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Community Answers

  1. That is PRECISELY what you have, CCBtx (what Comment suggests) ... one of your records contains both values (N and Y). Since you are performing a find for 'Y', FileMaker finds that record too. FM, when searching, treats a multiline (any field with multiple values) as two separate searches. Find that record, place the field on the layout as set it as 'edit box' instead of checkbox and increase its height so you can see all values within the field. You'll need to protect from multiple values being selected. There are a few ways to accomplish that but we couldn't recommend without knowing more. Are you using a checkbox or toggle script to set the value or ?
  2. So the itemID itself is not unique in that table because it could have bidIDs from other periods of time against the same itemID, right? It is the combination of itemID and bidID which must be validated as unique. If I understand you correctly, add a new text field with an Auto-Enter ( Replace Existing Values ) and set THAT field as validation unique, validate always (see the validation on uniqueCombinationKey field (attached). This, as Comment describes, will stop duplicates from being imported. IgnoreDuplicates.fmp12
  3. Hi aregee, welcome to FMForums! 😁 As Comment suggests, an average can be simple summary field. As bcooney sugests, having more information (such as a copy of your script which is triggered) would help. And as Ocean West suggests, you may not need to leave the layout even if you need a scripted process which leaves the layout. Odds are, with more information and a copy of your script, you can simplify your process and get specifically what you really need. You are being assisted by very nice and knowledgeable folks above!
  4. Do you have it stored in your keychain? When I've stored my password to an FM file in keychain then it doesn't matter WHAT I enter in the password, it just accepts it and let's me log in or I can just hit [enter] when the password dialog is presented. If it's stored in keychain, delete it from keychain and try again. Maybe that's your issue; it's worth a try!
  5. Creating a blank layout for each table occurrence (maybe calling each as: Utility: Contacts or Utility: Invoices (etc) is very helpful for tables you're working in frequently. As Tom mentioned, if there are no fields (no references) on these Utility layouts then records will never be fetched from the server even though the record-indicator may specify a number of records. I include a message at the top reminding Developer to never place references on the UTILITY layouts. As for isolating for a found set, a single utility script comes in handy because it is uncoupled, similar to script: ZeroRecords Go to Record/Request [ first ] Omit Multiple [ Get ( FoundCount ) ] So scripts might be similar to: Go to Utility: Contacts Perform Script [ ZeroRecords ] Go To Layout [ ... where you want to end with zero records in the Contacts table to begin creating your multiple records. There are other approaches as well. But really, without knowing the specific process you're expecting, we can't say for sure. You aren't planning on looping and doing this multiple times, are you? You just want to end up on a layout with zero records and then run process to create multiple records, right? Feel free to share more information or your existing script if you would like further in-depth assistance.
  6. You almost had it ... since you want to clear the global value (that controls the conditional formatting), you must use OOExit script trigger on the popover. Attached is how I'd modify your example. Of course there are other ways to approach the problem ... there are always alternatives. 😁 sample_popover_open_close_MOD.fmp12
  7. And here's your file sample_button_barMOD.fmp12 added ... your latest script would probably work also but I think you can see how it works now (and only one refresh object[] needed). By the way, I really like how you provide a sample file and clear explanation of your need for those assisting you. It shows you respect the time of those who contribute here. 🙂
  8. Hi Randy! Yes, a single script with script parameter on each button followed by refresh object works well. Nice to see you around again! 🙂
  9. If the prefix might be a variety of character lengths, you can use this to pull only the text values: Filter ( PrimaryKey ; KanjiNumeral ( PrimaryKey ) ) gleaned from Daniele Raybaudi years ago. I suspect now would be a good time, as Comment suggests, to split the prefix aside or at least use a new indexed calculation for all future requests such as sub-summarizing etc. This would only work if there are no other text characters in the serial or at the end (which I would guess is true in this instance).
  10. I commend you for your curious spirit and desire to learn. 🙂
  11. Ah. I had forgotten. CTRL-return submitted my post! Thanks, Michael!
  12. It can be helpful to export the name field and attach that file here. The reason it isn't as clean and easy is because your data can look like: Mary Jo L Simpson Mary L Smith-Cunningham ... etc ps how in heck to get a single line carriage return here?
  13. https://support.claris.com/s/article/Execute-FileMaker-Data-API?language=en_US This? I think it just came out. 🙂
  14. Yep, they forgot it: https://support.claris.com/s/article/Execute-FileMaker-Data-API?language=en_US
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