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  1. It sounds like there is a script trigger on the field (or layout with mode change) which attempts to take the value and extend the search.
  2. I've been unable to answer or check your file until now but it looks good. You have an appropriate and logical structure (considering everything that has been discussed and from what I can tell in the file itself). How are you doing on it - any additional questions? I believe that Michael (Comment) covered everything you've asked so far, right? Have you generated any reports yet?🙂
  3. I would suggest keeping the multi-table structure. As suggested by OlgerDiekstra, there is no need for the SurveyMoment table otherwise your structure looks correct; this is the standard structure for a survey-type solution. With the right structure, you can tie all the answers to a survey to the exact same time. I suggest that you not change your structure to attempt to solve a display issue; rather, the other way around. With the proper structure (as you have it), display is simpler. BTW, I suggest you add a Patient table as well. You have come to the right forum to seek help in working through your needs. I'll also review your file tonight and provide additional input.
  4. Hi Rick, Using repeating fields is the number one mistake made by those new to database design. Number two mistake is using several fields (each containing like items) as you described (Equip1, Equip2). Using separate tables all within the same file is the simplest solution and I second Comment's suggestion ... switch now. If you do not, you will later wish you did and it will become much more difficult. Once you use tables, you will begin to understand the POWER of relational design. Welcome to FMForums! It will also help if you complete your profile, particularly your FileMaker version and OS. 🙂
  5. Hi Caio, I agree with Comment. It is _very_ unusual to duplicate a table's records. Instead, why don't you simply duplicate the table occurrence? Select the table occurrence of the table you want from within the graph then click lower left the ++. With this duplicate table occurrence, you can place it elsewhere, such as connected to another table, and use the same records - no need to duplicate records at all! If you duplicate the records, such as using import into a new table, you run the risk that the records will never be up to date. If you explain why you feel you must duplicate the table, or explain what 'a look up search' means, as requested by Comment, then we could help you with a better method. Just an idea! And welcome to FMforums! 😀
  6. Hi Gibson, keep in mind that, if the current date is a leap year then the resultant date will be one day later. Example: current date is 2/29/2016, FM will automatically adjust it to 3/1/2017. If you instead want a business rule that it should adjust backwards to the last day of February, you can do that too, similar to: Let ( [ today = Get ( CurrentDate ) ; d = Date ( Month ( today ) ; Day ( today ) ; Year ( today ) + 1 ) ] ; d - ( Month ( today ) ≠ Month ( d ) ) ) There are, of course, other calculations to achieve same result.
  7. Good grief ... same color icon as 17. I swear on TechNet they said they were going to change it. GRRRR. Really - HOW HARD CAN IT BE?
  8. Hi Grapes, It would also help if you complete your profile so we know your OS and FM versions. Thank you, and welcome to FMForums! 😀
  9. Instead of enter the path in the auto-enter calculation of the container, it needs to go in the Options > Storage (look to the bottom of that Storage tab). I think I misinterpreted your question. Sorry. And no way to delete my own post. 😱
  10. Hi Chris, The $i variable is a counter which increases with each loop. When first entering the loop, it sets $i = $i + 1 but because it is starting, the $i will be empty so its value will be 1. Each time it loops to that point again, it will test if it is greater than the value count of the list. If yes, it will exit but if not, it will again increment by 1. It is a cool counter technique. The first two steps inside the loop (the first which sets the $i and the second which tests) can also be written as a single step: Let ( $i = $i + 1 // increment the counter ; $i > ValueCount ( theList ) // and then boolean test if the loop should exit ) In addition, if you are using a counter in multiple loops, it can be useful to clear the $i so it does not conflict with its use in the next loop. It too can be a separate step (after you exit the first loop) or written all as one within the Exit Loop[] as: Exit Loop If [ Let( $i = $i + 1 ; If ( $i > ValueCount ( theList ) ; Let ( $i = "" ; True ) ) ) ] All methods are great; use the one easiest for you. 🙂
  11. Hi Eli, Whether you store your containers externally or internally in the file, you can have several tables share that Container file. Any information you include in in an auto-enter can be transferred to the Container table when you insert the photo or file into the container (please see attached). Hi Barbara! Nice to see you again! Added: If you are really worried about duplicates, you can include the table in each Parent table. Create an unstored calculation and include it in the relationship instead but most feel that isn't necessary. DataWithContainers.fmp12
  12. Hey John! If you mean the old Music Library, I happen to have it (attached). Music Library.fmp12
  13. Why use auto-enter (text) field instead of straight calculation? The only reason you might wish to use an auto-enter text field would be if the User must make a change to it but since this is only searching, it wouldn't matter. By making it a calculation, it would adjust if the User changes the field text. Otherwise, with auto-enter, you would need to remember to specify REPLACE existing value. Just a thought. Also, I just tested this and unless I'm mistaken, you can place that calc off screen and it will still be searched by Quick Find. That is kinda cool! 🙂 Wow, I didn't know about this: I'll need to add that to our word separator exceptions list!
  14. You might also consider a more generic approach. This 'on-the-fly' method of specifying global value lists is very familiar to Mr. Vodka as well. Having this trick in your tool kit is VERY handy (attached) and would work nicely in your situation, John! Global_VL.fmp12 By the way, if you do need to restrict values by removing those years already assigned, you can do that as well, right within the Let() statement itself. I wasn't clear if that was part of your need.
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