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  1. Re: "I'm trying to perform a search via a CDML web page on 2 fields of a database (field_1 and field_2) I want the search to require that both fields get entered exactly." First, you do not want to do an "exact match", rather you need to perform the "field contents match" which is different. See the Sample Files forum for CDML -Op values and Symbols demo which discusses the use of the FMPro search symbols. Using the information from that demo you will find that your code might look like: <input type="hidden" name="field_1" value="=="> <input type="text" name="field_1" value="" size="25"> <input type="hidden" name="field_2" value="=="> <input type="text" name="field_2" value="" size="25"> Second, the -lop is unnecessary as you are using it since "and" is the default. More on this in Sample Files forum at CDML -LOP values. Also in the CDMLRdb. But what do I know,
  2. Caveat: I'm happily using Pro 5.0x You may find it useful to use unstored calcs as text (not date). One can arrange date functions to the desired order, etc. thru calcs. Enter the data into the field that works with the transmission. Convert thru a calc and display thru a calc on the results page.
  3. Search this forum for subject: CDML Reference db. That is what you NEED. Availlable at the link FREE. Look in the Sample Files forum - CDML, web, or internet in subject lines. There are many working examples FREE. Good luck.
  4. Regardomg the global, you had best test that with a few users trying it at once. What happens if one user sets the global during a period of heavy use? Can another user submit a near-simultaneous request and change the global? That is the biggest issue with globals on the web from previous posts here.
  5. Larry, I recall this same issue from CDML a couple years back. aklodner provides the solution, either literal or field contents search.
  6. My understanding was based on "FileMaker Pro 4 and the Worldwide Web" (Feiler), p223: "-Lay Layout name. The name of the FileMaker Pro layout to be used; it primary purpose is to describe the fields that are to be used in this request. If omitted the first layout for the database is used - this is almost always inefficient."
  7. re: If you don't specify one, Web Companion assumes you want to talk to and retrieve info from the entire database. NOT I understand FMP defaults to the first layout. Further, fields must be on the layout for FMP to read them. It has often been advised on these forums that for web development is best to have one layout dedicated to the web (often called either web or cgi) which has all the fields on it which the web soluiton must access. The nice thing about that layout is it does not require an fancy design, only the fields and those in no particular order. The only exception which allowed a field to be omitted from a layout is if the field is an unstored calculation, but that functionality may have ended with version 5.
  8. Two choices come immediately to mind. First example: the -max tag will control the number of records returned as in -max=5. (I forget what the default is set to return) If you want the client to have the ability to look at more after that provide that ability with the -linknext tag. Second example: control on the results page with an fmp-if where you look at the number found and if they exceed your desired number a message is displayed to advise to restrict along with a new search form; -else show the found set. Your CDML Reference db will be useful.
  9. I don't know xml, but in cdml it is handled with [fmp-field: Fieldname , format] hth remember
  10. I was going to say forms (since frames are not desired) and substitute images for the naturally formed buttons if buttons are not desired. Not being a JavaScript expert, but understanding that JS is object oriented and that the URL or address bar is an object, can this not be controlled by JavaScript? Of course,
  11. Re: When I check what is in token 9 on the following page it is blank. If a token is blank on the next page that means the token has not be set.
  12. See Gary's answer below in the thread "FM 5.5 Web Server Connector Confusion ".
  13. I do not know Lasso. But when constructing a FMPro form the code would be something like: <form action="FMPro" method="post">. So you might try changing your line to read : <form action="events-listing.lasso" method="post"> HTH
  14. A working example of the -sort and -sortfield tags can be found in the Sample Files Forum in the example of "CDML -Op values and Symbols demo". The demo is presented in Pro5, which db files are convertable to Pro6. The format files were handwritten in SimpleText and may have experienced a conversion of some sort through compression. You can drag and drop to NotePad and they will probably open there. Otherwise drag and drop to your browser and View Source to see/copy the code. Lot's of other stuff in the demo as well. Good luck. It's been a while, but I think there are instructions for use in the thread.
  15. Did you edit the format files so that db.fp3 is now db.fp5?
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