sent from WebDirect to the browser using encrypted/secure HTTPS. It just wouldn't be interactive. Is that correct? We have SSL checked but not Allow Progressive Downloading since it is not secure (from what Steven Blackwell and Wim says). Is that still true today? This post is from 2014.
  12. LaRetta


    Considering OneStop's request, an unstored calculation which needs to compare every record in the same table using DISTINCT, particularly if any record is open, would be a resource nightmare as I suspect he discovered. But why not simply create a script which uses that same single ExecuteSQL() step after making sure the record isn't open? Via script is the only way I ever use *ExecuteSQL(). Ah well, I shouldn't have stepped in since I didn't take the time to read the entire discussionl. Thank you for clarifying, Olger! * and yes, there are always exceptions such as a smaller or single-record tables.
  13. LaRetta


    The point is that creating a calculation field using ExecuteSQL() is not recommended.
  14. LaRetta


    Hi Barbara! As I explained, I really haven't followed this thread and was simply making an observation about Tom's mention of ExecuteSQL() in a calculation and Josh's mention of using a looping script. Depending upon the need, I thought PSOS was a good mention here. Nice to see you!
  15. LaRetta


    You took the words right out of my mouth, Tom. Unfortunately, I hadn't had the time to follow this thread as I'd liked. Wim explains it very well below, link here https://community.filemaker.com/thread/149215?start=0&tstart=0 (although the entire thread is well worth the study). OneStop, you're lucky to have such great assistance. This is why I still ask questions here as well. :-) My apology for not reading the entire thread so I'll only suggest that using Perform Script on Server is lightening fast if you can use it. I'm still blown away at the speed differences. Agnes, you've been quite helpful and respectful throughout. This forum is lucky to have you assisting.

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